Pimp Review

Just before half an hour into Pimp, Haley Ramm and Keke Palmer have a sex scene. Both Haley and Keke are topless but the scene is very dark and shadowy. You never get a clear shot of their breasts and it looked like they were wearing pasties anyway.

The very next scene, Haley wears a somewhat see through top with no bra as she and Keke talk for a bit.

A couple of minutes later, Vanessa Morgan is wearing a pretty revealing costume made of sequins while dancing on stage. Vanessa then gives Keke a private dance and you see more of her costume including several shots of her ass in a beaded g-string.

Keep in mind that this review is based on a cut from before Lee Daniels became a producer so it may be different from the final product whenever it gets released.

June 13, 2018 Rumors

Evan Rachel Wood is rumored to be naked briefly on Sunday’s Westworld. Evan is standing still in the background behind some other hosts and there may also be a peek of bush.

Season 2 of Goliath is available on Amazon Prime Video on Friday. Tania Raymonde, Diana Hopper, and Ana de la Reguera are rumored to all have sex scenes with different people in episode 5. Tania apparently has another sex scene in ep 4 and Nina Arianda might have a sex scene in ep 8. Tania should be nude but we’re not sure about the others.

June 10, 2018 Rumors

Strange Angel premieres on CBS All Access on Thursday. There is a naked woman during some ritual in the first episode. Amara Zaragoza fka Tamara Feldman may be playing the priestess.

Also, we mentioned Josephine Langford was cast in the Less Than Zero Hulu series a while back. Apparently this role is getting recast for whatever reason. We’ll keep you updated.

June 7, 2018 Rumors

Julia Jones is supposed to be nude on Sunday’s Westworld. The scene is pretty dark however.

Also, there’s some slight pokies from Ella Purnell on the season finale of Sweetbitter on Sunday.

And last week we wrote that Kelli Berglund had been cast in Now Apocalypse but weren’t sure what role. Can now confirm that Kelli will play Carly who is the lead female role. Carly is a part-time webcam performer and has a couple of sex scenes in the series.

June 5, 2018 Rumors

Condor premieres on DirecTV Audience tomorrow night. Leem Lubany is topless during a sex scene but we’re not sure if you can actually see her nipples. There’s lots of sideboob however.

Can also confirm that Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney will both be in Euphoria. Sydney is supposed to have several nude scenes in the pilot. The first is a glimpse of a sex tape. Then there are some nude photos of Sydney up on some website. And lastly, there is an actual sex scene.

Sense8: The Series Finale Review

There is a big orgy to close out Sense8: The Series Finale.

Doona Bae and Jamie Clayton show breasts and butt, while Freema Agyeman and Zakia Asalache are topless. Good lighting, mostly slow motion, but all quick shots.

As usual, a few of the actresses leave their bras conspicuously on. Some butts from a few of the male actors. Did not see anything from Valeria Bilello since she’s not in that final scene.

The episode will be available on Netflix on Friday.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 1, 2018

The Euphoria pilot started shooting today. Zendaya is rumored to be the main lead role. Also cast are Alexa Demie and Barbie Ferreira. Maude Apatow, the daughter of Leslie Mann, is also confirmed but the role doesn’t require nudity. And unconfirmed, but will surely make some of you happy if it turns out to be true is Sydney Sweeney as one of the other leads. This role apparently has several nude scenes in the pilot. Again, this show only has a pilot order so it may never see the light of day so temper your expectations.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 28, 2018

Happy Memorial Day! Some roles have been cast on Euphoria but they’re all somewhat unknown names. One you may know since she is the daughter of another actress but that role doesn’t require nudity. The Disney actress in the main lead role is close but still not finalized. We’ll wait for that and post all the names at the same time.

Good news is we’re hearing that another former Disney actress, Kelli Berglund, has been cast in Gregg Araki’s Now Apocalypse. Nicole LaLiberte and Roxane Mesquida have also been cast. We’ll have more details soon.

Also, Sunday’s Sweetbitter has Ella Purnell in a bra and there’s nothing on Sunday’s Westworld.