Nude Scene of the Year 2017

Or should we say nude scenes of the year? Because Alison Brie, is not only getting naked once, but twice in the series premiere of GLOW on Netflix. No, it isn’t a body double. Yes, it’s well lit. Actually, the later scene is somewhat dark. More details closer to the June 23 release date.

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So do we know if this is real or fake?

Can someone get in touch with recapped & find out?


Someone tweet this news to Alison Brie & ask her if it's true! =P


I just read the creator of GLOW is the creator of Orange is the New Black!!!

Meaning the likelihood of Alison Brie naked is looking at 100% Yes! LOL


I'm guessing this is for real. Very excited. This is top 5 wishlist stuff. I hope it's a great, Daddario-esque reveal, but Alison nude and well-lit is enough for me.


Do you know anything about this, mk? Can you confirm that this wasn't an April Fools joke on Recapped's part?


No, I don't know anything Recapped doesn't. I do know that they aren't in the habit of posting BS though. Anyone who's frequented this site should know that by now.


I dunno, I still remember when Recapped was fed a load of bullshit about Miley Cyrus filming an R-rated nude music video for "Wrecking Ball" and he put it on the site because he believed it. I'm still thinking this is either an April Fool's joke gone awry because he hasn't been on since the 1st when he posted this or he got fed another load of bullshit from a source that's normally trustworthy but is wrong about this.


trailer of Demonios tus ojos


It's so hard to say if this is true or not. Old article but one of the questions.

Do you want to go back to nudity?
I think I already am. In my experience on G.L.O.W., we would streak a lot on set—and when I say we, I mean me, and sometimes Betty Gilpin, my costar. We would have funny, funny streaking challenges. I do think that this job was really freeing and reminded me of who I was in college when I wanted to take risks, because as soon as the industry starts to put you in a box, you kind of do, as well. I think you get bogged down by what other people are thinking of you, and thinking about how you’re looking, and thinking about trying to be this perfect thing that everyone wants you to be. I’m just being myself, and having fun, and making other people laugh doing this.


The one thing that gives me pause is that Alison isn't as full up top as she used to be so I don't feel like this reveal will be as epic as it would have been five years ago. Like how a fair number of us were disappointed with how ScarJo looked in Under the Skin.


That was the most disappointing nude debut of all time for me. Still not over it.


The scene matters. The sexier the better. Imagine if Alexandra Daddario got just as nude in True Detective, but instead of slowly peeling off her clothes she was getting a breast exam. I'm interested in what sort of scenes Allison's nude debuts will be. Sex scenes? Changing in a locker room?


Better be sex scenes. Nudity without sex scenes is just not exciting enough for me


That would make Daddario's rumored possible nude scene in The Layover different as well.


She looked like Hillary Clinton


In the comments on reddit, someone claiming to have seen Voice from the Stone. Emilia Clarke apparently showing boobs and ass.


How can it possibly be "the nude scene of the year", when two weeks ago we had Jillian Murray spread eagle, Amanda seyfried blowing the Mac guy, and Emma Watson showing pubes.


"emma watson showing pubes"... when did we see that? I remember some faceless body pics with shaved pussy, is there some other pic you are talking about?


Look again. We've got bush.


Those were nude leaks, not nude scenes.


Just another reality show


Someone knows if Arielle Kebbel will be topless in the upcoming serie midnight, texas? In the trailer, she have a bottom naked....


I doubt it. It's on NBC. Unless they're doing some online/uncut version too. And you don't see a naked bottom in the trailer. It's obscured by furniture. I imagine the show will be full of implied nudity like that -- same as the shower scene towards the end of the trailer. All tease.