November 4, 2018 Rumors

We mentioned the Starz show Pussy Valley about a strip club and four women working there a while back. It seems the show has been officially beeen ordered to a full eight episode season. Still have no idea who was cast in this but it seems like they’re recasting two of the women anyway. Also, it looks like the show will be getting renamed unfortunately.

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any camrip screencaps from the movie Suspiria(2018) ?


I'm wondering why they've covered boobs from all the sexy scenes in Medici the Magnificent. It's so frustating. In the first series five different actresses showed tits. Now only a body double, but the sexy scenes are more than in S1.
Recapped, do you know anything? Any answers?


Could there be an uncensored version released later? But why would the Italian release be censored.


Quinn Shephard & Chloë Grace Moretz @ "The Miseducation of Cameron Post"


I was told this film has a tongue kiss in it, was I lied to?! Or maybe they cut it..?


There are kissing scenes. Need to watch the movie.


It is not fair only one person showing boobs in lesbian scene,....


At least it was the one with boobs...


i know ! right ?


Technically a nude scene with CGM.


The movie Pimp with Keke Palmer, Haley Ramm and Vanessa Morgan is being released this Friday in limited cities and also online. While Recapped did state that there probably isn't any nudity except possibly a dark sex with Haley and Keke, there is still going to be Vanessa in skimpy outfits. Here is a clip that has been released where we get an amazing look at Vanessa's butt.


Not really amazing but not terrible I guess. Thanks for posting it though.


Recapped, have you read the scripts or heard any rumors about the Netflix revival of Tales of the City? It's an LGBT-themed story with Ellen Page!


Is she only going to be doing dyke stuff from now on?


I don't think she's a lesbian in Tales of the City (her mom played by Laura Linney is) or Umbrella Academy. I sure hope she gets more gay roles, though.


any update on "Dirty Girls Social Club", the other pilot they were developing with pussy valley?


Is there any news about Now Apocalypse?


Well, he did say "might" in capital letters, so who know. He hasn't commented here since ...


Crap, this was meant as an answer to Yimmy


is there someone watch this movie starring rina fujisaki, yuki mamiya, and sasaki kokone.
it's out on amazon now..


Link? I don't find it.


can't access the movie in amazon prime as it's from other region...hope someone from japan can help...


Did someone say thet they were going to a screening of my days of mercy on the 4th of november to film it?


Orlando Bloom stopped the movie and yelled at him for recording.


Maybe he got caught


Maybe he's still sifting through the footage and editing it together. *crosses fingers*


One can only hope ?


Just wish we had a release date. It’s been over a year hoping and praying this would come out.