November 6, 2018 Rumors

Hearing that Amanda Seyfried might have a nude sex scene in You Should Have Left which is filming right now. Nathalie Emmanuel is also supposedly in this film but doesn’t have any nude scenes unfortunately.

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What time does Chris Pine's balls drop tonight?


Very small Viena and the Fantomes update from Twitter.

Ben Sachs: I just found out that Gerardo Naranjo has completed his first feature in seven years. That makes me happy.

Scout Tafoya: This movie, VIENA AND THE FANTOMES, looks terrific. Dakota Fanning on tour with a punk band in the 80s.

Ben is a part-time film critic and is a filmmaker and critic (who writes for So, yeah, sounds like Viena is finally done! Now we just have to wait for it to be released.

Not to be a wet blanket, but I'm a little worried that, given it was edited after the #MeToo era, the nudity will be toned down and/or removed. We'll see.


The nudity that never existed in the first place is going to get cut and it is all rape victims fault? Okay.


if there was any nudity in the first place


Anu info abt the above series?? Where can i find the series?? Google search shows another series with the same name ........


you won't find anything on google, producers and cast are mostly randoms.
i think the rest of the episodes will be posted on this YT, just like the other series on the channel


oh i see ... Thanks for the info


anything on Hulu's upcoming Reprisal?


Clique Season 2 drops on Saturday November 10th in the UK. Synnove Karlsen had some nudity and sex scenes in the first season, so fingers crossed for this new season.


I’m hoping for some girl on girl action this time around. Shame it’s onle 6 episode seasons


I hope the Ray Donovan nudity is Lola again


no love for Kerris Dorsey


yeah , awesome boobs , butherface ... 😀


//Nathalie Emmanuel is also supposedly in this film but doesn’t have any nude scenes unfortunately//
Man that sucks,Her GoT scene is season 7 was great but Wouldn't have mind more of her

Hopefully in future


Elizabeth Debicki is briefly topless in Widows and shown from a couple different angles


Thank god! Finally a couple of comments with some actual nudity news.
Can we get over cut nudity in Crossing Over and other movies? Shit ain't being released. The Miley video is an extremely rare exception.


All this Alice Eve talk has me so bummed because there’s no way we’ll ever see it. If it did come out, my head would explode from the awesomeness. I’d be dying happy though!


My Days of Mercy has been picked up for distribution in Germany by Kinostar Filmverleih GmbH, with no release date being given as of this moment.


Any info about Claire Foy in The Girl in the Spider’s Web? The film’s trailer said it’s rated R for nudity and I’m really hoping she follows in Noomi Rapace’s and Rooney Mara’s footsteps with that role.


I read somewhere the last week, there's no nudity from Claire Foy


That’s disappointing, especially because she’s done nudity in other movies. I was really hoping for her to do some good scenes here.


True fact - one can never have enough nude scenes from Amanda Seyfried in their life

As for Alice Eve, I can't for the life of me figure out why she isnt a bigger star. She easily one of the hottest women in Hollywood, and she really is a very good actress. These cut scenes may be the holy grail of celebrity nudity.
As if I needed another reason to hate Weinstein..


I hope the "Crossing Over" director's cut gets released one day. Good lord.


That was my first thought when I heard about Weinstein. If I remember correctly it was he who messed that film up. Maybe now the director could get a second chance to get it right.


Or leaked like that Miley Cyrus stuff the other day. There's plenty of great nudity cut from films that it'd be great to get a glimpse of somehow. And just imagine the B-roll of the scenes being shot...someone somewhere has it, I'm sure.


Reese Witherspoon supposedly had a full frontal scene in "Wild" that was cut before release.


Think I heard Closer had a nude scene cut.


For those curious about Sally4Ever:

"Sally4Ever couldn't be more different to the BBC's latest big-budget drama if it tried, from its tone to its nakedness. Julia Davis's lesbian sitcom is peppered with myriad toe-curling, grotesque moments that could never be described as "done beautifully".

Towards the end of the first episode, Sally (Catherine Shepherd) and Emma (Julia Davis) have sex after a substantial build-up and there are nipples and bums aplenty. They're there, staring you right in the face, but as carnal as that moment is for Sally, who fully realises that this is what she wants and not to marry her sad sap of a fiancé, it's hilarious.

There are bodily fluids and toe insertions and the nudity is used as a comedy vehicle. It's an integral part of the moment, and the scene would have fallen flat without it."

Catherine Shepherd is 43 and Julia Davis is 52. Julia Davis has done very brief nudity in the past and Catherine Shepherd hasn't done any. The first episode airs Sunday.


The first 2 episodes have already aired on Sky Atlantic in the UK, and Julia Davis confirmed the nudity is from body doubles.


Well, that's a shame. Should probably just ignore my post then.


Catherine Shepherd was great in Peep Show 🙂


i remember someone told me that 'Newly Single' was being shown off somewhere... but i can't remember when it was... has it happened & is there anything new about it?


Molly Quinn when asked on instagram said that she keeps her shirt on in the film.


No bra shots or anything?! Dammit.
You wouldn’t have a link to that comment would you? I couldn’t find it.


It’s getting a US release on Dec 7 - not sure if that’s cinema, VOD or bluray.


It’s a VOD release


Saw Donnybrook, Margaret Qualley's full frontal nudity is amazing, very well lit and long, she comes out of a lake and walks toward the camera fully naked.


Thanks a ton for the update TheManFromCannes.


Amazing! Did she have bush? If so how hairy or was it an obvious merkin?


Could it be a merkin? Or is she shaved?


whered you see it? thats really nice to hear tho, while i enjoyed her debut in novitiate, it was very brief and more of a teaser. She has a great body.


Great! I hope that this cut gets released widely and we don't get a soften version like we did with Alice Eve in Crossing Over after she banged Weinstein and he recut it for her. Still sad about the lost frontal scenes.


Quite the imagination you’ve got there.


Here's the director explaining what got cut and why from 2013.
"All the storylines were edited down. Sub-plots were just taken out or edited down. The entire resolution of the Jim Sturgess/ Alice Eve story was cut out. They get back together after the fight in his apartment. He is actually there when she gets arrested. Sean Penn played a border patrol agent and his scenes were an important framing device that revealed itself to be a ghost story in the end. When Sean’s storyline was removed, we also lost pretty much the entirety of Alice Braga's performance. You see her in the movie now for about twenty seconds. Even Harrison Ford's storyline was changed in places. There was a backstory to him that had to do with his daughter.One of the cuts that rubs me the wrong way is the loss of a scene where we see Harrison Ford doing detective work and going to the motel where his partner’s sister was murdered. He deals with a motel clerk (played by M. C. Gainey, who isn't even in the film anymore), and asks for the surveillance tapes. Even the music score was fucked with. John Murphy composed a beautiful score that they rejected."

On the deleted sex scenes and nudity:
"A big sex scene between Alice Eve and Jim Sturgess didn't make it into the movie. The sex scenes between Alice and Ray Liotta were way more explicit than you see in the final movie, including full-frontal nudity from Alice. I was really upset that we lost a lot of the dialogue in the scene where they negotiate the terms of their deal. Once Alice’s character realised the bind she was in, she tried to protect herself by telling him what sexual acts she would and wouldn't do - for example, she wouldn't put a bag over head, she wouldn't do certain kinky acts, etc. They cut out all that interesting dialogue. Harvey was constantly trying to make her character more sympathetic, and I thought it was a mistake."

Why the movie is 20mins shorter than intended:
"I think Harvey wanted to make a more ‘commercial’ version of the film, or arrived at that mindset later in post because I didn't get a single note from him during the shoot. For me as a director, post-production is always the most treacherous period. This is when people start whispering in each other's ears - "This is too violent. This is too dark. This is too long." And then you become vulnerable to these attacks from financiers or producers who are now trying to make the most commercial product out of a movie that probably wasn't that commercial to begin with. The film was what it was. I tested my cut three times and I got a decent score for a dark, R-rated film. It tested at 70% three times. That's an above average score which indicates the film is not for all audiences - which was true. By cutting out all the sex and additional scenes, Harvey Weinstein got the score up into the 90s, but with significant harm done to the quality and tone of the film."

Looks like Alice Eve wasn't a fan of Gainey's performance, Murphy's original score and wanted the movie to be more commercial.


What was different about the original version?


Kramer (the director) did a retrospective interview back in 2013 where he explained a whole bunch of stuff got cut and the reasons for it, (scenes to do with Sean Penn's story, Harrison Ford's story, Alice Eve etc) that amounted to 20 mins. The sex and the full frontal nudity from Alice got cut and the test scores jumped from 70% to 90%. Clearly they weren't showing the movie to our crowd.


According to the rumors and articles that where floating around at that time, there was much more nudity (including full frontal). A critc I read back then compared it to Eva Green in The Dreamers


I wonder if between the Weinstein thing and all of the immigration issues going on it could possibly convince them to put out the director’s cut of Crossing Over? It would be nice if they were convinced to do it.


Oh snap, that's gonna cause me an injury! Is it on wide release yet, or was this at another fest..?


Always good when Seyfried takes nude roles


Well, that would be nice. Her sex scene in Anon was hot as fuck.


Is Amanda playing Kevin Bacon's wife or a side piece? Maybe a supernatural side piece?


Any news on viena and the fantomes release?


Lola Pictures has been posting the occasional update on their Instagram page. There hasn't been anything since October 9th but it at least sounds like the movie is coming.


Most interesting update of all of the lasts. I hope it appear from overnight like her scene in Anon.
Thanks, recapped.


Hey, so The Witcher has started filming. Can you get us some interesting scoops on who gets naked in which episode besides Renfri? Namely Yennefer and Triss. You also mentioned Felicia being required to have nude scenes. Can you confirm Felicia was the codename for Fringilla?