White Lie Review

Kacey Rohl, who you might recognize from her numerous TV guest appearances, does her first nude scenes in White Lie. However, note that Kacey is bald in all of these scenes if that bothers you.

Near the beginning of the film, Kacey shows her left breast briefly as she is getting dressed in a locker room. A couple of minutes later, Kacey is in bed with Amber Anderson. Amber shows her right breast briefly and Kacey shows her left as she gets out of bed. Kacey is then topless as she puts a dress on. A few minutes later, Kacey is topless again as she removes the dress from earlier and puts on a shirt. Finally, Kacey is topless in bed again briefly near the end of the film.

Telluride 2019 Roundup

There was no nudity in Uncut Gems. Julia Fox has a pretty hot scene in her lingerie just over half an hour into the film however.

There also wasn’t any really nudity in Waves. Just over 100 minutes in, Taylor Russell is lying on a bed during a sex scene. Taylor is topless but covered by a guy on top of her and a blanket. Eventually the blanket moves briefly and you can see most of her right breast. The scene is pretty dark however and it seems one of the tassels attached to the end of the blanket covered most of her nipple.

August 26, 2019 Rumors


I just finished reading Zeroville (the book) and there’s a lot of nudity, including Megan Fox’s character. Casually toplessness and sex scenes galore. Fingers crossed for the movie!

Don’t recall any nudity when we saw Zeroville a couple of years ago. Megan Fox is topless while lying on top of someone in one scene but nothing is shown. There might be a couple of other sexy scenes we missed because there are a lot of quick cuts throughout the film.

Is there any hope for Julia Goldani Telles nudity this season on The Affair?

Believe Julia Goldani Telles is supposed to have a rough sex scene of some sort in her apartment sometime on The Affair this season. Not sure if there’ll be any nudity but probably not.

Anya Taylor-Joy was hot as hell in the Peaky Blinders S5 premiere. Any chance of nudity in future eps?

Not sure about Peaky Blinders but have heard Last Night in Soho described as an erotic thriller when they were initially casting it. So there maybe something from Anya Taylor-Joy in that.

August 23, 2019 Rumors

We finally got our hands on an early draft of the Untitled Lila Neugebauer Project script. This is the first movie starring Jennifer Lawrence since her hiatus. There are several bath scenes with Jennifer that might have nudity. There are also a couple of sex scenes that are shown in flashback. The film is apparently still filming so we probably won’t know anything until late next year.