November 6, 2018 Rumors

Hearing that Amanda Seyfried might have a nude sex scene in You Should Have Left which is filming right now. Nathalie Emmanuel is also supposedly in this film but doesn’t have any nude scenes unfortunately.

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What time does Chris Pine's balls drop tonight?


Very small Viena and the Fantomes update from Twitter.

Ben Sachs: I just found out that Gerardo Naranjo has completed his first feature in seven years. That makes me happy.

Scout Tafoya: This movie, VIENA AND THE FANTOMES, looks terrific. Dakota Fanning on tour with a punk band in the 80s.

Ben is a part-time film critic and is a filmmaker and critic (who writes for So, yeah, sounds like Viena is finally done! Now we just have to wait for it to be released.

Not to be a wet blanket, but I'm a little worried that, given it was edited after the #MeToo era, the nudity will be toned down and/or removed. We'll see.


The nudity that never existed in the first place is going to get cut and it is all rape victims fault? Okay.


if there was any nudity in the first place


Anu info abt the above series?? Where can i find the series?? Google search shows another series with the same name ........


you won't find anything on google, producers and cast are mostly randoms.
i think the rest of the episodes will be posted on this YT, just like the other series on the channel


oh i see ... Thanks for the info


anything on Hulu's upcoming Reprisal?


Clique Season 2 drops on Saturday November 10th in the UK. Synnove Karlsen had some nudity and sex scenes in the first season, so fingers crossed for this new season.


I’m hoping for some girl on girl action this time around. Shame it’s onle 6 episode seasons


I hope the Ray Donovan nudity is Lola again


no love for Kerris Dorsey


yeah , awesome boobs , butherface ... 😀


//Nathalie Emmanuel is also supposedly in this film but doesn’t have any nude scenes unfortunately//
Man that sucks,Her GoT scene is season 7 was great but Wouldn't have mind more of her

Hopefully in future


Elizabeth Debicki is briefly topless in Widows and shown from a couple different angles


Thank god! Finally a couple of comments with some actual nudity news.
Can we get over cut nudity in Crossing Over and other movies? Shit ain't being released. The Miley video is an extremely rare exception.


All this Alice Eve talk has me so bummed because there’s no way we’ll ever see it. If it did come out, my head would explode from the awesomeness. I’d be dying happy though!