Obey Review

Sophie Kennedy Clark, who you may remember from Nymphomaniac, has a couple of scenes in her bra or with implied nudity in Obey. Finally, around 77 minutes in, Sophie shows her breasts briefly during a sex scene.

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Great nude scene and great looking "new" boobs from Maura Tierney. I say that, because she's had a mastectomy during her breast cancer battle. Here's a link where she's interviewed talking about it:



Well into her 50s and still looks outstanding. She's the ultimate cougar...


Whoa! This is the best nudity she's ever done!


Her tits look fantastic for her age! Bit a pity we weren't treated to a full front view of her sitting up in the bath.


This was the best nudity done by Maura Tierney. It's from a movie called Dead Women in Lingerie from 1991!


The dream for me would be to one day come on here and read that Jessica Alba is going to do a good lesbian scene. Would be so hot seeing her snog the face off a hot actress.


Any new project for Eliza Taylor? I wanna see Her real nude debut in the future...


Yeah, she has a great rack and dying to see it! Aussie actresses are usually ok with doing nude scenes, so i hope she's another one who'll do some in the future. She's always covered up in The 100...grrr.


She was nude in the November Man, you just had to brighten the scene up a lot!


I know, but that scene is too dark and too fast, i hope for a real nude scene!


Anybody know anything about the Amazon series The Romanoffs? Seems to have good nudity potential - Kathryn Hahn, Diane Lane, Christina Hendricks, Paul Reiser, Amanda Peet, Janet Montgomery


The good news is Matthew Weiner no longer under AMC censors wrote and directed a movie in 2013 "Are You Movie" with a surprising amount of female nudity and it was done old school "gratuitous" style with main actresses shown naked getting changed and taking baths. However he was also caught up in the "me too" scandal so I'm not sure how that will effect his writing.


"Are You Here"* is the movie title.


Annet Mahendru of The Americans is in this also. Topless scene from her would be fantastic. The Americans was prude for boobs(Great show though). I would fucking love both Keri Russell and Annet to go topless crazy in their future work,


Hoping to see stuff from Diane Lane and especially Amanda Peet. Got nothing from her since Togetherness and even that was just nudity and not a nude sex scene


Fingers crossed for Paul Reiser, ey?


Paul makes my dick Rise-r


Hei Recapped! First of all, thank you for all the information you give us constantly. Do you by any chance know if Margarita Levieva will be getting nude in the second season of Deuce? It would be great just to know - yes or no, no details necessary... Thanks in advance!


No real nudity in Sharp Objects tonight, just the same BDSM photographs from previous episodes.

There is a scene where Amy Adams gets fingered, and there's a lot of moaning.


I hope people will stop asking about nudity on this show, it's pretty clear now that there won't be any.
All those nudity ratings just for a bunch of photographs...


also Madison Davenport gave a handjob. Hope there are more scenes of her.


Here's the scene:


If you're wondering why there are a bunch of edits, it's because her character on the show can only get off when she's thinking about violent/disturbing stuff, and I thought it would be best to cut all that out.

Here's the full clip (with sound) if you're interested: https://mega.nz/#!ERMgwQaJ!BimPiaEMpuLi5kok3BKPP_4LlJjzB_w7-mP3Jer4RJg


It's beginning to seem like that scene might be all that we are going get from this series.


Probably, but I wouldn't be surprised if we got nudity outside of the flashes of Polaroid porn. Jean-Marc Vallée has had real nudity in other works he's directed and Gillian Flynn has had good nudity in other adaptations she's written. Who knows? But at least the show is incredible even if we don't see skin.


"Orlando Bloom is a stickler for theater rules. During a Thursday matinee performance of his play “Killer Joe” on London’s West End, the actor stopped the show twice to tell an audience member to put away her iPad.

London theater critic Mark Shenton tweeted an “eye-witness account” from the play, documenting Bloom’s unscripted outbursts, in which he threatened to stall the show if the iPad remained in sight.

“I need you to put [that] iPad away now!” Shenton quoted Bloom as saying, before reportedly adding minutes later, “Put that f—ing iPad away now and I will wait.”"

C'mon guys, use something smaller to record Sophie Cookson's nude scene.


It seems like a much larger breach of "theater rules" to break character to yell at someone in the audience.


Not that it's relevant but why is Killer Joe a play now and on the West End?


It started out as a play -- it was then made into a movie.


Did not know that.


Fairuza Balk and Michelle Williams have both played the role of Dottie (Juno Temple in the movie).


Anyone know when Halo of Stars with Lily Collins will get released?


Now that she's open to nudity, is there any hope for Emma Stone in Maniac?


Amy Adams anyone?