November 25, 2018 Rumors

The Sundance Film Festival should be announcing their 2019 lineup soon as they have been sending out acceptance and rejection notices the last week or two. Perhaps the long awaited Lost Girls and Love Hotels fka I Am Not a Bird with Alexandra Daddario will finally show signs of life.

Another film that may premiere there is Josephine Decker’s Shirley. Apparently Odessa Young will make her nude debut in the movie. Unfortunately nothing from Elisabeth Moss however.

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Bella Thorne - Sexual Chocolate - Thorne By Bella (2018)


For the life of me, I cannot decide if I like her or not. She can look so good one minute, but 5 minutes later look like she was getting free samples at a meth lab.


jesus she has gone down hill, used to be hot, then fake boobs and not shaving legs or armpits. like most said...drugs are bad mmmkay.


naked but not at least she shaved her armpits


“Cocaine is a hell of a drug.” - Rick James


This is so degrading - er, I mean, "empowering" lol


Don't do drugs kids.


JFC someone’s desperate for attention


Any word on Phoebe Tonkin in her new Australian streaming series Bloom?


Is there anything that we should be excited about in "Can You Keep a Secret"?


Alex DD’s character has one nude scene in the book, but it’s one of those situations where they could avoid filming that for the movie. It’s not like Lost Girls and Love Hotels where her being nude should be unavoidable.


The glorious DD showing once again she doesn't have to do much to get the old Joystick excited.


Which movie plz?


Can You Keep a Secret. It came from the cinematographer’s Instagram.


@cavman "More" is that in her IMDB? Or did I misunderstand and this is something else?


It was a general request for more Alex stuff!


What movie is this from?


fingers crossed for Lost Girls or I am not a Bird

Cinematography - Kenji Katori - check out his works , Lost Girls from a camera perspective will be quite nice based on Kenji's works. And lets hope he does a good job with the good parts 😉

It could go either way imo , I feel the film can be heavily edited or Catherine Hanrahan who is the author and in charge of screenplay will want it as authentic as possible to her novel. This of course would of been negotiated before filming commenced.


based on from what I've seen of Kenjis previous work, I have a sense on how he likes to film things, for the sex scenes we will see a lot of cuts and angles. It won't be long one angle take. In other words it will be artistic and tasteful, not raw (if you were expecting that).... Speculation of course, and I don't mind it lol my 2 cents


So no raw sex scenes with its moanings? All of them will be artistic sex scenes with music in the background?


Anything in “the possession of hannah grace? It seems there’s a brief left breast but i don’t know from who


Probably the dead body


Baby on Netflix is out on Friday, possibly nudity from main cast. What time does Netflix release its shows?


Any update on Sophie Turner in Heavy or Nell Tiger Free in Too Old to Die Young. Both of them are supposed to come out in early 2019.


I'm not sure if this has been asked and answered but has anyone got good news to share on Hospitality with Emanuelle Chriqui? It's out on the 7th December I think. There is a sex scene in the trailer but obviously that doesn't guarantee anything.


Man, first it was Nicolas Roeg Now it's Bertolucci. RIP to the great directors who's given us some of the greatest nude scenes of all time.


Bertolucci was the one director Emma Watson said she would absolutely do a nude scene for. And she said that when she was all of 18. The fact that never happened is a tragedy. Dude gave us 3 nude scenes of a 18 year old Liv Tyler in the same year That Thing You Do came out and right after she got big with Empire Records... nothing like that will ever happen again.


If Liv Tyler didn't have a body double for her third scene, she may have accidentally displayed some of the most revealing nudity ever by a Hollywood actress on film.


Huh? Why would it have been revealing?


These were just a couple of frames, and I'm pretty sure it was accidental, but a spread eagle is still something rare for a major actress.


There's a split second clear, close-up shot between her legs as she's taking off her panties.


Ah, the lesser spotted bird movie gets a mention. Sadly, its more out of hope than the bloody thing actually every being seen by anyone.


Yeah, it's just a hopeful thinking. The director William Olsson was the producer of Swiss Army Man and it was in Sundance... but Lost Girls is more risky, it was filmed in Japan, mixed crew (mostly asians and europeans). I don't know, I see more chances in an European Festival.


I believe the initial Sundance lineup is due this Wednesday


Just going by the recapped's post and more importantly the recent name change, we can be pretty sure that post production is over and movie has been submitted for review. Let's just hope it us decent enough to get selected, but if not then there are other upcoming European festivals where it might have a better chance.


Just reading the name Alexandra Daddario get me so excited. Fingers crossed.


Anything of Elsa Pataky? I hear she's got a new Netflix show and she's looking fiiine


Trailer looks promising for her and for Charlotte Best.


Very exciting, more stuff we wont see for another two years!


This is actually encouraging news. From Sundance screening to public release has been quite quick recently. Just looking back at the 2018 list and a decent amount are already out, in cinema or on VOD.

Colette, Cameron Post, Lizzie, Eighth Grade, I Think We’re Alone Now, The Catcher Was A Spy, Juliet Naked, Hereditary, Never Goin Back, etc.


Well get yourself to Park City, it’s not that hard.


We may finally see this thing in 2023.


Still no Emma Stone? SHAME!


Go record it yourself then!


No one wants to pay $15 to see one boob for 10 seconds. That is just bad boob to dollar ratio.


It’s worth it, and works much better in the context of the movie than it will as a screenshot on here


I think some of you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment. She's probably quite flat chested like Emily Kinney.


Emma Stone's tits could be inverted and I'd still want to see them.


Hate to burst your bubble, but if you thought Kinney was secretly stacked then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Emma’s exact bust size is a lot less obvious, granted. But even if it did was less obvious, I don’t think a lot of us care when it comes to an A-lister’s debut, as opposed to that tiny girl that played a supporting role in that one season of that show where almost every main character has died.

Everyone knew she was tiny. Her nude debut scene is still a (pardon the pun) favourite of many.

Sorry for the rant. I’m just honestly shocked anyone was shocked by that.


you say that like its a bad thing.


Completely flat chested like Emily Kinney is a good thing?


yes some people like that, and btw, the actual look of people's bodies tend to be less important than the point of actually getting to see a celebrity you like naked. People aren't saying "I want to see Emma Stone nude because I bet she has some of the best looking boobs ever!". We are excited to see it, because we are in love with her, and she's one of the people you'd never have expected to show anything before this news came out.


Plus, it's Emma Stone!


It's just her left breast, don't get too excited


In her case one breast is far more than I thought we'd ever get.


Her left breast is more than we’ve ever gotten from her. I’ve had a thing for Emma Stone ever since Superbad came out in 2007.


isn't in something like 4 screens right now?


If it weren't for this site, I wouldn't even know "Lost Girls and Love Hotels" exists.


Crossed finger if it will be true!