TIFF 2008: The Wrestler

Marisa Tomei plays a stripper in The Wrestler. Thankfully, this isn’t one of those movies where the stripper never gets naked.

Around the 20 minutes into the film, Marisa gives Mickey Rourke a lapdance. We see Marisa’s pierced nipples and most of her ass except for a g-string. In addition to the pierced nipples, Marisa also has some tattoos on her upper-right arm and the right side of her back.

At the 45 minute mark, we again see Marisa in the strip club. Marisa is wearing a mesh dress so we can clearly see her breasts.

Lastly, at about 75 minutes, we see Marisa topless for a bit as she performs on stage. Marisa then goes into the dressing room and we get a brief glimpse of her breasts in the mirror.

I never caught her name, but we see a blonde woman’s breasts and part of her ass as she has sex with Mickey Rourke late in the film. And, of course we see lots nudity from Marisa’s fellow strippers.

TIFF 2008: The Other Man

Laura Linney has several nude scenes in The Other Man. This is somewhat surprising as the film is supposedly rated PG.

In the first scene, Laura is shown lying on top of her husband nude. It is dark but we can see the top of Laura’s ass and part of her right breast from the side. We see a longer version of this scene later in the film but it is much brighter.

Laura’s husband finds three topless photos of Laura on her laptop. He goes through them quick though so we only see each photo briefly. Later in the film, we get a much better look at one of the topless photos.

Lastly, we catch a brief glimpse at Laura’s left breast as she moves around while lying topless in bed.

TIFF 2008: Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Katie Morgan shows her boobs, ass and maybe more in several scenes while shooting the porno in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. The other actresses in the porno: Elizabeth Banks and Traci Lords, don’t get naked.

Also, one of the auditioners shows full frontal nudity when she removes her dress. And there is also lots of nudity from a bunch of strippers during a strip club visit.

TIFF 2008: The Burning Plain

Charlize Theron has two nude scenes in The Burning Plain. The first nude scene is the second scene in the film. We see Charlize sitting in bed nude with her back to the camera and facing the window. Charlize gets up and walks towards the window and we see a bit of her breasts and her ass. We then see the view from outside the window as Charlize is topless (as kids are walking by). Charlize then turns around and we see her breasts again. The second nude scene is about 35 minutes into the film. We see Charlize remove her wet clothes in her closet. We see Charlize briefly from the side but it is very dark. Charlize then walks out with an open robe and we see her in panties with her breasts exposed.

Kim Basinger also has two nude scenes. About 20 minutes into the film, we see Kim bottomless from the side while having sex but again, it is very dark so you can’t see much. And at about 70 minutes we see Kim’s naked back and ass as she is riding her lover during sex.

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t get anywhere near naked really, but she gives an amazing performance and is one to watch for.

TIFF 2008: Revanche

In Revanche, Irina Potapenko plays a brothel worker and as such spends most of her screen time in various states of undress.

We first see Irina fully nude from the front and back having sex in the shower. The scene is slightly obscured by a see-through shower curtain but you can still see most of the action including Irina’s boyfriend going down on her briefly. Afterward, we see Irina sitting in bed nude eating pizza and then sitting on a chair topless while making a phone call.

Irina is then shown at work topless and in a thong. Irina removes the thong and lies on the bed facing away from camera. Irina’s client then asks her to spread her legs and masturbate. Irina does as instructed briefly but we don’t really see anything.

Later on, we see Irina on the phone topless again. There is also a scene where one of Irina’s clients hits her and we again see her topless and in a thong. And lastly, we see her left breast as she woken up by her borfriend.

Ursula Strauss also has three nude scenes. In the first, we see Ursula topless while lying in bed. The second scene is a sex scene where Ursula is bottomless but the lights are off so you don’t really see anything. And lastly, we see her topless and part of her ass as she gets out of bed.

One of Irina’s co-workers (a blonde woman) also shows her breasts briefly as she is changing.

You can see snippets of some of these scenes in the trailer.