TIFF 2007: Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

Marisa Tomei is nude in her first couple of scenes in Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.

The movie opens with a pretty lengthy scene of Marisa naked and getting it doggy style. We see Marisa’s breasts and part of her ass. Marisa and her husband then have a long conversation afterwards. We get a few more looks at Marisa’s breasts as she moves around in bed before eventually sitting up.

Marisa is then topless sitting on a sofabed with her lover having a conversation. Marisa gets up and walks to the kitchen. They continue their discussion as Marisa stands there topless before Marisa offers ‘seconds’. This is the scene in the trailer that you may have seen floating around.

A little later, Marisa again shows her breasts as she is lying in bed with her husband. Marisa puts on a top but we get a few peeks at the side of her ass as her blanket moves around.

TIFF 2007: Mischa Barton Nude in Closing the Ring

Closing the RingMischa Barton has two nude scenes early on in Closing the Ring.

In the first, Mischa straddles her future husband while in their unfinished house. Mischa then lowers her dress and we see her breasts from the side. We get several more views of Mischa’s breasts as they have sex. There is no roof on the house and it is during the day so the scene is well lit.

A little later Mischa is nude in a dark room. We see her ass from behind for a few seconds as she is deep in thought. Mischa then turns around and we get a great look at her breasts.

TIFF 2007: The Stone Angel

Christine Horne plays the younger Hagar in The Stone Angel and has a brief nude scene. Just over an hour into the movie, Christine is topless running through a field with tall grass. The shot is out of focus though so you can’t see much. Christine then goes skinnydipping. We can see her breasts and slightly obscured bush as she is lying in a stream. Christine then turns over and we see her ass.

Nada Abdel Shahid (Nada Yousif) shows her right breast from the side as she is getting dressed. The scene is dark and brief so I’m not sure if you can see her nipple.

TIFF 2007: Weisse Lilien

Brigitte Hobmeier has lots of nude scenes in Weisse Lilien (Silent Resident). We first see Brigitte topless in the shower. We see her topless again lying on the floor after having sex. Then there is a weird non-contact sex scene where Brigitte is wearing some weird apparatus covered in lights with her lover. We see Brigitte’s breasts but there are suction cups on her nipples. She then removes the apparatus and we see her nipples. Brigitte is then topless again in the shower. We then see Brigitte’s breasts and ass during a normal sex scene with her lover. Lastly, we see a quick flashback to the earlier scene of Brigitte topless lying on the floor.

An uncredited actress is also shown running fully nude during a riot.

TIFF 2007: Wolfsbergen

Wolfsbergen (Prison of Silence) is about an old widower who informs his family of his upcoming suicide. All of his female family members except for his oldest great granddaughter are shown nude in the film.

The daughter, Catherine ten Bruggencate, shows her breasts while she is bathing.

The older granddaughter, Tamar van den Dop, shows her breasts and part of her ass from the side as she is sitting in her lover’s bed. Tamar then gets up and shows full frontal nudity.

The younger granddaughter, Karina Smulders, shows her breasts briefly as she is changing her clothes. We then see Karina’s breasts again during a sex scene.

TIFF 2007: L’Âge des Ténèbres

Diane Kruger plays a famous actress in L’Âge des Ténèbres (Days of Darkness) that Jean-Marc fantasizes about. In the first fantasy, we see Diane in bed covered by a sheet. We see the top half of Diane’s ass as she sits up. In the second fantasy, Diane joins Jean-Marc in the shower. We see Diane’s ass and most of her left breast. Diane even says so to Jean-Marc, “The shower’s a classic. You can see my bum, and a little of my breast – perfect for the American censors.”

Macha Grenon also shows her right breast as she lets Jean-Marc suck on it as a reward.