October 11, 2018 Rumors

Bereavement aka Malevelonce 2 with Alexandra Daddario gets re-released with new footage tomorrow. We skimmed through the director’s cut and didn’t really notice anything different. It does seem to be over 2 minutes longer than the original however.

Also we’re hearing that Elizabeth Debicki has several nude scenes in The Burnt Orange Heresy which just started filming.

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What is the name of this actress.. ? Please help me.. I am searching from 2 years.


Amanda Tito from Queen Of Carthage. Found it in 2 seconds using Google Pictures search.


Thanks alot. You saved me.


Who is this beauty?? Please share the movie name or actress name if u know.. I'm searching for this movie from so many years, but no luck.. Since there are experts in here, someone can identify the actress or movie name



Kinda reminds me of Straw Dogs


straw dogs? are u sure?


Good thing they shot the actual nude part from the moon


straw dogs? are u sure?


I don't know but i like the plot 😀


Does anyone have any updates or screencaps or anything on Human, Space, Time and Human, especially Mina Fujii?


The film has plenty of rape scenes with some random nudity but nothing pleasant or memorable. Unfortunately I don't know any of the actresses who show nudity but the main role played by Mina Fujii only shows ass while lying on the bed after a rape.


Is anything great of Elle fanning ?


Speaking of Elle Fanning and The Great; Recapped, do you if the script for the pilot is ready? Anything potentially interesting?


Great work everyone 🙂
So the only caps still "missing" from recent releases is the holy grail.. the perfect MEW from All About Nina!


Nothing on Shameless this week


lol only one scene in the whole season so far


Kristen showing they dont have to be big to beautiful!


This is longer than the one in Personal Shopper and I appreciate that.


The non-nude sex scene ?!?


Thanks man. Hope to get full nudity from her soon.


Can you guys please list characters who will have nudity in The Witcher besides Renfri?


I've answered this question a few times now.

If they are adapting the first book (which I believe they are), then Yennefer and Iola should have nude scenes. A bath scene and a sex scene for Yennefer and a sex scene for Iola. It's also possible Adda has a non-sexual nude scene.


One look at the cast is enough to know that they are not adapting the first book. Ciri isn't born until the second book; she doesn't even reach her teenage years until the end of the series. Tissaia de Vries doesn't show up until the fourth book.
It's more likely that the series will tell its own story, taking elements from the first and second book and seguing into the beginning of the third. That would give the series a coherence who the first books lacked, since they are a collection of short stores vaguely linked and with Geralt as absolute protagonist, while the rest of the books follow a more standard narrative and the protagonism is shared between Geralt, Yen and Ciri.


Why don’t you wait and ask after they’ve actually shot some episodes?


The trailer for 'According to Matthew' is released.
It stars Jacqueline Fernandez. She is very hot Indian actress born in Srilanka. The trailer suggested nudity!


after watching this trailer a few days a later i made some digging and there was a screening for a bunch of critics and journalists..and a reviewer posted a line that says "Daphne (Jacqueline) projected so subtly yet so vibrantly her sensuality and the manner in which the priest held her in thrall. A half nude scene of her taking a shower was beautifully done." so i'm not sure about the nudity part though i want to be wrong as some srilankan actresses already showed some skin in movies. Another case will be due to indian culture effect (bollywood) she may not shed her clothes. But if she'll at least show her ass then that'll be dream come true....waiting for it's release in SriLanka...


I know there will be nothing but hoping against hope.I hope to see her ass


Not gonna happen. Trust me we are not going to get any nudity from A list or even B list Indian actress.
That is why I always look forward to any beautiful Indian origin actress in Hollywood movie or series (Fingers crossed for Anya Chalotra in the witcher). Having said that I will be more than happy to be wrong, Jacqueline is one of my favourites.


You seriously She will be nude in this movie?


I'm just optimistic buddy. Isn't the trailer promising? That see through gown and that bare back scene.


I am almost certain that the scenes in the trailer will be the nude scenes in the movie as well..
I hope I am wrong.. Coz will love to see her.
Hope she Turns around..


Alanna masterson nude scene in the movie afraid


Going to need proof of that.




Nothing worth seeing in terms of nudity. Already downloaded and deleted it. There's a scene of her in a bikini top which is nice though.


most skin we've ever seen from her - hope we get to see more someday cuz she looks gooood!


Downloaded from where exactly?


so much potential, but movie is low resolution, and so dark. What a waste. But that kind of movies may open her more to better nudity scene... Oh well.


Caps? Or where can I find this movie streaming? It's a bitch to find.


i found the movie on dailytvfix




I only briefly skimmed the movie but all I saw was a quick peak of her breasts partially visible thru a shower curtain and then a really dark sex scene (not sure if anything was visible). Was there anything else?


Peak of ass too