October 21, 2018 Rumors

Very early but they’re developing a remake of Revenge of the Nerds at Fox. Don’t get your hopes too high for this however since apparently Seth MacFarlane is attached to it somehow.

Speaking of remakes, the Wrong Turn reboot appears to be going for bigger names unlike the low budget sequels. We’ll update you when we hear of any casting news.

Also, hearing that they’re recasting the role of McKay on Euphoria. So they will have to reshoot the sex scene between him and Sydney Sweeney in the pilot. Hopefully it will turn out better than the original scene.

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Anything in The White Orchid, the new film with Olivia Thirlby? It's been stuck in limbo for a few years, but the director finally announced that it would be released on VOD on October 26.


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the BBC toned down the nudity in their adaptation of The Little Drummer Girl to make the series more palatable for American audiences.

“America is quite scared of bums,” she told Radio Times. ”And nipples. We had to make sure there were no bums and nipples out. I don’t know why. Such strange people.

the downside of the Beeb having to do co-financing deals with American networks like AMC.


Thanks for the update.. shame. Short wait though for Outlaw King (November 9th).


India Eisley briefly topless twice in 'Adolescence'.


Share clips bro


So much rape talk... I just want to hear about nude girls....


My Days of Mercy won the audience award of the 29th Lesbian Gay Film Festival in Hamburg. They should sneak it out in America this year to strive for that Oscar!


For that Nobel Peace Prize you mean...


Don't you mean the No Ball peace prize since its a lesbian film??


What about Taylor Schilling in "The Prodigy?" "Brief graphic nudity"


Tillotama Shome topless NUDITY SCENE from the movie QISSA MOVIE...the scene was cut when it was released in india..


Please Shome some more!


Nice, we need more nude scenes from Indian actresses.


any update on the college tv pilot on amazon like cast info?


I can’t even imagine how criiiiinge a Revenge-of-the Nerds remake will be, especially with Seth MacFarlane in charge.


seriously, 2018 version cant offend anyone so its going to be awful.


Because the original is such a masterpiece...


I don’t like the original, either. I just think that given the state of comedy and general quality of remakes/sequels/spinoffs, a remake is going to be just as bad in whole new ways.