October 14, 2018 Rumors


Speaking of Elle Fanning and The Great, anything potentially interesting?

Elle Fanning has a sex scene on her wedding night in the script for the first episode of The Great. But the scene is played for comedy as her husband is talking to his friend the entire time about ducks and is done pretty quick. It seems like Elle will be dressed for this quickie. Unsatisfied, the next night, Elle enters her husband’s bedroom and drops her sheer gown to seduce him. Keep in mind that Elle and her manager are both producers on the show so who knows how much they’ll show.

Also, whoever they cast as Madam Putin might also have some nude scenes.

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Update on who is naked in Camping episode 3:

"When Kathryn’s sister Carleen (Ione Skye) has her own full-frontal scene later in Camping's first season, the moment is used to kick off Carleen’s own journey of growth and newfound self-love."

"Episode 3 begins with an odd and wholly gratuitous scene in which Carlene is shown fully naked while taking a shower."


Camping is Lena Dunham's new show so I'm not surprised to see the "gratuitous" female nudity including full frontal. She likes female nudity in her work, it may not always be the good kind but it will be there.


what happened to the Garner arse shot from the opener?


Could be in the second episode (which has Brief Nudity). The articles I quoted from weren't extensive breakdowns of the various nude scenes or anything like that.


Wasn't true


All of this nudity makes it seem like the show is narratively building up to Kathryn (j Garner) eventually going nude. Maybe I’m being too hopeful


I thought the first episode was terrible but if they are going to keep having full frontal nudity then I hope it get 100 episodes.


Kristen Stewart nude scene on Lizzie (possible spoiler):



On last post.


There was a small update on Viena and the Fantomes' Instagram last week. They posted a picture with Alex Orlovsky (actor/producer) and Charles Cantrell (producer) with the hashtags: #dedication #commitment #filmmakers #production #vienaandthefantomes

IMDB also lists the movie as "completed" now, though I'm not sure when that changed.


Hello, Recapped. Outlander season 4 premieres in a few weeks and I was wondering if you have any scoop on it. Judging by the trailer, I'm sure Caitriona Balfe will have at least 1 scene this season. Going from the books, Sophie Skelton might have a scene or two as well. Any details that you can spare? Thank you.


Is there supposed to be nudity in Sally 4 Ever? It's a lesbian-themed HBO comedy debuting next month.


About a 43 year old woman falling for a 52 year old woman. Can't wait.


What's wrong with that? Sounds great to me.


We have been real lucky to get the shots we have been getting lately, personally I'm still looking g forward to anything from My Days of Mercy, whenever that finally comes out.


If it shows literally anywhere on the East Coast, south of New York, I will make the drive and go get it myself. We’ve waited long enough.


Thanks for the news Recapped. I doubt Elle will show something, it will probably be all implied as usual, hope I'm wrong.


I don't complain, but I'm more interested in her butt. Is this the only screencap?


Who is she?


That's what i was going to ask. I have to be honest and say i dont think she's all that hot anymore. Really stunning back in Final Destination days, but time has withered her beauty somewhat early.


She literally looks exactly the same, she just doesn't have bangs anymore.


She is 33. Time hasn't withered anything.


Maybe its just this clip with too much slap on her face? but i could hardly recognize her from the stunning beauty who took my eye in FD. btw. What a great movie that was !


Mary Elizabeth Winstead


not gonna complain. at least it was a clear shot of her tits with face. Can't wait for the HD version.


Her topless scene is shorter than I thought, waiting to see this in hd.


Based on this review, this is the clearest shot of her boobs we're getting.


But not the hottest scene, though.


That has to be one of the ugliest wallpaper I've ever seen.


An alright start.


Thanks for the info!


Well this is a surprise. Someone in a previous thread gave details about the nudity in the first few episodes and I don't remember any mention of fully nude Juliette Lewis.


Wasn't Jennifer Garner also supposed to show something?


The source for the Garner nudity had seen the first two episodes. Next week's episode has Brief Nudity which coincides perfectly with Garner showing her butt while skinny dipping. The more exciting prospect is a full Nudity rating for episode 3. As much as I love seeing Juliette Lewis naked, it'd be pretty damn sweet if Garner finally showed the goods.


I'm confused as well. There was a guy in here last week saying that Jennifer showed her ass towards the end of the first episode. Was that guy lying?


May have been a screener copy so didn't show that scene as it was at the end of the episode


More than likely they mixed up Garner with Lewis.


Mmm StuManGroup said "Got to see the first two episodes of Camping. At the end of episode 1 Jennifer Garner and David Tennant's characters go skinny dipping and you see their asses as they run into the water. You can see the side of Jennifer's face so I don't think its a body double, however its nighttime and pretty dark, so it would probably be pretty easy to mask some digital trickery. " sound like another scene, maybe it just got cutted.


It didn’t get cut. He either saw a different episode or made it up. If you watch the episode, that scene described makes no sense.


Seems unlikely that he watched the same episode, didn't he? I mean, if you don't even mention this scene, clearly you saw a different episode. I feel like Garner's scene will still come up, doesn't it make sense that her character would go skinny-dipping later on, after she saw Lewis do it first?


Probably didn’t exist as StuManGroup said last week and that’d probs be too late for a scene to get cut, unless they saw it earlier than when they told us


Medici - The Magnificent ep.1/2 release date has been postponed to 18th October. Here's one of the trailer, you can see Alessandra Mastronardi probably naked, but I think there are pasties on her tits. She said she has many nude scenes.. So, what do you think? What should we expect? https://www.facebook.com/InLoveWithDanielSharman/videos/305921290205064/


Why is there no interest in Dakota on here? Elle is pretty but i think Dakota is the hotter and more interesting.


I'm sure there's plenty of interest in both here. But give me Elle any day if the week and twice in Sunday.


If you had to flip a coin between Elle and Dakota it would be win/win.


I guess you missed the conversations about Viena and the Fantomes and The Alienist.


She has been asked about on here no less than 5,000 times.


Asked in a previous post but will ask again, any info on nudity from Monica Raymund or any info on other roles being cast for the show P-Town?

Also any info about nudity in Starz show The Spanish Princess with Charlotte Hope?

Lucy Hale was cast in an indie movie 'A Nice Girl Like You' which judging by the character description seems like it could be interesting. Plus after her getting nude in that other indie movie anything is possible. Any info about this movie?


Probably another month or 2 for P-Town so they can finalize the scripts and casting. Really hoping for Monica!!


+1 for Charlotte Hope.
Don't care about the others.


Speaking of Elle Fanning, ‘Galveston’ comes out on Friday. Sadly no nudity but quite a bit of implied from elle