TIFF 2009: The Vintner’s Luck

Keisha Castle-Hughes, the little girl from Whale Rider, has a few nude scenes in The Vintner’s Luck. At around 18 minutes into the film, Keisha is shown having sex but her breasts are covered by her husband’s arm. Then at an hour into the film, there is a brightly lit scene where we see a bunch of women naked while bathing in the river. Keisha turns around and stands up and we see her fully nude. She is holding a baby however so I’m not sure if she shows bush or if that was just the shadow from the baby. Ten minutes later, we see Keisha’s breasts again as she’s topless in bed but that scene is pretty dark.

Vera Farmiga also has two nude scenes in The Vintner’s Luck. A couple of minutes after Keisha’s last nude scene, we see Vera’s ass and her right breast as she gets out of the bath and dries off. A few minutes after that, Vera shows both her breasts as she is lying down about to get a mastectomy. Then later we see Vera’s right breast and a large scar over her left breast as she is having sex.

TIFF 2009: Cracks

About 35 minutes into Cracks, Eva Green leads her students to the lake in the middle of the night. Eva disrobes and we see her ass and her left breast. We can maybe see more when she dives into the water. Eva’s students follow her and also strip. The only student they focus on getting undressed is Maria Valverde but I believe all of the older students including Juno Temple, Imogen Poots, Clemmie Dugdale and one other girl are topless. There are some shots of the girls underwater but those scenes are dark.

At around 80 minutes, Eva unbuttons Maria Valverde’s shirt. Eva proceeds to kiss an unconscious Maria on the lips and then continues down her body before the scene ends. Again, the scene is dark, but you may be able to see Eva kissing Maria’s right breast.

TIFF 2009: Visage (Face)

A little over 30 minutes into Visage (Face), Laetitia Casta is shown nude after finishing a song. Laetitia is then lying in the forest with a blanket over her and we again see her boobs as she gets up.

Then at around 2 hours into this snorefest, Laetitia leads her director over to a tub in a meat locker, covers his body with a plastic sheet and proceeds to lather a huge can of tomato sauce all over him. She then gets up and dances with 2 fully nude female backup dancers. Laetitia eventually strips down to only a thong but her backup dancers cover her breasts with their hands. The dancers do slip up a few times though so you catch a few glimpses of Laetitia’s nipples. After the song is over, Laetitia confronts her director and we catch a few quick peek at her breasts.

Penelope Cruz in Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces)

Penelope Cruz has a few nude scenes in Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces). Around the 50 minute mark, Penelope is shown having sex but we don’t really see anything. A few minutes later, we see Penelope topless in bed, and right after that we see her naked in the bathroom. Click on the images below to download the videos.

Kira Miro also has a short nude scene near the beginning of the film.

Broken Embraces is the latest film from Pedro Almodovar and is playing at the Toronto International Film Festival this year. Check back next week for more upcoming film nudity reviews from TIFF.

Elisabeth Rohm in The Kreutzer Sonata

There were rumblings of explicit sex scenes in The Kreutzer Sonata featuring Elisabeth Rohm. Elisabeth is very nude but I’m not sure if you can consider it explicit. Sample clip included below.

Elisabeth is known mostly for her work on the TV series Law & Order and Angel.

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Lizzy Caplan in True Blood

Most of the buzz around True Blood has been about Anna Paquin but Lizzy Caplan has also had some impressive nude scenes on this show. Here are some HD clips of Lizzy from the last three episodes of True Blood. Some of you remember Lizzy from the television show The Class or from Cloverfield.

1×07: Burning House of Love

1×08: The Fourth Man in the Fire

1×09: Plaisir d’Amour