Presenting Kelly Reilly

Here is a clip of Kelly Reilly from Les Poupées Russes (Russian Dolls), the sequel to L’auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Apartment). Kelly might just be the hottest woman among a cast which also includes Audrey Tautou, Cécile De France, Evguenya Obraztsova and Irene Montalà. The clip doesn’t show much but you can see A LOT more of Kelly in Mrs. Henderson Presents which is playing in a few cities right now.

Jessica Alba’s Fantastic Two

Here is a very quick but interesting clip of Jessica Alba from Fantastic Four.

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More Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

In the spirit of the holidays, here is a clip of the much talked about Michelle Monaghan santa suit scene from Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. The quality is actually quite poor but the good news is that the DVD is scheduled to come out sometime in February. You can check out my earlier review of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang here. I was correct in that review that it is not Shannyn Sossamon topless near the end of the movie. Regardless, do yourself a favour and check out this movie is playing near you.

Bryce Dallas Howard in Manderlay

I wrote earlier that I skipped Manderlay at the TIFF because the DVD was scheduled to released in October. I also did not want to sit through it since Dogville was so boring. So, a little over a month later, here is the first part of the sex scene with Bryce Dallas Howard. The narration is rather annoying but the scene is well lit and also includes a possible gyno shot.

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Brooke Langton Gets High

In Weeds Season 1, Episode 6: Dead In the Nethers, Brooke Langton and Justin Kirk have sex after Brooke reveals that she can only climax while high. Unfortunately you can only see Brooke’s nipple briefly but it is her first nude scene.

Clare Carey also got naked in this week’s episode of Weeds. That makes it two episodes in a row with nudity so you might want to set your Tivos. Weeds also stars nude veterans Mary-Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins.

TIFF Day 10: Hostel

HostelHostel was the last film screened on the last day of the festival and it does not disappoint in the nudity department. Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson and Eythor Gudjonsson are backpacking through Europe trying to get laid. In the Netherlands, the guys visit a club that has several girls naked in the windows. They go inside and Derek accidentally goes into a room where some woman is wearing leather bondage gear and whipping some guy. Derek then goes to visit his hooker, and she takes off her top. Feeling bad about paying for sex, he leaves.

Later, the guys are invited into Lubomir Bukovy’s room where there is a stoned couple having sex on the bed. Lubomir then shows them photos on his camera with lots of naked women to entice them to head to Slovakia.

Once in Slovakia, they check into the hostel where they learn they have to share their room. As they enter their room, Barbara Nedeljakova (who was at the screening) and Jana Kaderabkova are getting dressed. As Barbara and Jana are leaving, they invite the guys to join them down in the spa. This scene gets repeated later on in the movie with two different women.

The guys visit the spa and there are a lot of hot naked women around. They then enter the sauna where Barbara and Jana are both relaxing topless, and have a long conversation with them. They all hit the club later and then go back to their room where Jay has sex with Jana and Derek has sex with Barbara.