November 27, 2018 Rumors

Hearing that Now Apocalypse from Starz will be premiering at Sundance. Not sure how many episodes they will be showing but hopefully it airs shortly after. Sundance will be announcing most of their 2019 lineup tomorrow.

Speaking of Starz, they’re casting for a recurring guest star for the last two episodes of Sweetbitter to hookup with Will. The role requires nudity apparently.

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The immense letdown that's Emma Stone's scene in The Favorite


"Immense letdown?" We get our first ever nude scene of a gorgeous woman and you sound disappointed. I guess some are harder to please than others. I for one am glad she finally took the nude route. Maybe this means it could lead to more later.


I'm not let down at all. A well lit shot of a beautiful woman's tit that I never thought I'd see.


Letdown? We've known for quite a while exact description of the scene. You're just trippin. If you were expecting a scene where she was jumping up and down on someone's dick then that's on you bro.


Rachel Keller yes please.


Do you know anything about The Society? (Previously titled "Hamelins"; upcoming Netflix series created by Chris Keyser and Marc Webb.) It's got the dreaded YA tag, so I probably shouldn't get my hopes up, but my goodness does the cast read like a nudity wish list. Kathryn Newton, Olivia DeJonge, Grace Victoria Cox, Gideon Adlon, and Rachel Keller, among others. It's being described as a "modern take on Lord of the Flies."


Kristen Stewart from Lizzie (DVD Screener, so quality is meh)


Hers and Chloe's topless shots are weirdly framed in this movie, like the full-frontal shots we're either deliberately omitted (then why have the character be naked?), or they were edited after shooting the scenes to zoom and crop out below the navel either because of MPAA concerns or I guess actress management clapback.


say what you will about her acting, but godamn does she have amazing boobs.


I'll never get tired of seeing Kristen Stewart's tits.


What is that?


Denise Gough may be nude in some form in her upcoming new movie : Monday.
She was seen riding a scooter naked while filming in Athens:


Claire Huxtable done did good by bringing that hot piece of ass into this world.


Oh snap, was not expecting naked Condola - cheers!!


Sundance also announced the feature film 'Hala'.
It's an adaptation of 2016 short film with the same name. It had a good dose of nudity. And that same director is also directing the feature version. It stars Geraldine Viswanathan (do check her out!).


For anyone curious, here's the original short film.


Indian origin,I like it


No Lost Girls and Love Hotels in the first lineup for Sundance.


Yeah. Come to think of it, it’s not getting a Sundance premiere. All the feature length films have been announced so anything new is likely short films and the like.

Berlinale is a couple weeks after Sundance. Maybe it gets in there. I can’t make that, though.


ok thanks for the info. When is the second lineup?


Not sure. Couple weeks maybe?


Some interesting films in the initial Sundance list:

“Big Time Adolescence” with Sydney Sweeney (there is a nude scene in the black list version of the script)

“Them That Follow” with Kaitlyn Dever

“To The Stars” with Liana Liberato

“Animals” with Holliday Grainger


i say 1 out of 4 gets nudity


I’m not sure any of them will have any nudity in the finished product, to be honest. They were just the ones I saw with ladies I like.


To The Stars also has Kara Hayward, the girl from Moonrise Kingdom.


And it's about a lesbian romance. Crossing my fingers!


Can anyone post a full clip of according to mathew of Jacqueline Fernandez of any quality...


What do you want to see??
It's just same as it was in trailer


Why isn't anyone posting "all about nina" nude clips other than that old topless one?
I heard that there are 2-3 nude scenes including one riding scene.??


From someone who's seen the film (and really enjoyed it), don't get your hopes with the riding scene. Winstead shows maybe a hint of ass. but it's a rather sad and unflattering scene. Not really sexy at all..


because it hasn’t had a VOD release yet - it’s only in cinemas until mid December


for the person who asked about Baby on Netflix, via THR:

Baby almost never pervs on its attractive young cast, avoiding nudity completely and never showing anything that would be out of place on The CW


Thanks for the warning. I'll also will be avoiding it completely.


Not even a topless? LOL!


Why is there no quote option on 'bully's' post?
I have to agree with him about actually supporting movies if you want more nudity. That's why I prefer to still buy DVDs of the stuff that I really dig, rather than just grab clips off the net. Not having a go at those who do, because I also do it as well. I just prefer to give a bit back when I think it's worth it. Only today I got my blu ray of Into The Blue. Need Dark Angel on blue ray.


Can you tell more about The Witcher? What roles require nudity?


I can’t speak for anyone else but, one of the most unexpected nude scenes in my opinion was Shiri Appleby’s appearance on Girls. Never in a millions years would I have guessed she’d do a nude scene. Let alone one where she would get eatin out from behind and receive a Pearl neckless. Leading up to that role she’s always played the girlfriend or girl next door. That role came out of left field. So did her leaked cell phone pics. I haven’t followed her career but I was curious as to whether or not she did any other nude scenes after Girls? I’ve read that after Girls she had 2 kids and then went on to Star in a Lifetime show. I’ve never seen it. Since it’s Lifetime I think it’s safe to assume that the show had no nudity. According to her IMDB page she has not done anything since UnREAL. I wouldn’t mind seeing her naked again. She’s a cutie.

Shiri would be perfect for that role in Sweetbitter. Someone needs to make that happen.


The most unexpected nude scenes for is Sasha Alexander in Shameless. She was in incredible shape for a woman in her 40's.
Shiri is very cute tho!


i agree... never thought she'd go nude


Does Catskill Park have anything? Always hoping Lauren Francesca finally shows something


Still waiting for Emma Stone.


Patience is a virtue. If the nude scene is as good as it sounds and as promising as it may turn out to be, the wait may just be well worth it.


Not too long I hope. Not like My Days of Mercy.


She's usually on time. Did you try to call her to let her know you're waiting?


She said the 405 is a nightmare right now and will be a little late


Go see the movie! The more money it makes, the more likely other nudity-shy actresses will follow suit. It’s basically this year’s Get Out. So it will be an awards darling and possibly a crossover financial hit.


The scene is short and dark, with her laying down with only one breast visible. I hardly believe producers will understand the money they make is related to that.


This. If you like and want to see more nudity-featuring films, support them. Film making generally is big business, and producers will only fund what they think will sell.