October 17, 2018 Rumors

Rumor is Naomi Watts has been cast in the Game of Thrones prequel series. No idea who Naomi is playing and there are no plot details available. The only thing we know is they want British actors for all of the roles or actors with a perfect British accent. The pilot is set to shoot early next year so we should be getting some cast announcements soon.

Also, been hearing that Triss will indeed be in a few episodes of the first season of The Witcher and they may have already cast someone. Someone British.

Apparently British accents are a requirement for all fantasy television shows.

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Daisy Montgomery in My Dinner with Hervé (2018)



What a great last shot


"Da plane! Da Plane!" or in this case, "The plot! The Plot!"


Nice, she's a major crush of mine and she's gotten naked in 3 different shows now


LINA ESCO is nude for Playboy magazine november 2018 issue. You can easily find more pics in the internet.


Chris Pine confirmed on the Graham Norton Show that Florence Pugh has a nude scene in Outlaw King.


Hopefully the film's nudity makes the final cut.. the director did admit to trimming the length of the film for its Netflix release.


It's always nice to see beautiful actresses have their first nude scene.


Kate Miner topless on Shameless this week


Elle fanning shows her butt and nip in Galveston


Why bother lying about this?


No she doesn't.


The fact that day has 0 Likes and you have 16 (so far) Likes utterly cracks me up. It's almost like one of you actually knows what they're talking about and the other one said something that's easily disproven.


When does she show her butt?


In his Dreams....


Can you tell us what’s been going on here?


Seen Welcome Home since it's now available streaming on pc and it's pretty bad.
The skinny deeping scene is her from the side but from far away, you can't see shit then it's kissing on the pool...
The shower sex scenes you can see some side boob but she kept the towel.
And in the end of the movie the bed scene was a good opportunity but the guy started to lick her belly and toes lmao
This terrible acting girl is becoming a nudity dodger on screen lol what a joke, i even think i saw some nipple pasties haha


Are you talking about Emily Ratajkowski? Throw a rock at the internet and you'll find a nude photo of her.


Also, when you say it’s pretty bad, it’s not just nudity, right?


Yes i'm talking about nudity, everything is done to show the absolute least.


I understand your talking about nudity, but is the movie itself just garbage?


This is sad. I’m almost inclined to give up on Lost Girls and Love Hotels now.


Was there nudity from anyone else in the movie? MPAA rating from a few months ago listed nudity so if there is no nudity in the movie than her nudity may have been edited not to show anything which would suck.


Any chance Kiernan Shipka shows something in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?