Premature Review

Zora Howard is topless during a sex scene around 18 minutes into the Sundance film Premature. Later, Zora is topless again while having oral sex performed on her in the shower. A few scenes later, Zora shows her butt and left breast as she stretches on a rooftop. Finally, at about 95 minutes, Zora shows some bush as she is bottomless in a bathtub.

February 9, 2019 Rumors

We will continue with our Sundance reviews over the next couple of updates.

In the meantime, rumor is The Great with Elle Fanning has been ordered to series. Hulu will probably announce the pickup at their TCA press conference on Monday.

Also, in case you didn’t see our calendar, Warrior will start airing on Cinemax on April 5 and HBO is tentatively set to start airing Euphoria on June 9.

Animals Review

Early on in Animals, Amy Molloy strips off her dress. We get good views of Amy’s breasts and butt as she then climbs onto the bar and frolics around. Amy’s fake looking bush then catches on fire and we see a closeup as she and Holliday Grainger pat it down to put it out.

A little later, Alia Shawkat rolls around in bed briefly in a very sheer nightgown and we can make out her breasts and nipples pretty clearly. At 95 minutes, Alia is naked in the bath but you only see sideboob.

There is no nudity from Holliday Grainger despite having several sexy scenes including a couple of masturbation and sex scenes, getting eaten out, and waking up tied to a bed with her legs spread in panties. You can maybe see part of Holliday’s butt during one of the sex scenes.

Luce Review

A little over an hour into Luce, Naomi Watts steps into the shower and we see her topless briefly. The very next scene, Naomi shows her breasts during a very dark and brief sex scene.

A few minutes later, Marsha Stephanie Blake strips off all her clothes in the school lobby and prances around during an episode. Marsha shows everything but might be wearing a merkin. We then see part of this scene again from another angle as it is shown on a laptop.

Finally, at around 97 minutes, Andrea Bang shows her right breast during a sex scene. It’s not very clear if Andrea shows nipple or not however as the scene is shown from someone else’s point of view.