November 29, 2018 Rumors

Some quick notes on yesterday’s Sundance 2019 lineup announcement:

Margaret Qualley apparently spends a lot of time in some lacy black lingerie in Native Son but doesn’t get naked. Not sure about Margaret in her other film Adam but India Menuez should have several nude scenes.

The script for To the Stars has a couple of nude skinnydipping scenes for Kara Hayward and Liana Liberato.

Also, we’ve seen I Am Mother and there is nothing interesting in that.

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Lola Glaudini is topless while sex with Ray in latest episode.....bit dark scene but quiet lovely nipple of her....


Wow. What a fit body in her almost 50s.


Please remember to include the name at the top, especially when it's a hard-to-see scene like this


Normally I agree with you, but in this case he is replying to a request with the name, so it's not really necessary


I was hoping for that 🙂


Alex DD posted a few Insta Stories which she deleted of her being quite sensual with Kate Easton. I hope that previous report on Kate Easton in Lost Girls and Love Hotels is wrong like it was for Emma Stone in The Favourite. Or at least she has a sex scene with Alex even if she’s not nude but Alex is.


This is the one.


that's your idea of a couple of women being quite sensual?


They were caressing each other's hair. That is certainly sensual.


I hope it was wrong about Carice too.


Someone had time To save this photos?


They were videos.


Did it look like a photoshoot or what?


No, they were at a party together dancing and caressing each other’s hair.


Someone had time To save this videos?


Same question. Just screen record them, it’s easy. So do you know if they exist?


Recapped - Any chance there is any nudity in the upcoming BBC mini-series "The Long Song" (Hayley Atwell in a bathtub in the trailer)? Have you heard anything concerning the babes nudes in the Netflix/Scyfi's series "Nightflyers" (Gretchen Mol)?


I posted below but it is buried in the thread that the first 2 episode of "Nightflyers" are on the SYFY website and on demand. I skimmed through them and saw no nudity so I am not sure what that reviewer was talking about. There is a rare chance that the nudity she was referring to shows up after episode 2. I only skimmed the episodes so I may have missed something if anyone else wants to check.


SyFy made the first five episodes available to critics, so it is possible that the nudity comes in later. And it wasn't just that one woman suggesting it. The New York Post review refers to "gratuitous flesh-baring" and characters appearing in "various states of undress." Could all be exaggeration, but the show is rated TV-MA, so I wouldn't rule anything out just yet.


There was a scene where an actress strips to her underwear in episode 1 which could be considered "gratuitous flesh baring".


perhaps there are international versions of this show and the one on Syfy is censored?


Atwell was recently quoted as having such a bad experience with a scene in the past that she's not open to doing sexy scenes... so don't hold your breath


Oof! Do you remember in what article or interview Hayley discussed this?


Any french here? If so, did anyone seen "Un Amour Impossible"? Virginie Efira is reportedly showing her tits and pussy. More info (or caps) is welcome.


The film was released a few weeks ago in France, and there aren't a lot of copies. Check in three or four months, when it's available on disc and VOD.


Josephine Decker in Room 104 S02E07


she could play Vera Farmiga's daughter


Wow! She has a killer body. Awesome natural bush as well. Hope there’s more from her soon!


If you like her check out her back catalog. She's done like 5-6 other scenes, some of them fairly explicit and many full frontal.


She's 37 years old looks great, I thought she was maybe 28.


Wow. Nice.


any relation to Monica?


No. Because Monica's last name is Bellucci, not Bucci. 😉


I saw The Favourite today. Perviness aside, Emma was definitely right about her decision to be topless. The scene wouldn't have had nearly the impact if there wasn't the explicit sign that she had had sex.

There's another scene where Rachel Weisz takes off her robe to enter a mudbath. It's supposed to be a seductive/teasing moment, but because we don't actually see her naked, it doesn't have the impact it should.

Weisz' refusal to get naked hurt two movies this year (remember Disobedience?). I hope more actors take note about how important nudity can be instead of hurting movies with their modesty.


Actual on-screen nudity is never truly necessary. Only implied nudity is absolutely necessary. Not that I mind, of course.


I coudn't disagree more with this post.


isn't the whole point of a movie is to make the viewer feel something? of course implied nudity will have the impact for the movie characters but it will not be useful to the audience if meant to have some kind of impact.


You have the whole movie to "feel something". If 10 seconds of nudity is difference between audience getting the movie or not, then you're underestimating the audience.

Nudity is nice, but it's not necessary to sell the story in the correct way.


of course you have the whole movie to feel something but what i meant was scene specific for example if a virgin is getting seduced by hot girl, we have seen so many movies with implied nudity like that mainly comedies but if they actually show us everything than the audience would feel something compared to implied nudity.


The best counter I can come up with is a war movie. Yes, we know wars are violent and bloody affairs, but the audience will feel very differently if the horrors are shown versus implied violence.


on-screen nudity helps bring return on the money spent to make the show.


Agreed on disobedience. The love scene between the two actresses was supposed to be the culmination of 15 years or so of passions exploding and instead it was the two women dry jumping each other. I think it was because the filmmakers didnt want nude scenes posted on the internet like Blue is The Warmest Colour, which TOTALLY worked...

The worst part was they realized how tame the scenes were so they tried to add passion to it by having them spit in each others mouths which just felt out of character.


You don’t have to go full-“Blue is the Warmest Color” to depict erotic passion. If anything, that scene goes too far and ends up feeling like a porno. It’s disappointing that Weisz has been dodging very much called-for nudity lately.


It's quite a complicated topic, but I'd say in most cases either implied nudity or brisk nudity works best for getting seductive or sexually intimate scenes across. Blue is the Warmest Colour or Below Her Mouth, as hot as they are, nearly border on softcore porno imo (or at least that Euro-centric sector of cinema that is a little perverse). Even if they felt the nudity was needed, the extended length of those scenes is not (which is odd cause both those actresses in the former have done good nude scenes before). Sharon Stones did it well and often through her youthful career, Kate Winslet has done it well and regular in dramatic films, and whilst the angles were a little shy Jennifer Lawrence did it well in Red Sparrow. Nudity is a natural part of human experience, if a filmmaker chooses to explore topics like sex or intimacy it shouldn't be disregarded. Rachel Weisz evem did it in her youth and for some reason has shied away, Disobedience just felt awkward to me due to keeping it to essentially dry humping and weird having that spit occur. Unfortunate to hear similar in The Favourite...


Personally I think it depends on how the film is shot and acted. For example blue is the warmest colour or Gaspar Noe's Love 3D or Wild Orchid I can certainly understand how people could look at them and say "this is just porn" but those are three extreme cases where I could feel the passion radiating off the screen. A somewhat tamer scene I guess would be the sex scene in Don't Look Now which if I understand correctly was actually quite robotic and UNSEXY while filming it but what comes across on screen is again extremely passionate.

Meanwhile I could list several soft core skinemax show which have absolutely no passion behind them whatsoever and are just naked actors rubbing on each other.

Then there's movies like Disobedience with great actors and an apparently decent director and the sex scene just felt boring and staged to me because they were too afraid to show some nudity (considering Rachel McAdams was naked at other points in the film this still makes no sense to me).

I don't know I'm rambling (this place needs a forum) but I'm trying to say I don't think nudity is all that matters but filmmakers really can shoot themselves in the foot by trying to get around it.


I skimmed through the cam quality version of Replicas that's online to see if the MPAA's "some nudity" designation referred to Alice Eve. It does but it's typically PG-13 alas. It looked to me like sideboob and the ass-shot looked digitally shadowed or darkened. Hopefully when it's up in HD quality, there'll be a bit more to see. Didn't seem worth screencapping but if anyone else wants to slog through it again and give it a whirl, who knows maybe they'll see something worthwhile that I didn't.


Would love to see whatever there is...she’s a personal favorite


Any good kiss scenes?


Plz provide full video if u hve


ok I did some research, its a German TV show that started in November, up to about ep5. I wish I could find the full episodes, love softcore drama like this.


Thank you, this looks awesome! Is this a US TV show? Can you tell me more about it?


It's the german TV series "Milk & Honey" from TV station "Vox".
I wouldn't call it "softcore drama", it's a "normal" german TV show, airing two episodes every wednesday from 9.15 PM to 11.15 PM.
It's a series about four (male) friends starting an escort service for women, and in every episodes, they have sex with some women, but that's just a small part of the overall story (just like Game of Thrones: it has sex in it, but is not just about sex).
Here are more informations:
And here, you can watch the first 6 episodes:
Season 1 just has 10 episodes, and there are only 4 left...
I hope, you can see the episodes on TV NOW, and it's not blocked for viewers from outside of Germany.


you are my hero!! Is there any way to rip these streams? I checked distro sites, no one has them (at least in the US). Perhaps if I try some German sites?


Sorry, I have no idea, how to download the episodes on this side. Can you at least watch them?


Hope it is a proper scene rather than a blink and miss, blurry or shot from afar..more interested in Liberato than Hayward


Happy Death Day 2u was just released. Anyone know if there's a chance of nudity in this one? The last one was very close to show Jessica Rothe's bare butt.


Very doubtful. Not that they ever filmed nudity but wasn't the original movie cut down to be PG-13? Steve Blum's (Blumhouse) bread and butter is low cost horror films with as wide an audience as possible.


There probably zero chance she'll show anything in HDD2, but I would do anything to see her naked. She's a perfect 10 IMO


I mean the trailer was just released


Mmmm. Yummy!


Any chance there are upcoming projects for her that she’d go nude in


Hopefully she does a My Days of Mercy type of movie with Jennifer Lawrence.


Or two Emmas. Stone and Watson.


ill take anything else, never thought shed even do one


Nope. Zombieland 2 and then Disney movie Cruella de Vil.


Actually there may be a chance for Cruella. It's an origin story.


It's a Disney movie. You seriously expecting nudity in a Disney movie?


It's a nice boob, I guess.

I don't know, she just doesn't do anything for me. (Awaits barrage of hate)


(Awaits barrage of hate)

Why would anyone hate you for having a personal preference? Beauty is subjective. Don't take yourself too seriously. It's not that deep.


You must be new to the Internet.


because commentators on internet are totally rational. right?


If were only getting one boob, I'm only buying a half priced ticket.


wow. can't wait for To the Stars!


Baby is out on Netflix. Is there anything interesting, a topless scene, at least?


Parzival was right:
No nudity in any episode of the full season.
Italian puritanism... No comments


I don't agree. Since September Italian public tv has shown 6 TV Series with nude scene or nude sex scene. Quite strange that in Baby there is no nudity.


Do you know any sites with pictures or video of these scenes?


Try on Rai streaming site, RaiPlay... If it's available from your country.
However, best nudity in RaiFiction 2018... I think is in Montalbano - La giostra degli scambi. 😉


Please list them


La vita promessa, Rocco Schiavone, I bastardi di Pizzofalcone, Nero a metà, Una pallottola nel cuore, L'Ispettore Coliandro are their titles in italian.


Way better lighting and angle than I was expecting. HD is gonna be amazing.


I love it! Was expecting a dark shot from the side but that's a well-lit shot from the front. Can't wait for the gif version.


So much for that guy who was worried they'd be too small. I'm not even all that into her personally but that's some solid titmeat right there.


"Solid titmeat"? Bruh, please....


"Bruh?" Titmeat, please...


"Please?" Bruh, titmeat...


Better lit than I thought it would be - unless this was brightened?


Looks like it might have been brightened a bit. Inconsistent across the whole set.

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Keeps getting posted and removed on Reddit. Figured I’d toss it up here for posterity.

Still waiting on Mara >:(


You only have to wait until Jan 21 at the latest for Kate & Ellen.

That’s the UK VOD release date, according to the BBFC.

If it hasn’t turned up by then, I’ll do the clips myself.


Awesome news about Kara Hayward! She has the body to rival Alexandra Daddario!


She has a good body... yes I admit. But rival AD !? definitely not.
Are you Kara's agent ?


Anyone in Brazil know about Rafaela Mandelli in Intimacy of Strangers?


Looks like SyFy is following Paramount Network's lead and making the jump to frontal nudity on basic cable. Here's a quote from a review of Nightflyers, the outer space George R.R. Martin adaptation that premieres on Sunday:

"Also, boobs. Dear SyFy, we get it, the show is set in the “future” and we all assume that in the “future” people will be less intimidated by nudity. But if you really want to show a liberated, quasi-Swedish sentimentality, you would show a diverse range of nudity (read: hairy ass) and not just multiple shots of gratuitous, extremely attractive boobs. We all love boobs, but this clearly isn’t progressive, it’s pandering. Despite the overt sexualization of the leading female characters, there is a lot of compelling subtext."

From what I can tell, the "leading female characters" are played by Jodie Turner-Smith and Gretchen Mol, neither of whom is a stranger to nudity.


Good God what a quote. Did you find it at a mental asylum blog? Thanks for sharing it though 🙂


Here's a link if you want to read the whole thing. The writer is a woman, in case that makes the insistence on seeing hairy man ass less asylum-worthy.

If it really is just those two actresses who've been naked before, it might not be that big a deal. But it sure will set a nice precedent if it pans out. I'm mainly curious about what this means for future SyFy projects. Personally have my fingers crossed for Siobhan Williams in Deadly Class (which premieres in January and is based on a comic book that apparently featured some nudity).


To me it is a big deal if they air it uncensored irregardless of whose tits are shown. I figured FX would be the next one to do it but I'm not sure what is going on with FX anymore. They were airing Straight Outta Compton uncensored back in spring yet lately when they air it not only is all the nudity censored but even girls asses in thong bikinis are censored. They went form airing everything uncensored to censoring more than normal on basic cable, The language remained completely uncensored. There were a few upcoming FX shows that I expected break that barrier but I'm not sure anymore.

USA Network is another one to look out for in regards to upcoming shows. They have had F words on their shows so bare breasts will be the next step.


First 2 episodes are on demand and the SYFY website. I skimmed through them and saw no nudity. There was a brief image of Gretchen Mol in the shower but nothing shown and a women strips to her underwear in another scene. So either the reviewer was exaggerating looking for something to criticize or they edited it out. There is also the rare chance that the nudity doesn't show up until after the first 2 episodes.

I admit I only skimmed through so hopefully someone else will look at the episodes and I see if I missed anything.


What about Mia Wasikowska in Judy and Punch?


This is Florence Pugh in the uncensored version of The Little Drummer Girl S01E06

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Thanks. Is that from the BBC broadcast, Amazon release, some other?


Im looking forward to Margarets full frontal scene. It sounds awesome.


Did India menuez shave her armpits for this one?


Why is it necessary for her to shave her armpits?


This guy fucks!


Because I don't wanna throw up.


Lily collins ?extremely wicked?


There was nothing close to sex or nudity in the Black List script, from her character or Kaya Scodelario’s.


Thanks as always recapped. Lets hope To the Stars has clear shots of Kara and Liana 🙂