January 16, 2019 Rumors

Any details on Velvet Buzzsaw? Rated R for some sexuality/nudity. Cast includes Zawe Ashton and Natalia Dyer. Out on Netflix Feb 1.

Skimmed the Velvet Buzzsaw screenplay and Zawe Ashton has a sex scene and a scene as she gets out of the shower. Seems more likely it’ll be all male nudity however.

Also skimmed the Polar screenplay and don’t think there’s any nudity from Vanessa Hudgens or Katheryn Winnick. Vanessa has a bath scene and Katheryn has a scene in a strip club where she’s hanging out with two strippers. Ruby O. Fee should have a sex scene where she’s riding on top. There should also be a lot of naked extras.

January 12, 2019 Rumors

Some Q&A from our Annual Preview:

Only Isabelle Grill is nude in Midsommar? I was hoping for Florence Pugh and Julia Ragnarsson.

There are also lots of full frontal nude female extras during the Isabelle Grill nude scene.

No other nudity in Lying and Stealing because it is rated for nudity?

Only sideboob from Emily Ratajkowski. There’s a topless blonde woman we can’t identify.

I hope Elizabeth Debicki’s “best scene yet” means full frontal.

Nope. Just means it’s well lit and lengthier than Elizabeth’s other nude scenes.

Anything in Happy Death Day 2U?


Please tell me, is there male nudity in Now Apocalypse?

Yes, but don’t think there is any full frontal.