Rachael Bella in Jimmy and Judy

Rachael Bella is a former child actress who gets naked quite often in Jimmy and Judy. Here is a video of Rachael running around nude in an open field. Notice how it gets dark just as she’s about to turn around and show full frontal nudity and then clears up right after.

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Natalie Dormer in The Tudors and Californication

Here is Natalie Dormer having sex in the woods from Sunday night’s season finale of The Tudors. Ten women have gotten naked in the first season by my count. Most of them are unknowns but at least they do not look like typical B-movie actresses. Hopefully they improve on this next season.

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During the end credits, Showtime showed a preview for their new series Californication starring David Duchovny. The preview showed at least five topless women including Madeline Zima who played Grace on The Nanny. Californication premieres August 13.

Amelia Warner Topless in Gone

This is a clip of Amelia Warner in Gone. The scene is quite brief but it is Amelia’s first nude scene. You may remember Amelia from her role as Simone in Quills.

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Top Nude Scenes 2006

Since everyone else is doing a list, here’s ours. Some of these movies were actually released in 2005 but weren’t widely available until 2006. Also, we couldn’t pick just 10 since we chose more international movies so we expanded it to 25.

1. Lie with Me

This movie topped the downloads list on our site since the DVD release. Lauren Lee Smith gets naked quite a bit and Polly Shannon joined in too.

2. Tirante el Blanco

What movie? This Spanish period film has lots of nudity from the gorgeous Esther Nubiola. Also joining in on the nudity was Ingrid Rubio, Jane Asher and maybe Victoria Abril although it looked like a body double.

3. All About Anna

Gry Bay has real sex in this straight to video release from Denmark.

4. La Vida Secreta de las Palabras (The Secret Life of Words)

Sarah Polley finally shows the goods kinda clearly (fake scars) in this Spanish film.

5. La Fiesta del Chivo (The Feast of the Goat)

Our third Spanish film in the top 5 and 2nd to be entirely in english. Stephanie Leonidas plays the younger version of Isabella Rossellini’s character and is forced to have sex with an older man. Some of you may remember Stephanie as the lead in Mirrormask.

6. The Notorious Bettie Page

This film featured clear bright nudity from Gretchen Mol. The only reason why it isn’t higher on our list is because Gretchen has gotten naked before.

7. Three (Survival Island)

Kelly Brook shows off her great rack in this cheesy flick.

8. Summer Palace

Hao Lei has lots of sex in this banned Chinese film.

9. Babel

Rinko Kikuchi plays a mute who liked to get naked.

10. La Freccia Nera (The Black Arrow)

Martina Stella finally shows the goods clearly in this mini-series from Italy.

11. Melissa P.

Spanish actress Maria Valverde (from The Weakness of the Bolshevik), plays an Italian teen (she was dubbed) in this coming of age film.

12. Cidade Baxia (Lower City)

Alice Braga got naked in several scenes including full frontal.

13. Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders

This long delayed film was finally released in 2006. Brittany Daniel got naked in several scenes.

14. Yokubô

Mainstream actress Itaya Yuka has lots of sex in this film including brief full frontal.

15. Ask the Dust

Salma Hayek goes skinny-dipping fully naked but extremely dark.

16. Keeping Mum

Tamsin Egerton plays the teen daughter in this British Comedy.

17. Das Parfum (Perfume: Story of a Murderer)

Karoline Herfurth, Jessica Schwarz, Sara Forestier and others get naked in this film about a man who harvests scents from virgins. There is also a town orgy scene near the end.

18. Art School Confidential

Sophia Myles plays a nude model.

19. Stoned

Monet Mazur and Tuva Novotny get naked in this film about The Rolling Stones.

20. Batalla en el Cielo (Battle in Heaven)

More real sex with Anapola Mushkadiz

21. Monamour

A Tinto Brass film featuring Anna Jimskaia

22. azuloscurocasinegro (DarkBlueAlmostBlack)

Eva Pallares and Marta Etura both get naked during love scenes in this film.

23. Turistas

Beau Garrett shows her boobs while changing and during a torture scene. Lucy Ramos also shows her boobs while changing after sex.

24. Les Filles du Botaniste (The Chinese Botanist’s Daughters)

Li Xiao Ran and Mylène Jampanoï play lesbian lovers in this Chinese film.

25. Kim Novak badade aldrig i Genesarets sjö (Kim Novak Never Swam in Genesaret’s Lake)

Helena af Sandeberg is the ‘Kim Novak’ of the film and has sex while two boys sneak a peak.

Marley Shelton in The Last Kiss

The Last Kiss is a remake of the Italian movie L’Ultimo Bacio. This is a deleted scene from the DVD which is available tomorrow. Marley Shelton is topless in this scene but the video quality is pretty poor. Therefore we can’t really make out whether Marley wore pasties like Rachel Bilson did in this movie.

The special features also contain more nudity: an extended bachelor party sequence with Lisa Mackay and Patricia Stasiak and a funny outtake featuring Cindy Sampson.

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Paradise for Phoebe Cates Fans

I received the new Paradise DVD featuring Phoebe Cates a couple of months ago and it is a huge improvement over the previous releases. Here are the main differences:

1. The picture is sharper and the colours are more vibrant. A lot more detail can be seen; especially during dark scenes like the one with Phoebe stripping at the beach.
2. The DVD is uncensored. That means Willie Aames’ penis is not blurred out during the lengthy skinny dipping scene.
3. Last but not least, the DVD is full frame open matte with a lot more picture at the top and bottom of the frame and a little bit more on the sides too. The two love scenes are pan and scan however. This was probably done because Phoebe used a body double for these nude scenes.

Here are some comparison caps. The top pic is from the new DVD and the bottom pic is from the old DVD.

Click the link below this pic to see all the caps.

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Matroeskja’s / Matrioshki / Russian Dolls

Matroeskja’s (aka Matrioshki aka Russian Dolls) is a 10 part mini-series from Belgium about Eastern European girls who are tricked into becoming sex workers. What is unique about this series is the use of language since the girls are from Russia or Lithuania and their captors are from Belgium. The nudity and volence is also a big plus. There is a second mini-series in development.

In this clip, the girls are in Cyprus for stripper training. One of the guys tells the girls to ‘Take off your tops so your tits can tan’. We see Eugenia Hirivskaya (aka Evgenia Hirivskaya), Ailika Kremer (aka Lika Kremer) and Svetlana Vladimirovna (aka Svetlana Abolenkina) take off their tops. Zemyna Asmontaite, Indré Jaraité, Mila Lipner (aka Lioudmila Lipner) and Liuba Tolkalina (aka Lyubov Tolkalina) are naked later on in the series. The only girl in this clip who does not have a nude scene in this series is Zorina Tanasova (she’s just off the left side of the cap below).

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