Elisabeth Rohm in The Kreutzer Sonata

There were rumblings of explicit sex scenes in The Kreutzer Sonata featuring Elisabeth Rohm. Elisabeth is very nude but I’m not sure if you can consider it explicit. Sample clip included below.

Elisabeth is known mostly for her work on the TV series Law & Order and Angel.

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Lizzy Caplan in True Blood

Most of the buzz around True Blood has been about Anna Paquin but Lizzy Caplan has also had some impressive nude scenes on this show. Here are some HD clips of Lizzy from the last three episodes of True Blood. Some of you remember Lizzy from the television show The Class or from Cloverfield.

1×07: Burning House of Love

1×08: The Fourth Man in the Fire

1×09: Plaisir d’Amour

TIFF 2008: Borderline

Isabelle Blais gets very nude very often in Borderline. In fact, we see Isabelle fully nude in the first scene in the movie. Then the credit sequence starts and again we see Isabelle nude as the camera pans all over her body. Throughout the rest of the movie we see Isabelle topless or nude in various sex scenes, dancing at a party, lying in bed and more as she recounts her life story.

Felixe Ross is also shown topless briefly as one of Isabelle’s lesbian lovers.

TIFF 2008: L’instinct de mort

In L’instinct de mort (Public Enemy Number One: Part 1), Florence Thomassin plays a prostitute. We see Florence’s ass as she is lying down in bed and then her breasts as she sits up.

Later in the film, we see a woman riding Roy Dupuis. I didn’t catch her name in the credits, but we see part of her right breast and the top of her ass.

Hopefully part 2 (L’ennemi public n° 1) with Ludivine Sagnier is better.

TIFF 2008: Dioses

In Dioses, Anahí de Cárdenas plays a party girl who is the object of her younger brother’s affection. Anahi is passed out outside and her brother proceeds to unbutton her top and unclasp her bra. We see Anahi’s right breast but we don’t see her face in the same shot. Later in the film, Anahi is passed out again in her bed. Anahi’s brother then strips her down to her bra and thong. We see part of Anahi’s ass as her brother gropes her.

Maricielo Effio also has a lengthy nude scene in this film. Maricielo is standing topless and in a thong trying to pick out something from her closet. Maricielo then turns around and we get a good look at her airbags as she talks to her boyfriend.

TIFF 2008: What Doesn’t Kill You

In What Doesn’t Kill You, Amanda Peet has a love scene close to an hour into the movie. It is just a couple of quick cuts and although Amanda is nude, you don’t really see anything.

Lindsey McKeon only has two scenes in the film but in the second one, she is wearing a black top which is somewhat sheer. As such, you can somewhat make out Lindsey’s nipples.