FFM 2007 Day 9: Pusinky

PusinkyPusinky (Dolls) is about three teenage girls on a road trip to Holland the summer they graduate. They don’t have any money though so must use various methods to get there. All three girls (from right to left in the poster): Marie Dolezalova, Sandra Novakova and Petra Nesvacilova are shown naked throughout the movie.

Marie plays Iska, the sexually confused redhead, and is shown hitchhiking topless. Later Marie takes off her top again to try and seduce a guy. They both end up in the pool and make out for a bit. Lastly, Marie is naked but only her breasts are shown during a lesbian sex scene in the bathroom with Lenka Vlasakova.

Sandra plays Karolina, the slutty brunette and the object of Marie’s affection. Sandra is shown topless while trying to have sex with some guy. Later Sandra does a striptease for Marie’s younger brother and is shown full frontal nude. She ends up running outside while still topless.

Petra plays Vendula, the overweight self-concious girl. Petra is first shown nude while in the bath with some guy. We see more of Petra’s breasts and ass during a rape scene. Petra then strips off all her clothes and jumps in the water to wash herself after.

All three girls are shown naked when they do some skinny-dipping. The part where they first jump into the water was quick and dark but I believe they were all totally nude.

FFM 2007 Day 8: Opium and Bestiar

In Opium: Diary of a Madwoman, Kirsti Stubo plays the role of a madwoman in a mental institute. We first see Kirsti topless as she masturbates with a writing instrument. Later we see Kirsti fully nude as she strips in order to be examined by a doctor. And near the end we see Kirsti naked again during a sex scene. There are some other minor scenes where Kirsti is nude or partially nude since she is not wearing very much to begin with. Another patient is shown fully nude while doctors are examining her. And there’s a group shower scene where many more women are fully nude but none of them are really attractive.

In Bestiar (Bitch’s Diary), Danica Jurcova is a total tease. Lots of implied nudity with her hands covering her boobs, seethrough shirts and cameltoe shots. Finally, around the 50 minute mark, Danica shows breasts and ass during the big sex scene. After that though, Danica goes back to her teasing ways for the rest of the movie.

FFM 2007 Day 7: Surviving My Mother and Pleasure Factory

Surviving My Mother

In Surviving My Mother, Caroline Dhavernas has three nude scenes. In the first, we see Caroline’s breasts as she is having sex. The scene is brief and somewhat dark. A little bit later, we see Caroline’s ass as she is lying down naked with her lover. And lastly, we see Caroline’s backside again briefly during a flashback montage.

The only female nudity in Pleasure Factory comes from Xu Er. Er plays a prostitute and shows her breasts during a sex scene.




FFM 2007 Day 6: Puffball and Toi

There are some pretty explicit “nude” shots in Puffball, but those were all done with special effects. Kelly Reilly does have two real nude scenes however. In the first, you get several clear looks at Kelly’s breasts during a drunken romp she has in the stable. Lastly, Kelly shows off her right breast only as her lover plays with it while they lie in bed. You also see Leona Igoe (or her body double) naked from behind as she waits in the woods.

In Toi (You), Anne-Marie Cadieux is naked a lot. In fact, the first shot of the movie is Anne naked having sex. You only see her breats. Then Anne-Marie goes home, undresses so you see her full frontal briefly, and then jumps in the shower where you see more of her breasts. There’s another sex scene and there’s one with her lover eating her out. You can’t see anything explicit. Anne-Marie also likes to talk while naked. There’s a scene with her lying in bed and another one with her talking on the phone but you only see her breasts. Then there’s a long scene with Anne-Marie lying in bed full frontal nude talking to her lover. There may have been more scenes too but I didn’t take notes. There is a bit of nudity in the trailer for Toi which is available on the official website www.toi-you.com.

FFM 2007 Day 5: Go Go Tales and Finn’s Girl

The first film I saw at the Festival des films du monde Montreal World Film Festival was Finn’s Girl. Brooke Johnson and Nathalie Toriel are shown topless in a love scene early on. Unfortunately, they don’t look like the lesbians you usually see in movies.

Taking place in one day at a high class strip club, Go Go Tales did not disappoint when it came to nudity. It was hard to keep track of all the dancers, but I believe all of them were shown at least topless and in g-strings at various times in the movie. The exception being Asia Argento, oddly enough, who wore tassels over her nipples. Supermodel Bianca Balti makes her acting debut as the dancer Adrian. The other dancers are María Jurado, Stefania Rocca, Lou Doillon, Yuliya Mayarchuk, Mara Adriani, Sebina Beganovic, Aurora Giuliani, Selena Khoo, Shanyn Leigh, Julie McNiven, Leila Virzì, Manuela Zero, Chiara Picchi, Gilda Lepardhaia and Justine Mattera.

Below is a scene from Go Go Tales. Bianca Balti is the dancer on the stage with the wig and blue scarf. The asian dancer is Selena Khoo. I have an idea who the other two dancers are but I don’t want to guess and be wrong.

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Ali Larter Not Nude in Confess

Contrary to various reports, Ali Larter does not get naked in Confess. There is indeed a sex scene but it is so dark, quick and close up that you can’t see anything.

The director and producer state this in the commentary during the scene:

‘Ohh, here’s the big sex scene!’
‘Yea. We sorta cut quickly outta that one.’

So perhaps there is indeed an extended version of the sex scene. If there is, it looks like the scene may have been performed by a body double as you never see Ali’s face clearly.

I’m sure you want to see the sex scene anyway so here it is.

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Romola Garai in Angel

Angel was just announced as a Special Presentation at TIFF next month. A DVD without the original english soundtrack has been out for a few weeks now and unfortunately there is no real nudity from Romola Garai.

There are the two scenes from the trailer: Romola showing the top part of her butt while sitting naked in a chair and Romola showing partial side boob while she is lying on her bed. That last scene goes on a bit longer than the trailer as we see Romola’s secretary lowering her blanket, again showing the top half of Romola’s butt, while massaging her.

Near the end of the film, Romola is shown wearing a nightgown which is somewhat see-through but hard to see in the daylight. The following clip is from later at night where the see-through effect is slightly more noticeable. There is also a pretty clear downblouse shot as Romola bends over to pick up the cat.

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