October 25, 2018 Rumors

Apparently Hulu has ordered an eight episode limited series about the story behind the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape. There are already some pretty big names attached to the roles of Tommy and the guy who found the sex tape. They are currently trying to find someone to play Pamela.

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It's just to say, the movie (Open Wound) with the gorgeous Leila Lowfire will be released on DVD in the US on January 22nd.


Jeri Ryan topless in Suspicion


What? Isn't that an NBC show?


Prototype always lies/trolls and gets our hopes up. If this was a forum i would ignore


Posters like this should be banned.


Nothing to see here, that promo pic has been around forever.


Some posted this MYOM screengrab on Reddit. Is it from the trailer or is it possibly available somewhere?



Just the old promo



Kalki Koechlin nude (with pasties) in a web Series Named Smoke


There is no nude with pasties. If she's wearing pasties then she's not nude.


Those aren't pasties. She just has no nipples. Pasties with a fully topless shot, even through the fog.....wow that's lame.


Kalki Koechlin in Smoke S01E02..
I have just finished 4 episodes. Will update if anything else comes up.


She has shown her boobs so don't know why there was an urge for pasties here.

Also the girl that plays Olga, don't know her name though,showed her side boob


Which Episode is the Olga scene ?? cud nt find it ...


Episode 7 I think


I remember this question came up a few months ago but how is the thought of having a recapped forum ? I was trying to look for the comment about My days of mercy and the person maybe going to a screening in Germany, and it's not easy and obviously disorganized. Any thought ?


Will hermione corfield show something in Rust creek?


Really hope so!


best one yet tbh 😀


Great tits and completely pointless nudity. Very well done Judy.


That is what I was thinking. The casual gratuity of it isn't a common sight from the premium cable channels the past few years. Even more surprising from a main actress.


Can someone please share olivia applegate nude scene from driven (ep. 4 and 6)


Judy Greer topless again on new ep of Kidding


I really stop reading the long posts for a line or two... I just skim for names of girls I like.... blah blah blah no tities news.


From Variety's The Girl in the Spider's Web review:

"Another change for the worse is the conception of Millennium’s publisher Erika Berger (Vicki Krieps), no longer the older woman in a relationship with the younger Mikael but now a younger boss whose extramarital affair with her reporter is as uninteresting and unremarkable as the roles themselves. As for Lisbeth’s love interests, she’s seen once in bed with another woman (no hanky-panky is shown), but otherwise her sexuality is unexpressed."

Sounds like no nudity from For but maybe something from Krieps.


Wasn't there something about Foy having one of her filmed sex scenes cut from the movie?

I think she said it was about them not wanting to be exploitative of the character but that seemed like a BS excuse for her own insecurities since in the books and other films Lisbeth is very open and comfortable with her sexuality.


I sense disappointment...


the Ophelia trailer is out and there's some hints to possible Daisy Ridley nudity... what's the word on the possibility of that actually happening?


There's no nudity in Ophelia.

(0:09) Can make out Naomi Watts’ butt through her white garment as she is prepared to take a bath.
(1:00) Bare back on Daisy Ridley making love with Hamlet. Some close-up right sideboob as she pushes him down to the bed.


Not ideal, but I’ll take anything from Daisy.


Plus it's a good indication Naomi's still into showing off her body now that we know she'll likely be in the GoT spinoff.


Dammit... There goes my interest in that movie


I asked this is the 21st oct post but that thread is almost dead now so I am asking it again.
Someone here once told us about how to search a specific tag on Johnny moronic.But I can't find that comment.So can anyone please tell me one more time how to search tags on Johnny moronic.Like if I want threesome videos then Every page on johnny moronic with threesome videos should show in the google search results.
Any Help would be highly appreciated.


Why don't you ask Johnny that question in the comments section of his site, he usually replies pretty quickly


Johnnys a pretty cool guy I gotta say from my interactions with him.


A couple of people expressed interested in the comedy Sally4ever. Julia Davis and Catherine Shepherd have a sex scene towards the end of ep 1. But the nudity is from body doubles. As Davis (who also writes and directs all the eps) says “It felt a bit creepy some of the time to direct these two women…I felt one was slightly uncomfortable. You feel a bit like a porn director, ‘put your boobs like that’. We were slightly nervous…”


Leven Rambin dressed up as Pam Anderson for Halloween this year. Seeing those pics, that would be a good choice.


Not sure if this has been already mentioned - for people asking about “Newly Single”, it will be released Dec 7th. There is supposed to be some nudity but really don’t think it’ll be from Molly Quinn.


I was never really expecting Molly to show anything, but I can still dream!


Marfa Girl 2 is releasing Oct 30. Should be gud.


sex scenes and all kind of nudity from Drake Burnette, Indigo Rael and mainly Mercedes Maxwell


First had lot of stuff,part 2 trailer is promising


Rosamund Pike in A Private War? It's rated R for brief sexuality/nudity.


I have just seen Kate Beckinsale's latest Instagram post and I've gotta ask, is there even a speck of hope that The Widow or any of her upcoming work contains her magnificent nakedness? It was asked in the last update but way lesser mortals than Kate get asked about every time so please Recapped, give humanity something to cheer in these troubled times.


Kate Beckinsale has a nude scene in Widow !


Elaborate please!


He's trolling


FFS,That is a shame,


"Der Geschmack von Leben" comes out on DVD (and VOD?) today. Supposedly it has explicit blowjobs and perhaps cumshots. Has anyone seen it yet?


I tried going on Amazon.de, but they require age verification (And a German ID) so anybody from Germany with 4.99 Euro help us out?


Try videoload.de. Was able to order from them before.


they could cast a blowup doll it would be the same amount of plastic involved!!! my vote is for Emily Rainey


Kiernan Shipka shower and bath in ep 1 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
Some shadowy left side boob and shadowy butt in the bath scene.
Probably not her though.


Cam is on Netflix November 16. Madeline Brewer and Zainne Saleh are both topless in it (according to Mr. Skin).


"Alice Eve" intensifies...


Apparently HBO has hired an "intimacy coordinator" to oversee sex scenes on their shows. I guess Emily Meade requested an advocate be on set for her racy scenes on The Deuce so the position was created. It will be used for all upcoming shows including Watchmen


aka "James Franco Wrangler"


Where do I sign up for this job? I will do it for free.


I know there is nudity on Hulu shows, but how explicit does it get? I just dont see how they can make this show without pushing limits

FYI, we dont get Hulu in Canada hence the question


They had full frontal nudity (male and female) for a segment of I Love You, America, the talk show hosted by Sarah Silverman, as two audience members in the front row were stark naked during the pilot.


About as far as Netflix goes.


My vote goes to Ashley Benson


I second that. Seeing Ashley's Benzos in sexual situations would be great


Why not Anderson herself? those cans are one of a kind.


Pretty sure those 90s cans were like 3 or 4 boob jobs ago


What about Taylor Schilling or Brittany Allen in "The Prodigy?" "brief graphic nudity" usually means penis, but it's also usually in comedies - so maybe there's a chance.


Anni Krueger @ "The Romanoffs" s01e04



Anni Krueger is topless this weeks Romanoffs around 47 minutes in. Can't find anything from Amanda Peet I am only scrubbing through.


There is also random changing room nudity but Amazon isn't giving me their names.


Can we expect any nudity from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, especially from Kiernan Shipka?


Isn't her character supposed to be 16 in the show? So probably nothing much.


Not long to wait now, even Kiki bum or Kiki-Kini will be brillaint.


I vote Jorgie Porter.


Then I wonder, will they cast actress with just big boobs or with fake ones as well.


They might even just go the prosthetic route to recreate those 90's era bolt-ons. Wasn't there some Anna Nicole Smith biopic made for TV where they did that?


They're gonna try to fill EIGHT episodes?!



That's what I was wondering. Filling the void with tv shows has reached some kind of point, but I don't know what it is.


How long was the actual tape. Maybe one whole episode will be them filming it and another can be someone watching it after it’s stolen. Now they just need to come up with 6 more episodes.


I imagine they'll go the route that the OJ mini-series did, and deep dive on everyone involved. From an article:
"The couple, who wed in 1995 before divorcing just three years later, were known for their rocky relationship - but it was the home video they locked in their safe which was to make their relationship one of the most memorable. Pamela and Tommy married after knowing each other for just 96 hours.

They famously moved into a no-expense-spared mansion together - but according to Rolling Stone magazine, the demanding couple angered a countless stream of workers in the process - as they fought for their dream home. It was one of their disgruntled workers, an electrician reportedly, who reportedly stole the tape. And so began the internet viral craze.

Rolling Stone reports: “The web, with its seemingly anonymous transactions, seemed like the perfect black market to get the tape to consumers.” Internet users could follow instructions on where to send money in order to obtain a copy, and with others selling the tape out of the boot of their cars, it soon spread. It was first mentioned in a news article in 1996, and when Pamela and Tommy realised their safe had been stolen around the same time - they reportedly sent out private detective to try and track down the person responsible.

Rolling Stone reports the worker initially wanted to leave the couple and his spell of work for them behind for good, but when he returned to get his tools, Lee allegedly pointed a gun at him - angering him enough to spend the entire summer of 1995 planning the huge heist. Having painstaking planned it out, the worker - who claims to have pulled off the theft single-handedly, reportedly covered himself in a white fur coat to make him look like a dog on CCTV cameras. The magazine reports he first entered the couple's bedroom while they slept, before sneaking down into the garage, manoeuvering the safe on to a trolley, and wheeling it out to his van, after disabling security cameras outside.

Having teamed up with a studio owner, the pair tried to distribute the tape they had found inside the safe - but no-one would touch it, knowing it was stolen property. Eventually, according to Rolling Stone, the couple realised it had gone too far and signed over the copyright to porn site Club Love. DVDs were later made and "it made an estimated $77 million in less than 12 months – and that's just on legitimate sales." The worker meanwhile tried his hand at porn himself, and according to the site, starred in 75 videos."

So an entire ep could be devoted to that PI trying to track the thief down. Whether that makes for interesting viewing, who knows.


Lol I thought that. Structurally it'd make sense for them to have the first Ep be them making the tape and end with someone stealing it.

But then 7 more episodes of the aftermath? They gonna include clips from Borat in the final episode?


Maybe episodes will be only 30 minutes long?


I had thought about that but it still seems excessive for such a meh story.


Yes I can see the tagline now:

Hot chick famous for showing her tits and pussy shows her tits and pussy while touching a dick.