October 7, 2018 Rumors

A while back we wrote that Millie Brady might be topless in Intrigo: Samaria. Well we saw an early cut of the film a couple of months ago and while Millie is topless in bed, a blanket covers her breasts. There may be a slip or two but we will need to wait for the movie to be available to freeze frame.

The good news is that Millie Brady has been cast as Renfri in The Witcher. Millie will only be in the first episode and has a sex scene that they’re saying requires nudity.

In the meantime, Millie is in the upcoming season of The Last Kingdom which should be out later this year.

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Where are actresses from Eastern Europe? I would not like Witcher with only British-American cast. Here is some nudity from movie "Outlawed (2018)".






Chuck Norris' daughter?


Her surname is Norris but I don't know.


Colette gets a wide release Friday!


Something a little different to ask. When is the second season of She’s Gotta Have It supposed to drop? Wanting to see Ilfenesh Hadera get some more.


first season had something ???


She had a naked lesbian scene with DeWanda Wise. Nudity was brief but not blink or you’ll miss it.


Is there an actual trailer for this movie?


Even without the incredible nude scenes, My Days of Mercy looks like a good movie. Nothing like a good movie with good nudity. Red Sparrow, for instance, was dreck outside of Jennifer Lawrence's nude scenes.


I think much of the movie is ruined by the shitty cutting and story telling .... trying to go for that suspense that much of thE time is just lost do to the crappy cutting and story telling .


Movie was meh, could have been a lot better. Had some interesting ideas but didn't explore them fully, and the writing was a bit cringe at times lol. Performances were really good but its the nude scenes that stayed with me as i left theater :p.


If it would show within 8 hours driving distance of me, I’d go get the caps we all need.


Might as well get it started can we expect anything from Jess Gabor in shameless


I hope she gets nude


There is a brief look at a sex scene from Florence Pugh in the first trailer for BBC/AMC's "The Little Drummer Girl". Could be a Night Manager situation with a different cut for the Beeb showing.


"Charlie Says" is on the AFM screening list in a few weeks so hopefully can get some definite info on the potential Hannah Murray nude scene.



"The Emperor of Paris" is also screening for those interested in Freya Mavor - hello Regis


Anyone interested on Colette... here is a lonk to a free premiere on 10/10. https://gofobo.com/index.php/main/blp/elRFcHRDVlE=


3rd backstage of Medici - The Magnificent suggests multiple sex scenes. But will we see anything?


Sorry, but it's not available yet..


I know, i meant the link of backstage. XD


The backstage was aired on Rai1 and it's not available yet! 😀


Would you guys be able to confirm if MyAnna Buring and Natasha Culzac have been cast in The Witcher, please?


Is there rumors of them being casted ?


I Am Not A Bird - Does anyone know what happened to the Instagram profile??? Looks like it's been taken down.


The Facebook page is still accessible.

The IMDB page has been renamed to Lost Girls and Love Hotels a few days ago.


You answered your own question. They changed the title.


I think they can just change their handles as oppose to deleting the accounts.


Yes but the account itself is offline. I had photos from it bookmarked and they can't be viewed right now.

Wish they'd keep us in the loop.


So according to Mr. Skin, Elizabeth Lail showed her butt in Ep. 3. If that was the extent of it, then I am severely disappointed. It was barely anything. Any way, hope she does more risque stuff in other series. This is a lifetime series, not much hope here.


Awesome, Millie's so hot in The Last Kingdom - hopefully a trifecta of nudity coming up from her!!


I was promised Elizabeth Lail's bare bum in today's episode of YOU. Well, where is it???


When was this promised?


“possibly episode 5” - doesn’t sound like a promise to me


fiiiineeee. I'll wait


These are the kinds of nude scenes I hope we get more of in the future. See, if both the man and the women are naked, no one can complain about being unfairly exploited. More nudity for everyone!


I must say I am disappointed. Granted that I just googled her and yes she's hot. But It really wasn't worth all that hype to me. Just didn't live up. Also as far as I can remember, I have never seen that name mentioned here in the comments. Thanks anyways Recapped.


She has definitely been mentioned a few times, mostly in relation to possible nudity in s3 of The Last Kingdom.


Yep..i must have missed that. But still..are you happy with the reveal ?!?


I am, but she is not a random nobody to me - i am one of the people who mentioned her before, I follow her on IG, I’ve made clips of her (or her BD’s) bare butt scene in Last Kingdom s2.


I don't think that was a body double.


Who were you expecting/wanting? Due to the nature of the role (only one ep and requires nudity) certain names weren't really a possibility.


What hype?

Recapped played a guessing game for fun until they could reveal the name. Any hype created was your own doing


Well it certainly got people interested and talking.


Emily Meade had her best nude scene on tonight's episode of the Deuce. She barred everything after a sex scene including her ass and bush


I think that was a merkin.


This is great! I loved her in The Last Kingdom. You guys also mentioned to know who was about to be cast as Ciri. Will you share the name of the actress, please? You're the only hope for reliable Witcher news.


Hoping for this as well. Any Witcher scoops would be appreciated.


Now we know who's going to play Renfri, we can say goodbay to predictions. Say hello to a wave of comments lamenting that she wasn't his fetish actress.


I thought for sure it was gonna be Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton was always a long shot. She's married into old money, so she doesn't need the dough, and she just had a third kid, so her body might not be entirely back in shape. Maybe next year, if they shot a second season.


First episode? Are we sure she has been cast as Renfri? I wouldn't have expected her episode to be until mid-season, it seems much more likely that she has been cast as Iola.


I think you are wrongly assuming that the series is adapting the books and thus, you got in mind the series chronology. But it's not adapting them, only using them as a base to construct its own story. If they were following the book pattern, Yennefer would only appear at the end of the first season, and Ciri and Triss wouldn't show up at all until the next one (or the third one in the case of the latter)
There are some logic reasons to use the plot of "The lesser evil" as first episode (if that is what is really happening). That event lead to Geralt being known (and reviled) as the "Butcher of Blaviken", but more importantly, the fact that Geralt chose the "lesser evil" instead of staying out of the whole thing, sums up his character perfectly since this internal conflict is constant in the series.


Considering the excessive teasing, I was hoping it would be someone who isn’t a random nobody...


Everybody's favourite is the "random nobody" of somebody else. It just takes a movie or series where she appears and entices you. In this scenario, it's The Last Kingdom. Some fans of the series asked back in the day in Recapped about chances of her getting naked, based in the fact that she becomes a love interest for the protagonist in the books by this point. Recapped was just adknowledging those people back.


Why not make every post into a guessing game then? If every other post just gives the names and then all of the sudden we are told to guess for a couple of weeks, you assume the name is someone famous.


That's a question that only Recapped can answer, but my guess is that was a game to entertain us while he was waiting for the casting to be confirmed. He did the same with the casting of Zendaya for Euphoria if you remember, getting everyone crazy trying to guess who the former Disney actress could be.


Here is the nudity horizon for the Sunday night Showtime shows. From their own website.

- Kidding - No nudity
- Shameless - Brief nudity

- Kidding - Nudity
- Shameless - Nudity

- Kidding - Nudity
- Ray Donovan - No nudity

- Ray Donovan - Nudity
- Kidding - No nudity

- Ray Donovan - Nudity
- Kidding - No nudity


Doesn't Shameless come with default mild nudity tag bcoz of man butt they show in opening introduction sequence?


How much is dong though?


How many hotdog buns come in a pack?


On Shameless next episode we'll see Courteney Cox first appearence. I wouldn't expect anything for her because it'll be her introduction to the show. Fingers crossed for 10/21 episode. I hope a great nudity/sex scene for the final episode for this middle season.


I was hoping it was Millie. Great news.


Was hoping for Marcia Brady


was hoping for someone I don't need to google


Same. Seems like she is most famous for having one line in that flop Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. What a crazy letdown.


not sure why this was hyped