Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 Nudity Review

Here is our review of all the nudity in Nymphomaniac: Vol. I. This is the first 5 of 8 chapters of the complete Nymphomaniac and is supposed to be different from the unedited full movie.

In chapter 1, Stacy Martin shows her ass briefly as she loses her virginity to Shia LaBeouf. Stacy and Sophie Kennedy Clark then decide to have a contest to see who can have sex with the most guys on a train. Sophie is briefly topless as she is changing into her ‘fuck me now clothes’ before going to the station. There is no real nudity during the contest sequence until the end when we see Stacy give someone a blowjob. We see Stacy’s face from the side as she is blowing the guy but it is likely a prosthetic penis or CG.

Chapter 2 starts with a montage of Stacy having sex with different guys. Lots of boobs, ass and bush from Stacy. There are a couple of sequences shot from far away where it might look like there is real penetration but that is unlikely. There is then a brief dream sequence where student Stacy is touching herself but you don’t really see anything except part of her ass from the side. Then there’s a closeup of a random vagina as a doctor is doing something with it. Later, we see Stacy’s breasts briefly again as she is having sex.

In chapter 4, Stacy is bottomless while having sex at a hospital but you can’t really see anything.

Chapter 5 starts with Stacy bottomless while having sex with some guy. Then there is more boobs, ass, and bush during a montage of Stacy with a guy named F. You also get a brief view of Stacy’s pussy lips as F is about to go down on her. Then more of F going down on Stacy, bathing her and having her on his lap. We then see a split screen of these scenes again on the left but with more of Stacy’s breasts as she is having sex with someone named G on the right. At the end of the chapter, Stacy is again very naked as she is reunited with Shia. There is one pretty explicit sequence that is shot closeup from behind Stacy where she grabs his penis and puts it inside her before riding him. We never see Stacy’s face in the same shot (although we do see Shia’s face) so this is likely a body double. They then do a split screen again with Stacy’s scenes with F on the left, Shia in the middle, and G on the right.

Nymphomaniac: Vol. I is available on demand in the US on March 6. Stay tuned for our review of Nymphomaniac: Vol. II.

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The 'Director's Cut' invalidates much of the information here.


Anybody know where to see these scenes from Nymphomaniac? Or do we have to wait till March 6?


Anything on emma rigby at all from plastic??


Laura Vandervoort show a little ass on Bitten, her ass ou the body double??

Not just likely but it is

During this movie's end credits there is a statement which says that actors don't have sex in screen, all sex is a work of body doubles + CGI. And Producer has said same thing many times before movie's premiere.

It is not likely a body double or likely CGI. IT IS body double and CGI.


@ bfg666

... and known for using body doubles as in Antichrist.


"it is likely a prosthetic penis or CG"

"it might look like there is real penetration but that is unlikely"

"so this is likely a body double"

Why are you assuming these things? Lars Von Trier is known for his very much not faked sex scene in The Idiots, so it could very well be the case here too.


Thanks! Will You post Banshee nudity review before tomorrow premiere?


Please just show the nude clips from the movie. Thanks.


Does it look like it's actually Shia's penis that gets grabbed? Is it erect?


any info on Jessica Chastain in Salomé


I second this question. Both movies were supossed to come out in december but still nothing.


But isn't this movie's nudity all fake? Like, it is the face of the actress in a porn star body, put together by computer?


No, the nudity is real. Only some of the sex (like penetration) is special effects.


I know this is probably overly hopeful, but any nudity from Tracy Spiridakos in the new season of Episodes?


No nudity listed in first 6 ep's of Episodes, that only leaves 3 remaining ep's. So, unlikely there will be any nudity from anyone.


We're probably not going to be lucky enough to get any visible nudity from Tracy.