Game of Thrones 702 Nudity Review

On next week’s Game of Thrones, Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) finally have sex. In a dark room at Dragonstone, Nathalie unties her coat and then removes her skirt. Nathalie then removes Jacob’s clothes after a slight protest and leads him to a nearby bed. We then see Nathalie’s reaction as Jacob goes down on her. Despite no bottom frontal nudity, this is one of the better nude scenes ever on Game of Thrones as Nathalie looks even hotter here than she did in her season 4 nude scene.

Love After Love Nudity Review

Love After Love got some publicity earlier this year because Andie MacDowell claimed she did her first nude scene in the movie at the age of 59. Of course, most of us know Andie actually got naked briefly in the 1993 movie Deception. Regardless, the nudity in this film is rather disappointing.

Around 42 minutes in, Andie shows a bit of sideboob from behind as she puts a bra on. Andie then turns around to reveal that the bra is somewhat sheer. Then around 51 minutes in, Andie briefly shows her breasts and part of her ass from the side as she is drying off in the bathroom. A few seconds later, Andie is naked in bed cuddling with someone but we only see a bit of her ass as various body parts cover up the goods.

At 47 minutes, Dree Hemingway has a similar cuddling scene except we see a bit more of her ass but no face. Lastly, at 54 minutes, Dree shows her breasts briefly as she lies on top of some guy.

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Gypsy 107 Nudity Review

After many episodes of will they or won’t they, Sophie Cookson and Naomi Watts finally have sex in episode 7 of Gypsy. Near the end of the episode, Sophie straddles Naomi and removes her top, revealing Naomi’s breasts. Then they work together to remove Sophie’s top and Sophie’s left breast is shown briefly. Note that the scene is dark so it is shadowy left breast but at least there’s no pasties or anything on. There’s another look at Naomi’s breasts as the camera switches to a first person view while Sophie works to remove Naomi’s pants. The camera switches back to the side and pans over to show that Sophie’s pants are already off and you can see part of her ass. Then there’s a peek at Naomi’s right breast as Sophie nibbles on her neck before the scene ends.

This is the last episode with nudity unless we missed something. Sophie is topless during a dream sequence in episode 9 but nothing can be seen really. Lots of pokies from both Sophie and Naomi throughout that episode. Erin Neufer has a sex scene in episode 8 but again you can’t see much. And there are several other non nude sex scenes throughout the other episodes.