April 4, 2019 Rumors

Hearing that Phoebe Tonkin may have been cast in a small role for season 3 of Westworld.

Also hearing that Aisling Franciosi may have been cast in the HBO mini-series I Know This Much Is True. Aisling would play the younger version of Kathryn Hahn‘s character and has a couple of interesting scenes that may have nudity.

Warrior 101 Review

Warrior finally has its series premiere on Friday. Part way through the episode, Joanna Vanderham is shown in a mirror wearing a robe with a plunging neckline. Joanna notices her husband watching her reflection from the other room so she opens her robe and we see her full frontal nude. Joanna then turns around to the doorway, lets the robe drop to the floor, and just stands there for a bit before finally closing the door. Of course, Joanna is wearing a merkin and the scene is short and somewhat dark but it is still very good.

Near the end of the episode, Olivia Cheng is nude during a sex scene. And scatterred throughout the episode are a bunch of naked extras.

March 29, 2019 Rumors


How about Olivia DeJonge in Undertow?

Close, but no real nudity from Olivia DeJonge in Undertow. Laura Gordon does get naked quite a bit however. We’ll post a full review soon.

Anyone know if Paige Spara (The Good Doctor) is nude in Audition? It is supposed to have nudity but I am not finding much information about it or even find it online anywhere.

We were able to track this down and skimmed it but unfortunately it seems like Paige Spara isn’t even Audition. Or at least isn’t one of the featured actresses, she may be in the background during the early scenes. There is a bit of nudity in the movie though.

March 26, 2019 Rumors

The first season of Hanna premieres on Amazon on Friday. We’ve skimmed the first 6 or so episodes and there’s nothing interesting from Esme Creed-Miles.

Speaking of the original Hanna, we’ve skimmed the script for the Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet lesbian film Ammonite. The script has some pretty descriptive sex scenes and actually has words like ‘vaginal lips’ in it. Of course that doesn’t mean there will be any nudity but there are also other interesting scenes like when Kate spies on Saoirse bathing.