One Percent More Humid Nudity Review

Near the beginning of One Percent More Humid, Juno Temple shows her ass and some sideboob as she is skinny dipping. Around an hour in, Juno shows her ass and breasts very briefly while having sex. Afterwards, Juno shows a bit of her right areola as she is lying down. A few minutes after that, Juno is in the shower and we can see either a hint of a pastie or some areola. At the end of the movie, Juno Temple and Julia Garner show their butts from a distance as they go skinny dipping.

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What about the second season of Sense8? Anything related to Valeria Bilello?


So was there anything in the rumour of Ashley Greene, from a week or so ago? Has anything aired yet? I'm assuming not as nothing reported, or just a let-down?


Possibility for nude/sex scenes from Julia Garner and Melissa Benoist next year. See attached article.

Still looking for any info or update for Jennifer Garner in Wakefield (May 19th via IMDB) and Stana Katic in Absentia TV Series (thriller/drama) airing on AXN this fall. She plays an FBI agent who disappeared and presumed dead until she is found six years later. Her husband remarried and both are still in love with each other.


Paramount Network (which is airing the Waco mini-series with Benoist and Garner) is a rebranded version of Spike. So even though that article refers to it as a "premium service," I think it's technically going to be basic cable. That would make frontal nudity unlikely.


Been hoping for Julia Garner to do a nude scene for a while. This doesn't sound like much but a start hopefully.


Further confirmation of Emilia Clarke nudity in Voice From the Stone.

"As Verena's decisions seem to vacillate between being self-informed and driven by outside forces, she abruptly transitions from a well-mannered nurse to an impulsive woman willing to pose nude while Klaus sketches and sculpts her. Klaus's passion is explained by his sudden realization that Verena resembles Malvina, but Verena's impulsiveness is virtually inexplicable as there was previously no sexual tension or chemistry between the two characters. The context-free affair functions purely as a narrative conceit: to initiate Verena's direct experiencing of the stone's mysterious power, and confirming, for her, that Jakob was being truthful all along."

Sounds like some bad writing but if it means some good nudity, I think we'll all be rather forgiving of that.


This movie is out within the next few days right? Anyone know where we can watch it?


It's out on Friday. Here's who has it for Cable On-Demand.


Seems like the original nudity details were probably wrong because they mentioned nothing about her posing nude.


It doesn't mean they were wrong, just that they may have been incomplete. The masturbation scene is referenced by a few sources - including Mr. Skin. The supposed topless sex scene has also been talked about by a couple different sources and is partially shown in the trailer.

Unless Recapped or MK get some kind of confirmation we'll just have to wait until it gets a wide release to know for sure.


It's also possible that she starts masturbating while she's posing for the sculpture. So those could be the same scene.

When did MrSkin report about the movie by the way? I've looked it up there a few times and as far as I've seen there hasn't been a report from them on the movie.

I believe Mr. Skin's source about the maturation scene is the same as everybody else's otherwise the site wouldn't say "allegedly".


Anything coming up on The Leftovers?


There is no nudity in tonight's and next week episode.

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