October 28, 2018 Rumors

Emma Roberts was announced as the lead for a new Netflix series Spinning Out fka Kiss and Cry a couple of weeks ago. Rumor is Emma will no longer do the show and has been replaced by Lily Collins. The script for the pilot has a scene in a locker room but not sure if it will have any actual nudity.

Speaking of Netflix, apparently part of season three of GLOW will take place in Las Vegas. They are currently casting recurring guest stars to play showgirls and they are saying topless nudity is required.

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The Festival out on VOD on Dec 10. Might have a topless blue Emma Rigby - don’t know for sure as it seems no one was crazy enough to see it in the cinema.


Does Emily Bett Rickards have any lesbian scenes in "Funny Story"?


Tell Me A Story starts tomorrow on CBS All Access. Reviews say there is nudity (mainly butts) and Danielle Campbell may have a sex scene in ep 1.


Antje Mönning explicit blowjob & full frontal - Der Geschmack von Leben (2017)



There is a lot of nudity in new polish HBO series "Slepnac od swiatel” (Blinded by the lights).


Marta Malikowska


Skimmed through all 8 episodes and i got only one sex scene & few topless strippers ....Nothing more....


Amazon is currently casting for a new TV series called College, and almost every student role requires nudity.

Amy Forsyth and Jessica Sula have been cast in lead roles - only a pilot order at the moment and the report did call it a YA show.


whats a YA show?


Young adult. Although that name is misleading because it often refers to teenagers. Google “young adult books” and you can get an idea of the type of stuff that refers to.


Amy Forsyth = Ginger minge


I think she's a brunette and she dyed her hair red for something.


Amy Forsyth is cute and co-lead with Alex in "We Summon the Darkness." They seemed fairly close in the on-set pics and videos. I wonder if Alex gave her some advice?


Amy also worked with Jaime Murray on Defiance. While the show had bathing scenes it metal bikinis? (or beads, it's been a while) maybe Jaime talked to Amy about some of her other roles.


I just got butterflies with the mention of Jessica Sula.


There are dozens of us. Dozens!


I just finished watching Godless, so I'm on the Jessica Sula train too. And I've been fond of Amy Forsyth for a couple years now, so this is a double dose of potentially great news. It's too bad Amazon isn't putting their pilots online anymore.


Lavinia Wilson briefly topless in ep 2 of Deutschland 86.


ass pretending to have sex doggie style, you better do it with respect!"

- HBO's "intamacy coordinator"


So know we're at a point where it's weird that actresses naked on set wants to be comfortable? What's your issue exactly? She's still doing nudity. As the only one this year I might add.


Weird that she wants to be comfortable? No, of course not. Weird that she needs a "intimacy coordinator" to do it? On an HBO series? On an HBO series that Maggie Gyllenhaal produces? Yes, that strikes me as fantastically odd.

If that doesn't seem weird to you, I don't give a shit, but...um, congratulations?


Also it safeguards against this type of thing: https://www.indiewire.com/2018/10/sarah-scott-kip-pardue-sexual-harassment-accusation-sag-aftra-1202016110/
Which I'm guessing is why HBO are using them going forward, to cover themselves and to protect their workers.

For the lazy who can't click:
"Sarah Scott, an actress who’s appeared in such shows as “True Blood” and “Castle,” has accused actor Kip Pardue of placing her hand on his penis while filming a sex scene and then masturbating in front of her after it was done. She alleges that the latter incident took place in his dressing room just after they had shot a sequence for “Mogulettes,” a television pilot, in May.
“I literally froze,” the 35-year-old told the Los Angeles Times. “I said, ‘What are you doing?’”
His response, according to Scott: “This isn’t a #MeToo thing. I’m not your employer. It’s not like I can fire you.”
Pardue, best known for his roles in “Remember the Titans,” “The Rules of Attraction,” and Hulu’s Marvel show “The Runaways,” acknowledges that he placed Scott’s hand on his penis but denies her other accusations.
“I clearly misread the situation during a sex scene on set and have apologized to Sarah,” he said in a statement provided to the Times by his representative, David Shane. “I never intended to offend her in any way and deeply regret my actions and have learned from my behavior.”"

An intimacy coordinator would block and choreograph the sex scene so that someone couldn't "misread the situation" and put the other performer's hand on their penis.


Strip naked in front of a camera, in a room full of people, while another guy pretends to give it to you from behind, for a tv show that will be seen by hundred of thousands if not millions of people worldwide, and tell me you wouldn't feel better with a little support. I feel like it's that simple.


It's not really fantastically odd though. It's like you have a stunt coordinator to be an advocate for stunt people, if there are changes that may be dangerous, a stunt person may not say anything. Same with sex scenes.


Ha, not sure why the first part of my post didn't post.


So because of this she gets them to hire an "intimacy coordinator" or whatever the hell its called?


You seem very upset about this.


Is that meant for me? Not upset literally just asked a question whether this was the scene which led to the intermediary being hired


It's because of a scene in season 1


Which scene?


Not quite. From her Vogue article:
"“As a stunt performer, I have a liaison all the time, someone asking me if I am okay with a 15-foot-high fall changing to an 18-foot-high fall,” says Rodis. “But as a day player, where there is nudity and simulated sex? Nothing. If actors aren’t responsible for their own fight scenes, why should they be responsible for engaging in sex?”
It’s a good question—especially when the risk behind a free fall and being vulnerable and nude on camera is, for many, emotionally equal. Meade says she found herself pondering it last year, before the production of season two would begin, when news of sexual misconduct surrounding her costar James Franco surfaced.
“I realized I wasn’t okay,” Meade says over coffee in Tribeca. “Playing a prostitute, then porn star, with little preparation every week, which is the nature of TV, was very anxiety-provoking for me. I wanted somebody whose job was only to protect us in the sex scenes, because there are so many factors when it comes to working with people who are your friends or your bosses; you don’t want to disappoint anybody.”“I’m good at shutting off,” she says of the defense mechanisms she developed while on set, like rarely looking her costars in the eyes when naked, a lack of intimacy she regrettably carried into her personal life.
“There was an athlete quality to my attitude, ‘Of course I’m okay.’ But I realized I didn’t want to shut down anymore, I wanted to be present, but in a safe way.”
For Meade, and her own limitations, preproduction on The Deuce meant a lot of small movement exercises, such as eye-to-eye contact and consensual hand touching, where one person takes the other person’s hand and places it where it will be in the scene. “It was almost like a middle school slumber party, where we had to go downstairs and look at each other in the eyes, and chew gum, and talk about chewing gum, and give each other permission to touch each other,” says Meade of her scene partner in episode three, when Lori travels to Los Angeles sans her pimp C.C., and meets a guy she actually likes. “I was acting like a 12-year-old boy, cracking jokes, wondering what I had done asking for this intimacy coordinator, until I realized my scene partner was calmed down by the exercise. It turned out to be the easiest, most comfortable sex scene I did,” says Meade. “I wish Alicia would come on all my dates.”"


"Rodis has already implemented scene changes that may be minor to the viewer, but major to the cast - like making sure to work into the script a side turn away from the camera, or the slipping on of a shirt and tug of a blanket to limit unnecessary exposure."


That's more disturbing than anything.


She is stlll pretty hot but her apex was over 25 years ago


With 2 out of the 3 female leads naked in the first 3 eps already, odds must be shortening on Jennifer finally showing us some flesh!


I wouldn't count on it.


I think if she does, with the way her character is it would have to be next episode.


@ Clacker - I just saw the preview for ep4, and I actually think it's more likely that Jen's character getting nude, if it happened, would be done in a more cathartic way, probably at a climactic point in the season, where she finally manages to get over her repression. Like a women's circle, or skinny dipping, or finally shagging here husband. Rather than a random mid-season acid night. But, hey, as I said, sooner there better!


Maybe, just her character is the worst.


The sooner the better!! 🙂


Oh my god it's Ann Veal's mother.


Ione Skye nude in the shower on Camping tonight


Why Emma you dissapoint your fans...


Do we know if next week's Camping has nudity or not?


HBO tvma stands only for Adult Content, Adult Language, so no nudity, but they might not updated it yet. Truth be told persons behind updating hbo's tvma are pretty lazy lately.


Okay, thank you


Well, considering they literally all move to Las Vegas at the end of season 2, that makes sense... haha


Recapped, any information yet about upcoming nudity in Counterpart season 2?