October 4, 2018 Rumors

We saw Nomis at the LAFF recently and of course there’s no nudity from Alexandra Daddario or anyone else. Alexandra doesn’t even really show any cleavage in this film unlike in We Have Always Lived in the Castle where she had that one outfit.

And an update on previous posts, yes, Joanna Vanderham is full frontal nude in the first episode of Warrior but she is definitely wearing a merkin. Olivia Cheng is also nude as well as some other asian extras.

Also, no one has correctly guessed the name of the actress playing Renfri in The Witcher. It seems like a done deal now so we’ll post it in our next update.

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quick and simple but shes still willing to show them, so i still have much respect for her.


Who is naked in the "Border (Gräns)"?


Nothing on Shameless this week


This season of shameless seems to be quite disappointing nudity wise


But hoping for one last nude scene from Emmy (It will come towards the end definitely)


Got to see the first two episodes of Camping. At the end of episode 1 Jennifer Garner and David Tennant's characters go skinny dipping and you see their asses as they run into the water. You can see the side of Jennifer's face so I don't think its a body double, however its nighttime and pretty dark, so it would probably be pretty easy to mask some digital trickery. Hopefully once it airs someone will be able to brighten it. Episode 2 only has male nudity.


Where do you see it ?


Oh created by Lena Dunham! For fuckssake!!! I can't think of such a horrible person.


If I want excessive nudity, I can't think of a better show runner.


uh oh.....is it possible Jennifer Garner is at that age where finally agreeing to actual nudity is her only hope to stay relevant?


She could live off of Ben Affleck’s money and Capital One commercials for the rest of her life if she wanted so this seems more like some kind of mid-life find yourself kind of thing where she just doesn’t care enough about what people think to worry about nudity. Which really is the next best thing to peak Alias nudity


Disagree. For celebrities, relevance is a form of currency of its own. I'm no expert on Jennifer Garner, but from the few talk show appearances I've seen her do, she seems very insecure and status-conscious. She sees that she's losing roles to younger women and i would bet you anything it keeps her up at night. Then one day HBO comes along and says "Hey, we may have a part for you. There's a catch though...". Dear god, I hope there's a catch.


She stopped being relevant after Alias ended anyway


She wasn’t out there trying and losing out on roles to younger women though. She just stopped acting for the most part to have kids. I agree that there are actresses like that but I feel like you’re projecting your hopes. But if she gets naked now because of desperation or because she’s just at a different stage of life it doesn’t make any difference to us. Just as long as she doesn’t wear a merkin so people here won’t be distraught.


Hermione Corfield


You mean rust creek?


holy shit, that'd be amazing. I love her so much. Unbelievably adorable.


Please, stop posting your predictions. Nobody cares about your desires. You are ruinning this topic. This was never be a forum in which you should post your mind wanks and there's no reason to change it now.


Was there a need to reply in such an unfriendly manner to what i thought was a reasonable question, if a bit off topic. I've actually had a fair number of + to my posts so how am i spoiling the forum? Anyway, i dont need or want to be on a forum with people who have attitude so dont worry you wont here from me again.


I wasn't talking about you specially. I was talking in general. Everybody saying their predictions for Renfri here, in the last post for her and Ciri also. It's a pain in the ass enter here, see there are a few new comments and expect big good news, and when I start to read, I only see stupid predictions/desirees.


Thanks for replying.
I can see where you're coming from but posts I don't like don't bother me tbh. In hindsight I think my post about Lana Turner is not for this kind of this board as it is. Maybe if we had a forum there would be a place for general chat about about past, present and future screen nudity, sex symbols etc. So, I take notice of what you said and we'll move on.


Sorry for going a bit ot here. Does anyone have a fav from the so called 'Golden Era of Hollywood' who they would have liked to have seen do a nude scene had they been allowed back then? Lana Turner does it for me in films like The Postman Always Rings Twice and the brilliant The Bad And The Beautiful. She had incredible, smoulderring sex appeal and a huge star in her day. Lived qute a life too with tragedy and contorvercy - Her father murdred when she was a child. Married 8 times. Her daughter murdered Lana's Gangster boyfriend. She battled alcoholism. They dont make em like her anymore!


Vivien Leigh. Particularly after I learnt she suffered from nymphomania.


Prime Jane Fonda from Barbarella has to be one of the hottest of all time.


I have one name at the very top of my list for this - Grace Kelly. Noone else comes even close for me


Bella Heathcote has a couple of (clothed) lesbian scenes, but nothing from Alexa Davalos or anyone else in The Man In the High Castle season 3


Any cunnilingus scene?


mate, your expectations are too high. They don't even show anything. They make out, that's all.


The one actress that is British and no one mentioned yet and I think everyone would be happy to see naked is Kaya Scodelario. Although not sure if she would do that gig after Pirates of the caribbean and Maze runner series.


Anna Popplewell disappeared , a come back would be great , she seems to have a big breast , it's time for her to play in a real adult show , nudity would be great for her career !


Anyone said Emily Beecham yet?


No cam leaks from All About Nina? Come on you guys...


It’s probably only out in NY & LA right now. Ask again when it’s on atleast a hundred screens.


Okay I missed like 20 comments on this thread and they’re scattered from top to bottom... most of them just speculative names of actresses I’ve never heard of for a show I won’t watch until the next decade probably. Cool.

Sooooooo... any news on the forum idea that was discussed a while back? Please? 😀


I've been asking about a forum for a while. When Celebtop closed (or died or whatever) a lot of refugees wanted a similar forum and recapped could be that.


Has anyone guessed Michelle Keegan yet?


Trailer for "Welcome Home" is out. Looks like some Emily Ratajkowski sex scenes, as well as a blurry shot of her full body in the shower from behind. Didn't see any sign of the fully nude outdoor scene that paps caught her filming, hopefully it's still in there. Tbh though I'm more interested in the sex scenes, we've seen her naked plenty of times.


Maybe Georgia May King? I think if anyone guesses correctly they should win the prize of a question Recapped will answer if they can.


100% not gonna happen. Are we just naming random british people now?


How about Georgie Henley or Anna Popplewell, they are both British and famous enough.


That would be amazing if one of these two did it. I guess we'll find out soon...


Has anyone seen Never Look Away(Werk Ohne Author). Its packed with nudity and I wanna know how naked Paula Beer and Saskia Rosenthaal get. Its not available in my country 🙁


according to someone who saw it both go full frontal and there are two other girls nude


sweet. and the movie is supposedly very good, even though its3h8m... the releases are so sparse though.


Looks like Netflix bought the worldwide distribution rights for ‘The Perfection’


anybody else seen a star is born yet? curious if gaga is shaved for her full frontal scene


Just saw it coupe of hours ago, I didn’t see anything other than the glimpse of full frontal, you can’t see anything unless screenshot as previously stated, slight nipple in batch scene.


Apparently it is blurry. This is from the KidsInMind content review site-"we glimpse full-frontal nudity in a blurry shot (we cannot see nipples and we see a dark triangle around the genital area; it looks as though she is wearing a flesh toned bodysuit)."


It isn't blurry, it just cuts away after less than a second. I seriously doubt she's wearing a body suit considering she's incredibly comfortable with nudity in general and is even topless earlier in the film, but nobody will really be able to tell anything until we can get a screenshot.


Hailee Steinfeld for Renfri?


1. She's too big name for that role. 2. She's not British .


Hasn't her movie career gone a bit flat since her great performance in True Grit ? Doubt she'll ever do a nude scene.


Depends on what you consider ‘flat’? She was very good in Edge of 17 but that wasn’t widely seen. Got a Transformers movie coming in December and am sure that’ll make $$$$.


I myself pretty sure she will, maybe not now, maybe in couple years (she's only 21 now) but when a great role in significant movie / directed by high profile director, she will.


She's a beauty so i hope you are right!


She's very high on my wishlist. .


I either didn't know or forgot about the british part.


I'd love it to be Sarah Bolger but she is Irish , so unless Recapped has over looked this , it's not her.She has the pale skin though.


according to recapped most of the ppl here will be pleased with the name. Some of the mentioned actresses here are not even known outside UK


I'd be pleased with Dakota Blue Richards.
Unfortunately, don't recall her name ever being mentioned on this site.


Busy shooting another TV show for the next 5 months or so.


Either Recapped overestimated how many of us will be pleased or there's a British actress we're collectively overlooking. I'll throw in Jessica Barden as a last-ditch guess.


She has also, so far, got guest roles on tv shows and short films, This surely limits who it could be.


They said that about actress for Ciri role, not Renfri.


Thanks for pointing that out Q, I was perplexed by some of the guesses because of this!


Plus they said that actress was mentioned several times and some names I heard for the very first time. Just saying.


Phoebe Torrance for Renfri?


Or Hanna Stanbridge? With all the hatred in the world right now , I fell the world would be a much better place if Hanna was to show the goods in a hot sex scene in The Witcher series. "You may saaaaaaay , I'm a dreamer,but I'm not the only one....."


alix wilton regan for renfri? can't wait to find out who's playing her (or anyone else in the series). any witcher scoops would be greatly appreciated.


Along with Renfri's name, can you guys please post the list of roles that require nudity in The Witcher?


Assuming they are adapting the first book for Season 1, Yennefer and Iola would most likely have nude scenes (a bath scene and a sex scene for Yen, a sex scene for Iola). There is also a chance Adda has a nude scene (which would just be her lying unconscious after transforming back into a human.) Renfri's scene would be a sex scene for the record.


Kathryn Hahn shows bush and ass in Private Life


According to Mr. Skin, she's wearing a merkin.


But the booty’s there tho.

Y’all need to chill on trying to see every actress’ snatch.


Fantastic news about Joanna and Warrior! Hope Dianne Doan will be naked as well.


from "DC Titans" reviews of the first three episodes:

A cursing Boy Wonder, superhero sex and R-rated violence might be what compels many to give the new DC Universe streaming service’s first original live-action series, “Titans,” a try.

We also get some sex, in episode two, along with drinking and drug use.

Dove (Minka Kelly), by the way, could be the basis of an entire dissection of “female character as a sex object and victim to drive male storylines” tropes, but we don’t have the time.

is there any chance of minka nudity?


Highly unlikely. Their big, hyped “we’re hardcore” moment was using the f-word. Maybe someone will catch an accidental nip slip or something but that’s probably the best you’ll get.


In the second trailer of "Medici The Magnificent", aired by Rai1 in Italy you can see Alessandra Mastronardi in the bed with Daniel Sharman. He's bare chest, she is behind him and seems to have pasties. Bad news.


skimmed through Elite n i think there is no nudity from danna paola...but there is nudity from other actresses but i don't know the names...that's disappointing for me as i wish for danna's nude debut...hope i may miss something while forwarding the episodes...


I'm so disappointed Jaja first I got my hopes up because the first (almost) nude scene was hers, and later María Pedraza and Ester Expósito got great scenes, and I was waiting for Danna Paola to have a scene like those but... Not even close.


in that scene i also thought that she was about to show us the goods but damn...after that nothing from her...may be we have to wait for another project of her where she'll actually delivers..i'm thinking that she got a nice ass....sad that she didn't show us in ELITE....


She said she wanted to wipe out her "kid star" image with this project. I don't believe she will show anything in another show, maybe her best shot is the (almost) confirmed season 2 of Élite. And a good thing is that she ended the season with a couple, because this season she was "fighting" for him and didn't have a lot of sex opportunities.


yes getting out of bed like that is totally natural... i know i cover my private parts in the morning. The dog could be watching...


so normal to walk naked with your hands across your breasts SMDH


lol came here to say this, also its a bad cut, it goes from 'both hands on boobs' to one hand on railing back to 'both hands on boobs.'


Like, just have her put a shirt on, or something. Why does anyone think this is a good idea? It's a) not hot and sexy at all and b) so awkward and weird.


What's the point of covering her breast from that way to a guy you've been fucking hours before? The large attached-linen-cover-boobs resort taken to a new level.


It seems awkward and I'd not direct a movie that way...but I have fated a few women who would do that. Sex is fine, but afterward, they're all shy and cover up. Doesn't make sense to me but people be people.


Ok, this made me laugh. I mean, either have her in a tee shirt coming down, or just let those titties hang, bare nipples and all. Because realistically, that dude has sucked them, titty fucked them, squeezed, slapped, motorboated and probably has dumped a fountain of cum on them. At that point, he's familiar with those, so let em hang,


Lesson learned on this one: never get your hopes up.


I will take the merkin from Joanna Vanderham - she has always been a nudity dodger so at least this is a start. Any chance I get to have a look at that magnificent body will be greatly appreciated.

Any idea when Warrior will premiere as it is a show I am looking forward to??

Two names I will put forward for the pale British actress cast in the Witcher:
Sorcha Groundsell
Eloise Smyth

Fun fact - Eloise Smyth's father "Chas Smash" was a founding member of one of the 80's biggest groups Madness.


The pale skin description was for the Ciri role, an actress who's only had a few tv guest spots, doesn't tally with the stars of shows on Netflix and Hulu.


Is there anything in The Man In The High Castle from Alexa Davalos or anyone else?


About MY DAYS OF MERCY, someone sent an email to a technical crew member then posted this quote in a forum I follow :

I got an answer from a crew member regarding My Days of Mercy : « Hi Laurene, I’m not entirely sure of release dates. It might be this autumn but I’ve also heard that it could be early next year (I’m not sure for France). Hopefully people will be able to see it before too long ! »


What a shame, this merkin thing is getting out of hand


For an all time great 'bush scene', you won't get better than an obscure film - James Joyce's Women, starring Fionnula Flanagan. Made in the 80's when she was 44 years old and she looked truly breathtaking in a long scene fully nude on a bed. A long, sensuous scene of a beautiful mature actress. It really can't be beaten!!!


She was Eloise Hawking on Lost.


You got me excited because the actress who played young Eloise in the Jughead episode was cute AF.


Yep! Looked very different by then though. In Joyce's women she had the most gorgeous, thick, brunette hair and a bush a bird coud nest in. Defo up there with the very best nude scenes i've seen!


The scene is written to include a frrot and back shot. If there was a choice between any 2 from 3 from tits, pussy and ass, i'd take a good t&a scene every day of the week! I never thought Joannna would do nudity so i cannot wait to see her bod! However, i do hope she's not lost weight for this role. She's a stunner but has been a bit too slimed down at times. Want to see her nice and curvy.


Totally agree - I also would always choose good look at both butt and boobs instead of just full frontal.


Yeah well, it's give and take I guess, excited to see it eventually, and the show sounds interesting too


According to IMDb, I Am Not a Bird changed the title back to Lost Girls and Love Hotels which was the title of the book.


I'm leaning more toward Dawn French, myself.


For Alex DD, we know what’s next in line so, time to wait.


Hopefully soon.
I have stopped seeing her nude scene and pics as I want to unwrap her again as its like her nude debut.
True detective was a blessing with no merkin. I wish and hope the same for Lost Girls and Love Hotels.


I don't get why they never request actresses who will grow bush for the role in the casting call. She has epic tits so that will make up for it at least.


You don’t get why they are more concerned with finding someone they think is right for the role over finding the person who is most willing to grow out a bush? You do realize that they are just trying to make the best show that they can and something like a merkin that the vast majority of the audience doesn’t care about isn’t really a hill that they are willing to die on right?


People accept CGI (there's a lot of cleaning in the background for basically any scene shot outside), hairpieces, facial prosthetics or fake dummies for pregnancy, but they draw the line at merkins?

Also, two words to explain why some actresses won't grow out a bush: laser epilation.


I could imagine that conversation..."Would yout be willing to grow your pubes out, it's important to the scene that you have a genuine bush. Also, some weird guys on internet forums will complain if you don't, and they could use some new jack off material and pussy rugs are real turn offs for them."


I should have realized my comment would bring out the "progressive" prevs and their upvoters on this site who think by criticizing other pervs that they are not pervs themselves who are regularly visiting a pervy female celeb nudity site.

You know the logic you used to make my comment seem ridiculous could be used to discard all actresses nudity. Only body doubles would be necessary. Requesting actresses in casting calls to film the nude scenes correctly would be ignorant and unnecessary for finding the best actress for the role.

Actors and actresses are asked to alter their appearance for roles all the time. There are plenty of good actresses(especially in Europe) who would grow or already have pubic hair. It is also not a big deal though, it was just a comment.


Jeez Colette, MDoM, Warrior, Euphoria...
2019 is looking like a great year for nude debuts.


I might as well take a guess on Renfri, but it's probably just wishful thinking.

Nell Hudson


It’s Judi Dench isn’t it? I knew it.


I already made that joke.


Damn I guess I’m going to have to read every single comment before I make jokes from now on. Is Helen Mirren still available?


Alex wasn't kidding when she said "Nomis" was the first time she played a genuine adult.


Vanessa [email protected]?

could live with that, or did someone already mention her?


Could be cuz no one mentioned her. And I wouldn't mind her - she was fantastic in MI:F.


Eliana Jones as an incredible body and an amazing breast , too bad we saw nothing in Nomis !