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Any possible nudity in short movie We Are Here starring Troian Bellisario?

Near the end of We Are Here, there’s a montage and Troian Bellisario shows her right breast briefly. However, the camera is panning and the scene is pretty dark so it’s not that clear.

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Watched Widows today. Film was good but not awesome as people hyped it. Weirdly enough, cinema was packed.

Anyways; the scene in cam video they posted here last week is as dark on the cinema as it was here, but you get a clear view in bright light afterwards.

Also there's some nude photos of another character shown.

A slight warning, movie starts with Liam Neeson tongue action; which was awkward and disturbing.


A nice surprise. We get a decent look at Elizabeth Debicki's breasts in a see-through shirt


I feel so empowered and I am not even a woman.


So empowered.


with a little bit of gimp magic here you can see a little clearer

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That's the kind of "female empowerment" we can all appreciate. 😀


Had Jennifer Lawrence been 18, we may have seen her nude much sooner.

"I read Benedict Cumberbatch. He came and read for Bill. ... Jessica Chastain read for Sookie. Jennifer Lawrence read for, in season three, there's this werepanther girl, and she was great." (Ball wanted to cast her, but she was only 17 at the time and was supposed to be Jason's (Ryan Kwanten) girlfriend, so the age difference would have been weird.)"


They're talking about the age difference, not the age, so it's not her being underage that was the sticking point. She probably would've needed to be at least 20 to get the part.


It wasn't a matter of "she's one year too young". They were looking for a 30-year-old.


Looks like Lindsay Pulshiper played that role later and she did go nude


Not only that, but she didn't go nude until Season 4 at which point Lawrence would have been old enough.


Thus goes back to something I was saw being discussed about before. I cant think of a single actress who started working on a show when she was underaged then did nude scenes a few seasons later when she was over 18. I'm not sure if it's some contractual thing or not but nobody was able to come up with any examples.


Morgan Saylor from Homeland.


I think usually when they start out underaged in a show, they're more like 13 or when they hit a legal age it's weirder for the crew and everyone. Although whatshername from Homeland did a sort of nude scene when she hit 18, I think she had pasties though.


I don’t think the age thing lines up, though. Season 3 (Pulsipher’s premiere on the show) aired in 2010, which means it would have filmed in 2009 when Lawrence was either 18 or 19.


I’ve actually seen the movie. Linda Cardelllini is fully clothed in every scene she is in. The two people in question here are actually dudes. Again no nudity.


From common sense media about Green Book:
"A married couple hugs and kisses. Two people who were engaging in sexual activity are shown after the fact, naked but curled up so that no sensitive body parts are shown."
Can this be Linda Cardellini?


I'm curious cuz I saw others mention them before here but on a Samsung Galaxy S9 what would be the best "black screen" app so one could record video without it being shown on the display?


Braless Bridget Everett in Camping, not sure how much interest is in that though


About troian in her insta there are a couple of photos when she Was pregnant very interesting. It’s from a photoshoot of elisabeth messina. I check Also her account and i find Two seethrough photos of troian. If someone can find the rest of photoshoot??


Can you share those?


If Troian can do a proper nudity, we can complete the checklist on pretty little liars cast. Troian, please do the needful.


Others may be hotter, but surely Troian is the cutest


Skimmed through season 3 of The Last Kingdom really quickly and didn't notice anything interesting.


Very disappointing that Thea Sofie showed nothing at all. I kinda got the feeling she wouldn't when one of her first scenes according to the book should have had her completely naked with everyone watching her. Also the "epic boat sex" scene with reference to Dany and Jon Snow in GoT, should have had her undressed. In the show this was just shown as a kiss.


really bad that their is no least in last two seasons there were some nudity....


The only "nudity" in the entire season.
For people hoping for Thea Sofie Loch Næss (like me), this is as far as it got.
Absolutely nothing from anyone else.


this is what you get when the boob-loving BBC are no longer involved


BBC features some nudity on their shows but not exactly what I would consider boob loving, especially compared to what they used to have.


Did Provenance with Charlotte Vega ever get released?


Any chance Devery Jacobs will have a nude scene in American Gods season 2?


Is Keira Knightley naked in The Aftermath?


Florence Pugh has said the BBC toned down the nudity in their adaptation of The Little Drummer Girl to make the series more palatable for American audiences.

“America is quite scared of bums,” she told Radio Times. ”And nipples. We had to make sure there were no bums and nipples out. I don’t know why. Such strange people.


So is this quote going to get posted in every thread?


At least we can glean from it that Florence is a trooper who won't just go nude to make a splash at the beginning of their career and then call it quits. She'll be more in the Nicole Kidman/Monica Bellucci vein where she's consistently comfortable and cool with it. which providing she ages well, could mean as much as another thirty years of nudity from her.


I liked when it was Lucy Hale’s gif getting posted in every thread better. We should go back to that.


It's $2 on vimeo if anyone wants to take a look / chance.


PLL crew nudity is finally complete


Did I miss Shay Mitchell nude?


She was topless last summer on a beach in France. Paparazzi snapped the pictures.


Ah ok, I thought she did a nude scene


thinking the same thing


What an insubstantial update...


Might be just me but I look forward to the comments rather than the update


What an insubstantial comment...