October 1, 2018 Rumors

Rumor is Warrior has already been renewed for season 2 by HBO/Cinemax months before the first episode even airs.

Also, hearing Starz has lowered the episode order for Sweetbitter from 10 episodes to 8 for the 2nd season which should start filming soon.

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I really wish there was a theater closer to me that played these art house/independant movies that often get talked about here. The only one around tends to cater more towards documentaries and it's so dirty and uncomfortable that its almost not worth going.
Hopefully when some of these movies finally get released the go VOD or Netflix


A Asian movie called human space time and human will be online in the late of this year in Taiwan.


Any nudity?


I don't know about specific nudity, but the director is Kim Ki Duk who has had nudity(sometimes a lot) in many of his previous films. This film is rated 19(Korea's version of an R/18 rating) and has sexual situations. The reviews indicate there is sex and rape of at least two of the female characters in the film including the main female lead (Mina Fujii).

The director himself has been accused of his sexual assault and rape by multiple women which is probably why the film is still unscheduled to be released in Korea even though it stars mainly Koreans and is produced/directed by Koreans. Kim Ki Duk is EXTREMELY toxic in Korea right now or the film probably would have already been released in Korea.


Friends I need your help, I am a big Joanna Christie fan and I just discover she is naked a lot on Studio+ mini serie, for some reason reason I can't subscribe does anyone here have access to it? here is a taste


I can see all thr videos on YouTube.. From India..

Episode 6.. 6:50min has some scenes of hers..


>Sex scenes without moanings.
>Instead of mainteance real sound, they substitute it for very loudly music.


Sex scenes without moaning? That is what we’re complaining about no? And it is 2018’s fault somehow? What?


We're not in the 80s to have to watch this kind of old fashioned "erotic" sex scenes.


MY DAYS OF MERCY is screening on :
- 7 October In Chile (Festival de Cine Movilh)
- 19 October in Germany (Queer Film Festival)
Sources :




On VOD when?


I still think Mercy will go to theaters before it's on VOD. Viena and the Fantomes, though... I'd be surprised if that gets a theatrical release. Crossing my fingers both hit early next year!


Asking the important question


A Chilean film festival is showing My Days of Mercy tomorrow. Everyone is going to see this thing at a festival before it gets a wide release.


that's the idea i think


Yep, that’s how I saw it


It screened at a festival here in Mexico in May, when I noticed it (in July) I was really disappointed 🙁


Is there a site that goes through the new Netflix releases each month and says if they have nudity or not?


Yeah there's this great site called Recapped which details nudity in upcoming Netflix shows


I'm talking about all the movies added to the service each month.


What so like non-original content? Cos Mr Skin has their Skincoming to Streaming Services thing every week


Eliana Jones in Nomis ?


no news about Nomis ?


Any Emilia Clarke news?


She's in a new Paul Feig rom com called Last Christmas.


One of my wishes for 2019 is to see her treat us to one more classic nude scene in the final series of GOT. The bathtub scene is one of my alltime fav nude scenes!


Ellie Bamber in high resolution?


Skimmed through and unfortunately nothing from Ellie - there is a scene that lasts a few seconds where she shows great pokies, hopefully someone will cap it


what a pity ?They could have made this movie more interesting


No good deed staring haley pollus .And it will release on oct1any imformation?