October 9, 2018 Rumors

The one episode a month horror series Into the Dark premiered on Hulu a couple of days ago. We’ve seen the November episode starring Diana Silvers and there isn’t any nudity either. Hearing the fifth episode airing in February should have nudity and may feature Natalie Martinez. IMDb only has Christina Leone listed though so maybe she’s been recast.

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Word is Netflix is doing an American remake of this Argentinian show. Something look forward to.


Mr. Skin posted the Emily Ratajkowski shower moment in Welcome Home they mentioned on the site, but it's lifted directly from the trailer.


Looks like Mrskin thought the trailer was the full movie lol


Huh? No. They post stuff from trailers whenever there is something worth posting in a trailer.


According to Mr. Skin, India Eisley has numerous nude scenes in Look Away including a full frontal shot. And it comes out on VOD... tomorrow.

(0:03) Penelope Mitchell in little ice skating skirt going out on the ice. We see some undergarments.
(0:07) India Eisley sitting on the bathroom counter in just a towel masturbating.
(0:15) India Eisley in the bathtub. She is under the murky water at first but when she emerges we see her breasts in an overhead shot.
(0:21) Right breast from the side on REDHEAD as Jason Isaacs gives her an exam.
(0:35) Buns on India Eisley in the shower. Her arms cover her chest from the side.
(1:23) Left breast on India Eisley under a guy having sex. Both breasts as he gets off her.
(1:25) India Eisley strips to her bra on the bed. She will be in her bra for about the next four minutes.
(1:32) India Eisley standing topless. Her hair is in the way a bit but we can still see her breasts. Then she takes off her skirt, stripping to her panties which come off quickly displaying her bush for a nice full frontal look.


Wow... this is unexpected. I'm looking forward to seeing some clips.
Her mom was quite the hottie back in the day. Glad she's passed the good genes into her daughter.


Good news. There are some quick shots of the nude sex scene in the trailer. Looking forward to this tonight.


Where I can watch this online?


That is some outstanding news right there. Would easily be one of the most anticipated nudity debuts of the year for me, but we don't even have to anticipate it for very long! Thanks for the heads up, Regis.


I'm so excited, i'm not even sure what to do with myself till tomorrow.


Start with her pictures and work your way to videos


News about Medici The Magnificent:
* first 2 episodes available in Italy (RaiPlay) on 16th October
* a newspaper says that the series "mixes the right amount of action and sex"
* Mastronardi said: "for me to make nude scenes is always a taboo, but they are very accurate and delicate, there is nothing steamy and gratuitous, rather they are poetich"


The Romanoffs starts this Friday. Crossing my fingers for some nudity!


Christina Hendriks I am hoping 😮


Incredible tits but are they fake?


Just to be on the safe side I hope we get to see Kerry Bishe naked (again!)


The Witcher cast 🙂


Can’t wait for years of “is this the season Freya Allen does nudity?” speculation from desperate fanboys.


I watched a couple of episodes of Wanderlust, with Anya Chalotra in them, and she's mesmerisingly beautiful. I've also been digging on Millie Brady since The Last Kingdom, so if The Witcher actually delivers any decent nudity from these two, it's suddenly jumped to the top of my most anticipated list!!


Any knowledge on Cam? Looks like it's been picked up by Netflix and is still in festivals.


Check out comment section for post from September 27 to see more info about this film.


Mr. Skin only has brief nudity listed. I figured it would show a lot more than that.


Freya Allan has been cast as Ciri on The Witcher. She's cute, but before anyone gets too excited, shes only 17


Not at all weird that a significant amount of people clearly want to see an underage actress naked...


Wasn't keira Knightley like 16 when she did The Hole?


There are several examples that people can post but once again, it’s not happening.


So was Thora Birch when she bared her breasts in American Beauty. Her Mother was on set and approved the scene.


She was 16 I thought.


Legal, but imho 16 or 17 is still too young to be doing nude scenes. 18 + is the right age.


It’s not happening.


"Emily Ratajkowski and Aaron Paul play a couple looking to repair some of the problems [...] .
Despite her penchant for nudity in the past, Emily Ratajkowski's only nude scene here is shot through a glass shower door, obscuring all of her best "

So MrSkin posted this for Welcome Home, maybe he's right and all the other scenes are clothed or he only watched the trailer....
I don't know but in the trailer, if you look closely, it looks like the guy grabs Emily's topless boobs on those stairs...
I mean, i don't know, i hope it's a fake review...

The movie will be exclusively on DIRECTV on october 18th in the USA, would be nice if someone could cap it


Was there a screening for this recently because MrSkin doesn't normally give early nudity reviews for movies unless they've seen a screening?


Damn that would suck if they really removed the nudity.


Removed what nudity? Where did it say anywhere that this movie was filled with nudity?


Someone may have got that impression from the paparazzi pictures of Emily filming an outdoor skinny-dipping scene. Perhaps it was the MPAA rating that mentioned nudity. Could have been the film’s appearance on the New Years rumours post here - “Emily Ratajkowski should have several nude scenes in Welcome Home.“


Almost suggests if they saw the right movie with Emily Ratajkowski.


Has there been any news on Newly Single?


Twin Cities Film Festival, Oct 25th


Cool, thanks


Anything from Carla Gugino in Netflix's Haunting of Hill House? Thanks! Comes out on the 12th...


I love Carla but I don’t think she will deliver any meaningful plot, she had so many opportunities.


She was amazing in Sin City


She’s done like 10 nude scenes in her career.


Jodhi May, Mimi Ndiweni, Therica Wilson-Read and MyAnna Buring officially joined The Witcher series. Any of these roles requires nudity?


Beautiful Matilda de Angelis in "Youtopia" (2018)


And quick nude from "Drogi Wolnosci"



The end of Shameless is near? Cameron Monaghan is also leaving the show.


Toni Collette was nude in final episode of Wanderlust on BBC One.


It doesn't look like Christina Leone has gotten naked yet (and she's hot) so I'm hoping IMDb is right about the casting.


Penelope Mitchell @ "Between Worlds" (Pasties)



wow that's ... disappointing ....


Nothing can ruin an otherwise great sex scene more than Nic Cage. At least hes not screaming about the bees


Personally, i don't give a flying F which actor is involved in scene! Give me a scene like Alex DD in TD, then Quasimodo could be in it and it would still be an all time blower!


You can actually see her nipples in another sex scene in the second half of the movie.


Pretty sure that's Lydia Hearst, not Penelope.


You might be right, yeah. Skimmed through the whole thing without paying attention.