October 23, 2018 Rumors

It looks like Showtime is ordering a spinoff of Penny Dreadful to pilot. The new show is tentativly called Penny Dreadful: City of Angels and takes place in Los Angeles. It is also more modern era compared to the original so unfortunately that probably means no Eva Green.

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I wish Nina Dobrev would get naked


Not sure if Nina Dobrev

or Jared Leto’s Joker with tits


The trailer for Outlaw Kings say "brief nudity" so it sounds like the full-frontal scenes from Florence Pugh and Chris Pine were cut.


For what it's worth, I saw Outlaw King at the London Film Fest last week so it's unlikely it has changed again since the minutes that were cut after TIFF (and those minutes were fairly obviously cut in this version). In what I saw Pugh and Pine have a short romantic nude sex scene together, I don't think there was any full frontal here (from either) but in low key lighting we get butts, boobs, and abs from both. It's far from revolutionary so far as nude scenes go and fairly short but I found it pretty hot (and it will likely provide some good screengrabs). Chris Pine's full frontal scene later in the film is still in their but very brief.


Was it ever confirmed whether or not Florence had a full frontal scene in the original cut? A commenter on here claimed she did but I never seen a source.


Here's a quote from Chris Pine:

"I bare the ‘full monty’ and it got a lot of attention,” Pine notes on the British talk show. "I thought the witty reviews were brilliant, but what did strike me most is that Florence Pugh bares everything too and no one commented.”


Some people would refer to it as "baring everything" if an actress shows her breasts so I won't take that as 100% confirmation. Very disappointing if she did film full frontal and they cut it though.


I never saw a source stating that either. Maybe there is one out there, but I figured people were just assuming Chris Pine's frontal scene must be during the nude scene with Pugh and so tied her to it (although I will say there is definite bush from Pine in that sex scene too so, who knows, maybe there was a source and we do get close to full frontal for a brief second and I just missed it given the pace).


the source was a comment on the awardswatch site from when the film premiered at TIFF - the poster said Florence went full frontal as well as Chris.


last year there was one Netflix movie (I don't remember the name) with brief male frontal nudity in it but listed as brief nudity by esrb. Maybe the nudity in Outlaw Kings is super brief, or far shot or there is bad lightning


ESRB is for video games, lol. And I don't think the MPAA rates netflix originals either, so I think they self rate there, like TV shows do.


It's good lighting but a medium-long to long shot and very brief full frontal. Visible full frontal, but quick and very organic given the medieval setting.


The Chris Pine shot reportedly lasts for half a second.


Anything of Lauren Cohan in Mile 22 ?


Rated R for strong violence and language throughout.


In the beginning of first episode of Medici there is a very brief sex scene between Giuliano di Medici and an unknown (for me) actress. Anybody knows who is her? I search her on imdb without sucess.


Hi! I'm sorry but I can't recognize the actress (I read all the names in the credits at the end of the episode... but nothing.) Is that the only scene of her?
However quite disappointing the first two episodes... In that scene the nipples are covered. Then Alessandra Mastronardi (Lucrezia Donati) has two sexy scenes, but...
* her tits are always covered with pasties, by the candles in the room an also by her hands (so unrealistic)
* when tits are shown (beatiful boob) the head is outside shot. I think (also considering her topless in Life for example) she's using a body double.
I hope something better in next episodes from Matilda Lutz and Synnove Karlsen.


Does anybody know some blowjob/handjob scenes from Hollywood movies? I'm not expecting anything explicit, of course, just implied stuff like Nicole Kidman in Birthday Girl or Alicia Vikander in Beloved? Thanks.


Heather graham do both (and receive the equivalents) in "Two girls and a guy".


An underrated one is Emily Blunt in Arthur Newman


Twentynine Palms was a good one.


Saw the advance screening of Suspiria. Nothing to write home about in terms of nudity. The film itself is fantastic, although definitely not for the faint hearted.


Speed Kills is coming to theatres and VOD on November 16th. It potentially has Katheryn Winnick nudity in it. Not getting my hopes up though


You're getting mine up though.


I mean, she's like the only Vikings actress who hasn't shown anything and she's been on the show since the beginning. I really doubt she'll show anything in some shitty, low-budget Travolta film.

Then again, maybe she was just never written to be naked. I don't know. Crazier things have happened.


She was written to be naked during the bath scene in season 3 episode 3, but doesn't show much at all.

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Is anything known on Homecoming? IMDB says TV-14 but Jack Ryan said that as well before release.


Reportedly there is (explicit?) lesbian sex scene in movie "Trauma" and several actresses fully nude.


Emily Ratajkowski - Welcome Home (2018)



What a disappointment. Had she shown the goods in this it definitely would have been the running for best nudity of the year.


At least Analeigh Tipton had the good sense to show the goods in her trashy VOD flick.