Paradise for Phoebe Cates Fans

I received the new Paradise DVD featuring Phoebe Cates a couple of months ago and it is a huge improvement over the previous releases. Here are the main differences:

1. The picture is sharper and the colours are more vibrant. A lot more detail can be seen; especially during dark scenes like the one with Phoebe stripping at the beach.
2. The DVD is uncensored. That means Willie Aames’ penis is not blurred out during the lengthy skinny dipping scene.
3. Last but not least, the DVD is full frame open matte with a lot more picture at the top and bottom of the frame and a little bit more on the sides too. The two love scenes are pan and scan however. This was probably done because Phoebe used a body double for these nude scenes.

Here are some comparison caps. The top pic is from the new DVD and the bottom pic is from the old DVD.

Click the link below this pic to see all the caps.

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Matroeskja’s / Matrioshki / Russian Dolls

Matroeskja’s (aka Matrioshki aka Russian Dolls) is a 10 part mini-series from Belgium about Eastern European girls who are tricked into becoming sex workers. What is unique about this series is the use of language since the girls are from Russia or Lithuania and their captors are from Belgium. The nudity and volence is also a big plus. There is a second mini-series in development.

In this clip, the girls are in Cyprus for stripper training. One of the guys tells the girls to ‘Take off your tops so your tits can tan’. We see Eugenia Hirivskaya (aka Evgenia Hirivskaya), Ailika Kremer (aka Lika Kremer) and Svetlana Vladimirovna (aka Svetlana Abolenkina) take off their tops. Zemyna Asmontaite, Indré Jaraité, Mila Lipner (aka Lioudmila Lipner) and Liuba Tolkalina (aka Lyubov Tolkalina) are naked later on in the series. The only girl in this clip who does not have a nude scene in this series is Zorina Tanasova (she’s just off the left side of the cap below).

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Shin Eun-kyung in Downfall

This is a clip of Shin Eun-kyung (she’s on the left) taking a bath with her fellow prostitutes in Downfall (aka Chang). Unlike other actresses playing prostitutes, Eun-kyung gets naked often in Downfall including an almost 5 minute long sex scene which was initially trimmed down.

You may recognize Shin Eun-kyung from the My Wife is a Gangster movies.

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TIFF 2006 Day 10: Azuloscurocasinegro

AzuloscurocasinegroMarta Etura and Eva Pallarés both get naked in Azuloscurocasinegro (aka DarkBlueAlmostBlack). Eva just shows boobs while Marta shows full frontal and ass in several scenes.

The trailer available here (Quicktime format) shows a bit of these scenes.

In The Banquet, Zhang Ziyi and Zhou Xun only show their bare backs. Ziyi’s body double also shows her ass.

And that’s it for TIFF 2006. Hopefully, the 2007 Film Festival is better.

TIFF 2006 Day 9: Chacun sa nuit

Chacun sa nuitLizzie Brocheré has several nude scenes in Chacun sa nuit (aka One to Another). Here’s a quick recap:

1. We see Lizzie’s breasts as she is coming out of the lake after skinnydipping. She then sits on the shore sunbathing and we see her breasts and partial ass. Lizzie then goes back into the lake and starts playing in the water and we see her fully nude.
2. Lizzie shows breasts as she is naked and fighting someone in bed. She then shows off a tattoo on her ass.
3. We see Lizzie’s ass as she is lying face down in bed.
4. Lizzie is lying in bed again but this time on her back and is fully nude. We then see more nudity as Lizzie has sex.
5. Lizzie is sunbathing again but in a field this time. We only see her topless.
6. We get a brief glimpse of Lizzie’s breasts as she puts a towel on in the bathroom.

Marion Donon is also shown topless during a ménage-à-trois with two other guys.

You can see some of these scenes in the trailer available at the official site (click on ‘film annonce’).

TIFF 2006 Day 8: Red Road and Flandres

Red RoadKate Dickie has two nude scenes in Red Road. In the first, Kate undresses as she is about to take a bath. We see Kate’s breasts and ass as she checks herself out in the mirror.

Later, Kate undresses when she is in the bedroom with a guy. We see her breasts and her dark bush. The guy then proceeds to go down on Kate. It looks real but we can’t tell for sure because of the camera angle. As the guy puts on a condom, we can see a brief clear shot of Kate’s lips. They then continue to have rough sex.

We also see some video footage of a couple having sex in public. There may have been a quick flash of bush as the unknown girl has her panties removed.

Near the beginning of Flandres (aka Flanders), Adélaïde Leroux removes her pants to seduce a guy. We see her neat bush briefly before she lies down.

Then about halfway through the film, the soldiers gangrape a local villager. We see the villager naked but the scene is pretty gruesome.

TIFF 2006 Day 7: Summer Palace and Un Crime

Summer PalaceHao Lei gets very naked very often in Summer Palace. I will try to summarize all the nudity:

1. Possible quick flash when Lei’s panties are removed during first sex scene.
2. Lei is naked but we mostly just see her left breast when she has sex in the dark.
3. Lei has sex again and we again mostly just see her left breast but we do see glimpses of her right breast.
4. We see both breasts as Lei is lying in bed topless.
5. Lei lies in bed naked and we see everything including a very hairy bush. She gets up and walks around a bit too but that is shot from the waist up.
6. Lei removes her top and we see her breasts as she teaches her friend how to masturbate.
7. Lei has a long sex scene and we see breasts and ass.
8. We see Lei’s breasts as she lies in the bath.

That’s all that I can remember. Her friend Li Ti, played by Hu Ling, also gets naked in several scenes. The first sex scene is very dark but we do see glimpses of Ling’s left breast. Later Ling is topless and cutting someone’s hair. Unfortunately, we only see Ling’s left breast because of the position of the camera. However, right after Ling has a long sex scene and we see her full frontal nude.

In Un Crime, Emmanuelle Beart has several sex scenes. In the first one, we see Emmanuelle’s breasts and ass as she has sex in various positions. Later, Emmanuelle has sex again and we see her breasts. Finally, near the end Emmanuelle is ordered to undress in the back of a car and we again see her breasts. Emmanuelle then has sex but because of the fog on the windows we don’t see much.

TIFF 2006 Day 6: Alatriste and Cashback

AlatristeAbout 92 minutes into Alatriste, you see Elena Anaya lying in bed naked. It is a pretty long scene and you can see her boobs clearly and part of her ass. You also might be able to see some bush but it is more likely just shadow.

In Cashback, you see Hayley-Marie Coppin fully nude in a flashback sequence the main character Ben has. You also see several woman including Irene Bagach, Christine Fuller, Kinvara Balfour, Cherie Nichole Bradley and several others in various states of undress during a scene where Ben stops time. They re-used the footage from the short film version of Cashback for these two scenes. They did add a bit to the frozen time scene however including a bit with a topless Keeley Hazell.

Later on, we see Ben visit a strip bar. There is an older woman (in her 30’s) dancing topless on stage with some tassels to cover her nipples. I didn’t catch her name in the credits. The stripper then helps Ben hire a private stripper who is played by Janine-May Tinsley. You see her naked except for a thong when she performs a dance at a party.