Novitiate Nudity Review

Near the end of Novitiate, we see a cross on the ground. Margaret Qualley then bends down to pick up the cross and we see her breasts briefly as the camera pans up. The camera stays on Margaret’s face for a while and then we get another quick peek at her breasts as she stands up. There may also be a brief full frontal peek as Margaret puts the cross down and walks away but that is likely some special effects of some sort. Margaret’s face and breasts aren’t ever really in the same frame since it is shot so close up but that is one single take so no worries about whether that is really her. Margaret also has three other changing scenes and the self-flagellation scene where she is partially topless but doesn’t really show anything.

Around 42 minutes in, Dianna Agron is sitting on a bed in her nun habit except for the headpiece when she starts masturbating. Dianna is fully clothed and starts crying at the end so not really a hot scene.

And around half way through the movie, we get two very brief and distant looks at Marshall Chapman full frontal nude as she starts ranting to all the other nuns.

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Any news on Lauren Lapkus in Crashing? There is no nudity listed for any of the episodes...


Nothing from Black Sails Season 4 Episode 2.


Any news on new Imogen Poots scenes? Heard she was due for another soon.


Any info on "Big Little Lies," starring Reese Witherspoon?


Dont know who's actually nude, but confirmed nudity in every episode.


Just wanted to share something I found today, first time stage nudity from Sarah Grave Graves. and copy into the box watch?v=lw4lU39Tra8 skip to exactly 1hr
it looks like the guy is going to get his dong out but don't worry you're safe. If you're into that though, he almost gets there. Keep watching at the top of act 2 for some simulated sex but it's kinda sad and not great plus there's a priest talking over it (unless you're into that)


Nothing comes up. What's the name of the play?


Who is she? Sarah Graves the author?


Sarah-Grace Graves, he misspelled her name.


heres a cap


Hey recapped, can you add a feature that will give us notification if someone replies to our comments


Definitely a good idea. I've been implied to be rude just for not login on for 48 hours, after posting a request and someone replying to it.


Any details on the lesbian scene in Novitiate?


Could be a longshot, but Emma Roberts is in the film, "Blackcoat's daughter" and the trailer teases a few scenes that suggest nudity. Can anybody confirm or deny?


Saw the movie months ago. No nudity. Pretty dull movie


The trailer says it's rated R for violence and language, no nudity.


I like how this extremely short and nudity-free sex scene is what they were teasing for months on end.





Many times these Korean versions have nudity blurred or removed from the movie.


this is the same as I saw in the theater in the US


So apparently "The Assignment" (formerly known as (Re)Assignemt) has got a release date of march 3, and it is according to IMDb released on the internet on this date. The Assignment is the film in which Michelle Rodriguez supposedly (at least according to reviews and Mr Skins detailed nudity review) does her nude debut showing her tits and bush in a full frontal shot in a mirror.


I hope bush doesn't mean merkin.


I hear you but I am optimistic because of some paparazzi shots from a while back of Rodriguez in a bikini on a beach where you could see some bush sticking out from the top. It would appear that she is sporting a bush down there normally.


anyone know anything on Lauren Lapkus?


Looking forward to see if Maggie Siff surprises us with a good nude or sex scene in the 2nd season of Billions airing February 19th. Any news on that? Also, while FX doesn't show full nudity, the 5th season of The Americans starts March 7th and Keri Russell is always good for a couple of hot scenes. This season her marriage with her husband (whom she is seeing in real life) is said to be more passionate then it ever has been as far as the romance bewteen the characters go. Question for everyone to end, am I the only one who would rather see a hot sex scene without any revealing nudity from a favorite female celebrity than a nude scene with that doesn't have any sex?


Maggie Siff used a butt double for her only scene in Season 1 so I don't think it's likely she's had a sudden change of heart


How do we know this?
Just curious.


The way its filmed is a clear indication. I'm sure theres an official casting credit if you want to put your detective hat on.


That's underwhelming.


I did not expect that. Any more?


Fuck yes. Any idea when it's coming out?