Outlander 313 Nudity Review

Caitriona Balfe is topless very briefly during a sex scene on Sunday’s season finale of Outlander.

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Salma Hayek just had an essay published in the New York Times about how Wesintein forced her to do the sex scene in Frida because she rebuffed all his advances. It is sort of hilarious how this producer with all this money and power couldn’t even get women to let him pleasure them (much less them pleasure him) or even just look at him naked. What a schmuck.

Nudity was already dried up in movies and drying up on television before the Pervnado. Writers, directors, and producers are all going to be avoiding nudity in order to avoid any controversy, and actresses are going to get much more resistant.


Writers, directors, and producers are all going to be avoiding nudity in order to avoid any controversy, and actresses are going to get much more resistant.

Hopefully not in Europe. Female nudity in American movies (not tv shows) is shitty since 2014/2015. It all started way before Weinstein case. Do you remember Freethepenis campaign? Yep, from that moment US movie sucks. You can downvote me but it's true.


But it's worthy to note that Hayek did nudity in several movies. In general, actresses are NOT coming forward saying that nudity is wrong or that they are forced to do it. This is, of-course, nonsense. Female actors haven't been "forced" to do anything since the 70s, I would argue. It will always come down to personal attitude and choice. Nudity in American features, as you say, has been near non-existent for a while. If nudity stops, it suggests that it only existed because bad men were somehow coercing women to do it. Not the case. So TV is now where the good stuff happens ... and it will continue. It might chill for a bit while the smoke clears, but it sure as hell isn't going away.


Anything from Haley Lu Richardson in Columbus?


Any more info on Heida Reed in Stella Blomkvist episodes?


Any nudity from Quinn Shephard in Blame?
Just saw the trailer and looks interesting.


Recapped, have you ever heard anything about a Michelle Keegan explicit sex scene in a British film called Strangeways Here We Come? Production completed in 2015, but has still no been released.


that was just tabloid headline BS. It was rated 15 by the BBFC in July this year.


Recapped, did your source elaborate further on Eleanor Tomlinson's nude scene (breasts, bum)? Did it come from footage seen or just based on the script?


Nice to see there will be some nudity in ep 2 od Counterpart - fingers crossed for Nazanin.


Huh, when did she get the huge implants?


she had them after she had kids, (from 2008) when, as with most women, her boobs would have been battered by breastfeeding. the first time I noticed them was in Hemingway & Gellhorn in 2012, where she has a number of sex scenes where it's pretty obvious. I thanks her for her service in continuing to show us her bewbs, and making sure they still look great! 🙂


She has one of the worlds smallest implants. They are barely a b cup. Shes had them for a while though, must have been post 2005, when she started getting botox extensively to really bad results.

The implants are a fact for a while, they're just really small imo.


Kind of a pity. She didn't need them at all. She still looks nice of course but but 1980s and 1990s Kidman was a hall-of-famer. But whatever keeps her confidant enough to keep her whipping 'em out, more power to her.


Hi, anything from “Beyond Skyline” out this friday? Expecially from Lindsey Morgan. Thanks


Stupid question, but since Logan and Deadpool were both rated R and featured (brief) female nudity, is there a possibility Sophie Turner goes nude in X-Men: Dark Phoenix since she posed topless on the film's EW cover?


Call me an idiot but optimistic me was dreaming about this too after seeing that Entertainment Weekly cover.
Now OF COURSE it wont be in the main movie. That will indeed be PG13. But X-men movies always seem to do something special with their blurays. For example the Days of Future Past movie had a 'Rogue Cut' and Logan had a 'Noir' version. With R-rated movie Logan having done so well maybe this time around they want to go for an unrated bluray release a while after the first one. With Jean in Dany style with her cloths burned away. Now if that happens in the movie we wont see anything but in that unrated cut we might.
The chance of this happening is remote at the very best though!


how did you think, for even a microsecond, that this would ever happen in a superhero franchise movie? c'mon man...think


You are right. It was a stupid question.


There is literally no possibility of this.


X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be PG-13.