TIFF 2009: Enter the Void

As 2010 approaches, here’s a review of Enter the Void, a film that will be hard to top for best nude film of next year. This review is late as I only saw the first half of the film due to technical problems during the screening and other commitments. The entire film is shown from Oscar’s point of view. Shortly into the film, Oscar is watching his sister (played by Paz de la Huerta) dancing topless in the strip club along with other dancers. A little later Oscar spies on Paz in her dressing room. She is with her manager and they begin to make out. Paz is soon naked and she unzips her manager’s pants and pulls out his penis. Paz then guides his penis toward her vagina and they continue to have sex. I’m not sure if there’s any actual penetration though.

The next act shows Oscar’s flashbacks from childhood until the present. We see Oscar’s very hot mother Janice Beliveau-Sicotte topless as she bathes with her children. Later, we see Janice nude on all fours as Oscar spies on her getting drilled from behind by his father. Again, I don’t think anything explicit was shown. We also see Oscar’s friend’s mother (played by Sara Stockbridge I believe) topless briefly as she seduces Oscar. Finally, we see Paz topless in bed. Paz is also shown wearing a tiny bikini top in several scenes and her nipples pop out sometimes.

And that’s all the nudity I remember from the first 80 minutes or so. There is supposed to be a lot more nudity in the second half of the film so hopefully it gets released soon.

TIFF 2009: Mr. Nobody

At about 58 minutes into Mr. Nobody, Mr. Nobody is making out with Juno Temple. There are lots of quick edits which may have included one shot of Juno’s breasts. It was probably a body double however as we did not see Juno’s face in the same shot. At 72 minutes, we get a quick glimpse of Juno’s breasts during a sex scene but we can see pasties on her nipples. At 88 minutes, Mr. Nobody is having sex with Diane Kruger who plays the adult version of Juno’s character. Again we don’t really see much — just a quick shot of Diane’s breasts and no face so it could possibly be a body double.

TIFF 2009: Air Doll

Bae Doona (Bae Doo-na, Bae Du-na) doesn’t shy away from nudity as she plays a blow up doll that comes to life in Air Doll. Ten minutes into the film, Doona shows her breasts and ass as she comes to life. At about 20 minutes in, Doona shows her breasts while sitting in bed after sex. At 40 minutes, Doona is fully naked but we only see her breasts as she uses a hand pump to blow air into herself. Around 55 minutes in, Doona is cleaning herself in the tub and we see a quick left breast flash. At 95 minutes, we see Doona’s ass briefly and lots more views of her breasts as she is in bed with her lover. Doona’s lover repeatedly lets her air out and then blows air back into her and we see her breasts each time since the air plug is at her stomach. And I don’t want to spoil anything but we again get a few more views of Doona’s breasts afterwords.

TIFF 2009: Mother and Child

Naomi WattsMother and Child has some surprising nudity for a film rated PG here.

At 11 minutes, Kerry Washington is having sex with her husband and we see her breasts.

Half an hour into the film, Naomi Watts shows her ass as she gets out of bed nude and puts on a robe. Naomi walks out to the balcony and sees her neighbor drinking coffee. Naomi then opens her robe and flashes him her left breast and bush just like in the paparazzi pics that have been going around. At 47 minutes, Naomi is lying face down on the bed with her skirt hiked up so we can see the bottom of her ass.

TIFF 2009: The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Early on in The Disappearance of Alice Creed, Gemma Arterton is stripped nude and bound to a bed while her captors take photographs. We get several good views of her breasts. A few minutes later Gemma has to pee and we see her bottomless from the side. Maybe if she had bush we’d be able to see something during those scenes. We also see the topless photos that were taken as one of her captors views them on a laptop later. About 50 minutes in, we again see Gemma’s breasts as she and one of her captors are getting it on. Lastly, we see a quick flash of Gemma’s ass as she gets injected with something.

TIFF 2009: Leslie, My Name is Evil

Around 11 minutes into Leslie, My Name is Evil, we see several quick cuts of Kristen Hager dancing topless on a beach during a montage. We can maybe see her breasts briefly during the montage. At 25 minutes, we can again maybe see Kristen’s breasts as she is lying down with a guy on top of her during a sex scene. Around an hour into the film, there is a fantasy sequence with four uncredited fully nude dancers. A topless Kaniehtiio Horn then enters the fantasy briefly. We then see Kristen nude but covered up using her legs. And again we maybe see Kristen’s breasts as she is lying down with a guy on top of her.

TIFF 2009: The Waiting City

At 35 minutes into The Waiting City, Radha Mitchell is getting dressed and we see most of her right breast real quick but no nipple I believe. Then at 63 minutes, Radha is topless while having sex. We can maybe see her left breast from the side and then later her right breast from the other side. It was a pretty dark and shadowy scene so it was hard to tell.