October 17, 2018 Rumors

Rumor is Naomi Watts has been cast in the Game of Thrones prequel series. No idea who Naomi is playing and there are no plot details available. The only thing we know is they want British actors for all of the roles or actors with a perfect British accent. The pilot is set to shoot early next year so we should be getting some cast announcements soon.

Also, been hearing that Triss will indeed be in a few episodes of the first season of The Witcher and they may have already cast someone. Someone British.

Apparently British accents are a requirement for all fantasy television shows.

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Daisy Montgomery in My Dinner with Hervé (2018)



What a great last shot


"Da plane! Da Plane!" or in this case, "The plot! The Plot!"


Nice, she's a major crush of mine and she's gotten naked in 3 different shows now


LINA ESCO is nude for Playboy magazine november 2018 issue. You can easily find more pics in the internet.


Chris Pine confirmed on the Graham Norton Show that Florence Pugh has a nude scene in Outlaw King.


Hopefully the film's nudity makes the final cut.. the director did admit to trimming the length of the film for its Netflix release.


It's always nice to see beautiful actresses have their first nude scene.


Kate Miner topless on Shameless this week


Elle fanning shows her butt and nip in Galveston


Why bother lying about this?


No she doesn't.


The fact that day has 0 Likes and you have 16 (so far) Likes utterly cracks me up. It's almost like one of you actually knows what they're talking about and the other one said something that's easily disproven.


When does she show her butt?


In his Dreams....


Can you tell us what’s been going on here?


Seen Welcome Home since it's now available streaming on pc and it's pretty bad.
The skinny deeping scene is her from the side but from far away, you can't see shit then it's kissing on the pool...
The shower sex scenes you can see some side boob but she kept the towel.
And in the end of the movie the bed scene was a good opportunity but the guy started to lick her belly and toes lmao
This terrible acting girl is becoming a nudity dodger on screen lol what a joke, i even think i saw some nipple pasties haha


Are you talking about Emily Ratajkowski? Throw a rock at the internet and you'll find a nude photo of her.


Also, when you say it’s pretty bad, it’s not just nudity, right?


Yes i'm talking about nudity, everything is done to show the absolute least.


I understand your talking about nudity, but is the movie itself just garbage?


This is sad. I’m almost inclined to give up on Lost Girls and Love Hotels now.


Was there nudity from anyone else in the movie? MPAA rating from a few months ago listed nudity so if there is no nudity in the movie than her nudity may have been edited not to show anything which would suck.


Any chance Kiernan Shipka shows something in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?


My Days of Mercy is playing at a festival in Madrid October 27 and November 3. Who wants to capture footage?



10$ donation per person, 70 recappeders. Free trip for the person willing to go there and get the god damn video we all want.


I will setup a paypal if yall are serious.


Miseducation of Cameron Post on digital platforms 11/6 and on dvd 12/3.


Just curious as to what older nude scenes (15+ years) from "name" actresses are everyone's favorites? By that I mean someone who most people would recognize, not someone who played "topless sorority girl #3".
I know for me, they would be:
Heather Graham in Boogie Nights & Killing Me Softly
Madchen Amick in Dream Lover
Madeline Stowe in anything she appeared nude in (in her prime, there was no one hotter IMO)
Kelly Preston in Mischief


While she looked her hottest in Mulholland Falls (1996) - Jennifer Connelly's best nudity was in "The Hot Spot (1990)"

Reese Witherspoon in "Twilight (1998)"

Halle Berry in "Monster's Ball (2001)"


Reese in Twilight. So wish we got to see the ff scene that was said to have been filmed.
Helena Bonham Carter in Wings Of A Dove. What an awesome ass scene!
Seethru, but great view of the legendary Liz Taylor's tits in The Drivers Seat. She was in her 40's by then too.


Speaking of cut nudity, remember back before Crazy/Beautiful came out and there were all of those rumors about Kirsten Dunst making her nude debut in it? Lousy Disney execs...


She also supposedly went full frontal in "Wild" but the scene was nixed after test screenings.


What do you mean with 'ff scene'?


technically, "ff" means female/female in some circles.

But yeah, since this is a nudity-oriented site and not a lesbian-oriented site, "full frontal" is the obvious bet...


Oh, yeah, full frontal. Thanks, @zvereva and @VisitorQ. I'm so stupid sometimes...

If happened like you say, damn you Robert Benton! And now, Reese refused do nude/clothed sex scenes in Big Little Lies despite she did various nude shoots in Wild (directed by the same guy who directed Big Little Lies).

PS: Why I can't reply to a post answering to my original post? I think we were able to do than not a long time ago.


Reese agreed to go full frontal in Twilight, but the director (Robert Benton) changed his mind on the day of shooting and made it topless only. I can't find the original source to quote from, but that's my recollection of the story. Benton did get JoBeth Williams, Nicole Kidman, Jacinda Barrett, Radha Mitchell, and Alexa Davalos to go full frontal in other films, so it's not too surprising he wrote Reese's scene that way!


Full Frontal?


Mmm... Reese


For those who've never seen it, there's a little known, early Reese movie that's worth checking out, its called Overnight Delivery.
Not much of a movie but Reese is really hot in it with some sexy scenes, including one of her in very tight legings that showed off her perfect, juicy ass. She's still a fine looking women now! but by god she was fucking awesome back then!


Madchen in Dream Lover was insanely hot.


I hate when these off topic posts flood the comment section.


Who gets naked in the new Halloween movie?


Poster on here a few weeks ago said it is a flashback scene that is a nude scene from the first move but I am not sure if it is actual footage from the first movie or a recreation of the scene with a new actresses.


It's just the footage from the original movie, there's no new nudity.


“brief bare breasts during scene of violence”

might be Rhian Rees


I think it refers to the scene in which the beginning of the original Halloween appears. I've seen the movie, do not expect anything.


Wij seems to be screening in some places. Anyone know of/able to get a cam version or know of a stream?


yes! and a german or italian cammer should snap full frontal shots from paula beer and saskia rosendahl in werk ohne autor!


Saw The Favourite and enjoyed the great, if fleeting, Emma Stone tit shot. She looks amazing throughout though, so plenty else to enjoy.


did any of the guys get nude too? (I know what you're thinking, I'm in the wrong website!) but still... 🙂


I'm afraid not, or, at least, not that I remember.


> fleeting



Maybe fleeting is the wrong word as it's probably 7 or 8 seconds and quite well lit (albeit by candle). It's just that she's completely static because she's asleep, so it might as well be a photograph.


From IMDb... I Am Not A Bird / Lost Girls and Love Hotels (2019)


2020-2021 on VOD :_(


Hopefully the Good Samaritan who recorded the gifs of Tomlinson and Mew will still be doing the Lord's work in 2019.


Daaaaaaaamn those jiggle nice.


jesus, i dont think you could get any closer to showing boobs without actually showing boobs.


Don?t know how many times she showed nipples while shooting. Lucky Camera guy...


Well....that looks depressing.


I didn't see any nudity in The Romanoffs episode 3 after a quick scrub.


Any news on Undertow (2018) ?


It's said that this movie will come out in December .


British accent. Lmfao. The only problem with that assumption is that Watts is an Aussie and doesn't sound British in the least.


She's actually English, just spent most of her childhood in Australia. Think its safe to say she probably does a perfect English accent.


Ana Oto & Tove Lo both show boobs in Tove Lo's new music video/short.


** Ana Coto. I wish this interface allowed editing or atleast deleting comments.


Any word on Kate Beckinsale possibly having a nude scene in her new show the Widow?


Yeah, in The Widow or anything else she might be in. Recently been announced Kate will be in El Tonto and Guy Ritchie's Toff Guys.


An extended animated gif of Eleanor Tomlinson's nude scene in "Colette" has leaked.


Thanks! I was hoping we would get a good look at both tits at once . Still, beautiful look at this knockout of a woman.


I cleaned up the leak a bit, not sure if it's any better:



The studio is just teasing the hell out of us, aren't they?


They should cast Eleanor Tomlinson in the GoT prequel series. Now, she's a proper Brit I'd like to see fully drop her kit.


Naomi Watts just does not age. She looks just as good now, if not better, than she did 25 years ago. Absolutely incredible


I stumbled on a pretty hot (non-nude!) video of Ellen Page and her wife Emma Portner dancing.



I'm just imagining them spending weeks doing choreography and planning for this shit


WTF did I just saw ?


I'm excited for the Triss casting, I always liked her better than Yen. Hopefully she's closer to the games version though as in the books her chest is all scarred up from a battle so she stays covered up. Obviously that wouldn't be good for nudity.


Doesn't she use magic to cover that up though like Melisandre in GoT? I mean if I remember correctly Geralt can see it in Yen's eyes that irl she's actually a hunchback or something and using magic to conceal it.


Yen was a hunchback, not anymore. She's not wearing a illusion spell to conceal anything. She was effectively "magically plastic surguried" by her teacher when she was an apprentice. In the same way, they don't use illusion spell or glamour to cover their old age, they simply have mastered the magic to look the age they want, not only appareance wise, but young levels of stamina and the like. Yen is in her nineties, but still can ride a fuul day and get involved in knife fights like nobody's business.

Triss, on the other hand, it's allergic to healing magic. She can practice it on everything and everyone but herself. She can't magically heal those scars. Whether the series keeps this trait of hers or not, we shall see, but I recommend to any potential viewer to temper their expectations about Triss nudity. She's a very secondary character in the books.


Medici - The Magnificent ep 1-2 are available. Mastronardi has 2 sexy scene, in the first one there is a topless (probably a body double) and then a sideboob from herself (no BD here) but I can't understand if she's wearing pasties. In the second one nothing is really shown.


Eva Hamilton is nude in Death Kiss


I think that was actually Stormi Maya, unless you saw a scene that I didn’t.

Also, heads up, dudes, it’s a rape scene.


It has 2 nude scenes, one rape and one later. If someone need the scenes i can upload it in 1080p because i bought the movie on itunes.


Welcome Home is available for rent since today on DirecTV, so if someone is from the US and is with them........
I tried my best to find a way but you need their fxcking receiver and it only streams on tv.


Naomi Watts has been cast as Queen Pamidala.


i see what you did there, cause its a prequel.


Is that supposed to be funny or something?


I would like a scotch with water, hold the scotch.


A simple way to make the GOT spinoff the greatest tv show of alltime. British cast - Michelle Keegan + Lily James + Sophie Turner + Eleanor Tomlinson + Kate Beckinsdale. Foriegn guest stars - Alex DD + Ivana Baquero + Eliza Taylor Cotter. Plus lashings of gratuitous ff nudity + lots of scorching lesbian scenes + me as a camerman. Not too much to ask for there!


I would much rather they cast unknown or little known actors in all of the major roles.


What is going on with the site that it’s constantly going down all the time recently?


I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of horny guys' voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced as a celebrity nudity website went down.


I know better, but I was hoping the real reason the site went down was because it crashed due the servers being overloaded with traffic due to Alexandra Daddarios IANAB scenes being leaked/uploaded into the site.


I thought the same thing only that it would be cam footage of Kate Mara/Ellen Page as their movie is playing at a few places.


It's a Unicorn movie .


I think we can ALL agree that a GoT show is a GREAT place for Naomi Watts to spend a few very sexually active years.
Can't wait to see what depraved shenanigans her character gets into.


Wouldn't surprise me if she's the 'name' actor cast and is only the show for a year. Like Sean Bean.


Naomi would be great to play Queen Rhaella Targaryen, the sister, wife, and queen of (mad) King Aerys II and mother of Daenerys. Maybe she's a little old for the role but she can pull it off.


But prequel will be related to Long Night and not anything that you mentioned


Only if Dany’s mother was 8,000 years old, which is how far in the past this series takes place...