Brooke Langton Gets High

In Weeds Season 1, Episode 6: Dead In the Nethers, Brooke Langton and Justin Kirk have sex after Brooke reveals that she can only climax while high. Unfortunately you can only see Brooke’s nipple briefly but it is her first nude scene.

Clare Carey also got naked in this week’s episode of Weeds. That makes it two episodes in a row with nudity so you might want to set your Tivos. Weeds also stars nude veterans Mary-Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins.

TIFF Day 10: Hostel

HostelHostel was the last film screened on the last day of the festival and it does not disappoint in the nudity department. Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson and Eythor Gudjonsson are backpacking through Europe trying to get laid. In the Netherlands, the guys visit a club that has several girls naked in the windows. They go inside and Derek accidentally goes into a room where some woman is wearing leather bondage gear and whipping some guy. Derek then goes to visit his hooker, and she takes off her top. Feeling bad about paying for sex, he leaves.

Later, the guys are invited into Lubomir Bukovy’s room where there is a stoned couple having sex on the bed. Lubomir then shows them photos on his camera with lots of naked women to entice them to head to Slovakia.

Once in Slovakia, they check into the hostel where they learn they have to share their room. As they enter their room, Barbara Nedeljakova (who was at the screening) and Jana Kaderabkova are getting dressed. As Barbara and Jana are leaving, they invite the guys to join them down in the spa. This scene gets repeated later on in the movie with two different women.

The guys visit the spa and there are a lot of hot naked women around. They then enter the sauna where Barbara and Jana are both relaxing topless, and have a long conversation with them. They all hit the club later and then go back to their room where Jay has sex with Jana and Derek has sex with Barbara.

TIFF Days 8 and 9

Dear WendyAlison Pill shows Jamie Bell that her ‘breasts have grown’ in Dear Wendy. This movie is already available on DVD in some regions.

A lot of women get naked in The Wayward Cloud. The lead female actress, Chen Shiang-chyi, stays clothed though. This is also available on DVD and clips should be up soon.

Mallika Sherawat (or her body double) show partial breasts in The Myth. This is during a pretty funny fight sequence and is very quick so you can’t really see much.

I didn’t get a chance to see them but supposedly Jolene Blalock shows her breasts in several scenes in Slow Burn, and Edie Falco goes topless in The Quiet.

TIFF Day 7: The Notorious Bettie Page

The Notorious Bettie PageGretchen Mol (who was at the screening) plays Bettie Page in The Notorious Bettie Page. The majority of this biopic is shown in black & white. Gretchen only has a few nude scenes but they are all pretty long with good views.

The first nude scene is about a half hour into the movie and is shown in black & white. Gretchen is posing for a photographer outdoors. The photographer mentions to Gretchen that they will have to stop soon because of lighting issues. Gretchen, not wanting to stop, decides to take off her top since according to her its only a little piece of fabric. The photographer then asks Gretchen to remove her bottoms too since it too is only a little piece of fabric. Gretchen agrees and we see her posing fully naked. The photographer tells Gretchen that he could get in trouble for taking pics of her huge bush so Gretchen turns slightly to the side and we see more views of her ass.

About 20 minutes later, Gretchen visits Miami to shoot with Bunny Yeager. We see a colourful montage of Gretchen naked posing for nudist magazines. There may also be brief glimpses of bush as we see Gretchen doing outdoor activities like fishing and swimming.

An hour into the movie, we see Gretchen posing with a Santa hat on for Playboy. She is nude but we only see her breasts. This scene was also shown in colour.

Also screening on Day 7 was April Snow. As expected, Son Ye-jin did not get naked during the much talked about love scene. You can see most of her breasts though — just no nipples. Ye-jin is also shown wearing a bra in a couple of other scenes.

TIFF Day 6: Where the Truth Lies

Where the Truth LiesWhere the Truth Lies screened on Day 6 of the Toronto International Film Festival. There is a decent amount of nudity but IMHO not enough for it to ensure an NC-17 rating.

A couple of minutes into the movie and you see Rachel Blanchard submerged in a bathtub nude. It is shot in such a way so you don’t really see anything. They show this, as well as Rachel strategically nude in a crate several times as the mystery unravels through flashbacks. The second time you see her in the bathtub, you can see her nipples and maybe a hint of bush.

The first real nude scene is when you see Kevin Bacon having sex with Rebecca Davis doggy style. You can see Rebecca’s boobs and ass. When Kevin goes to answer the door, you may be able to see a gyno shot. They then show Rebecca lying on the bed and then standing up fully naked.

During a flashback, you see Kevin Bacon groping Rachel. She’s in some lingerie thing. There are two other hookers in the room blowing Colin Firth. The hookers both appear to be bottomless and you can see their ass and maybe more.

At about the 27 minute mark, Kevin Bacon has a sex scene with Alison Lohman. This is shot from the side so you can see closeups of Alison’s breasts as Kevin removes her top. He then proceeds to finger her but you can’t really see anything. You can see more shots of Alison’s breasts and ass as Kevin continues to have sex with her. Alison later flashes back to this scene and you can see more shots of her breasts while she’s standing up.

About 68 minutes into the movie, Alison is drugged by Colin Firth and begins to undress. Kristin Adams then shows up. Colin unbuttons her top and we see one of her breasts. Kristin and Alison then begin to make out and we get several views of both their breasts. We can also see Kristin performing oral sex on Alison but we can’t really see anything. The next morning, Colin shows Alison some polaroids of her lesbian encounter and we can again see Alison’s breasts in a couple of the pics. Alison then gets up to get dressed and we get a couple of very quick peeks at her breasts.

The big nude scene is at around the 80 minute mark. We see Rachel nude as Colin and Kevin make out with her. We then see Rachel riding Colin. Its pretty distant but they’re both facing the camera so we can see Rachel’s pretty hairy bush (supposedly she wore a merkin). Kevin then does Rachel missionary style and we see more views of Rachel’s breasts and ass. When both Kevin and Colin are done with Rachel, we see her on the couch topless until Kevin throws her a blanket.

For a sneak peek, the clip that was posted before here is the scene right before Alison and Kristin start making out. And here’s the timeline for the trailer available on IFILM:

0:04 Rachel Blanchard in the bathtub
0:36 Rebecca Davis lying on the bed
0:54 Rachel riding Colin Firth
0:59 Either Kevin or Colin groping Rachel (I think)
1:09 Kevin doing Rachel missionary
1:18 Kristin Adams groping Alison Lohman
1:20 More Kristin and Alison making out
1:25 Colin showing Alison a polaroid he took of her and Kristin