Outlander 312 Nudity Review

On Sunday’s Outlander, Lotte Verbeek shows up near the beginning of the episode naked and covered in blood. Lotte then splashes water on herself to wash off the blood and thus giving us a better view of her tits and ass. Unfortunately, Lotte then puts on a robe but at the end of the scene she opens the robe and we see her breasts again.

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The Eleanor Tomlinson news was a great surprise, Recapped. Eleanor Tomlinson, Joanna Vanderham, Ella Purnell... 2018 is off to a strong start. Any news on Talulah Riley in The Last Witness or Westworld S2?


Brit girls doing the business


Talulah Riley nude would be amazing.


Daddario in we have always lived in the castle?


I don’t understand what the hold up is with that movie. It finished fall 2016 yet even Sundance 2018 won’t put it in its lineup?

Maybe SXSW is a better fit for it.


Oh great, "film-festival hell."


No, it would actually have to screen at a festival to be in that hell. It’s disappeared completely. Makes you think it might be a bit of a turkey. There’s still hope, sometimes they do reappear - Tulip Fever went missing for a long time as well, Katie Says Goodbye is actually being released theatrically in France next month.


Apparently Mr. Skin has videos of Jena Malone from Angelica up.
Can someone please upload?


It’s on AZnude for free. Shows hairy bush. But people keep labelling it a Merkin. Did she say that somewhere, or are people just speculating?


Hairy bush vs merkin. Any difference? Still no pussy.


What's a bush without hair? Perhaps leaves are better? Then you can tell if it's a merkin for sure. And a close up is always welcome.


Everyone is wearing merkin these days


If she was shaved you still wouldnt be seeing any pussy unless there was a close up.


You clearly don't know how real woman look. Of course you can't see it in American movies because they do not show natural nudity. In real world you can see female genitals even from distance. I love european movies because they show real natural female nudity. No CGI, no merkins.


Wow! What a nudity. American boys should be aroused!!!


Anna Friel @ "The Girlfriend Experience" s02e09



Recapped, do you know if Nazanin Boniadi or Sarah Bolger get naked in Counterpart, which begins airing next month?


There's an "early sneak" airing of the Counterpart pilot scheduled for December 10 (right after the Outlander season finale) so at least we'll know soon if there's any nudity in the first episode.


Sadly neither Nazanin or Sarah won't be in this first episode (Nazanin debut in episode 2 and Sarah even later in season).


Yes, this is something I'm dying to know.


So I saw some nude scenes from new season of Easy. Netlix also started showing erect dicks, this time real dicks not prostetic. There is nice scene with KARLEY SCIORTINO masturbating where nude pussy in close up would fit perfectly but it isn't shown 🙁


Any news on Mobile Homes?


it's set for UK distribution in spring 2018 so i guess by June next year?


Love Lotte and she have great ass, so thanks for info Recapped!


When will we get caps or proper scenes from The Killing of Sacred Deer ( nicole kidman ) and The Mountain Between Us ( kate winslet ) ?


did anyone actually find out what's up with Red Sparrow?


Apparently someone on twitter with a lot of followers confirmed that she will have a nude scene


that means jackshit


Under the Silver Lake (2018) nudity?