TIFF Day 2: Obaba

ObabaBárbara Lennie aka Bárbara Lenni has a pretty long nude scene about 45 minutes into Obaba. You see her walk around for a little bit topless, eventually ending up in bed with her lover. Then there’s a love scene between the two and you can see Bárbara from the waist up. A part of the scene is shown in the trailer which is available on the official web site (Flash required). Pilar López de Ayala also has a pretty hot scene in this movie but does not show anything.

Other movies screening today featuring nudity which I missed include Batalla en el Cielo (Battle In Heaven) and Douches Froides (Cold Showers).

Batalla en el CieloBatalla en el Cielo features lots of graphic nudity. It opens and closes with Anapola Mushkadiz performing oral sex on Marcos Hernández. Unfortunately, there are also some pretty graphic scenes with Marcos’ obese wife played by Bertha Ruiz. Marcos himself is also pretty obese.

Douches Froides actually had its first screening last night. Salomé Stévenin has several nude scenes in this film. You can see a bit of it in the trailer which is available on the official web site. Click on ‘Bande Annonce’ at the bottom and then choose your speed to view it (Flash required).

TIFF Day 1: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss, Bang BangThursday was the first day of the Toronto International Film Festival. I will be doing quick female nudity reviews of some of the films screening there. While I’ll try to keep these reviews free of major spoilers, I can not guarantee anything so reader beware.

The first movie I saw was Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Michelle Monaghan (who was also at the screening) looked great and has two nude scenes in this movie. The first is at about the 37 minute mark. She’s talking to Robert Downey Jr.’s character while wearing a low cut dress which shows a lot of cleavage. The camera zooms in and you can see her nipple pop out of her dress for a second or two. The second scene is at about the 76 minute mark. Michelle undresses down to her panties in Robert’s bedroom while they’re talking. There are mirrors all around her and the scene is pretty long so we get a pretty good look at her breasts. We get a few more glimpses of her breasts as she later gets into bed and continues her conversation.

The character Shannyn Sossamon plays also has two nude scenes. The first scene is when Robert’s character lifts her dress and you see that she’s not wearing any panties. This was a quick close-up so it was most likely a body double. This scene also get replayed later as a flashback in the middle of Michelle’s second nude scene. Then near the end, we see Shannyn’s character sitting in a chair topless facing the screen while her breasts are fondled from behind. This was also a quick scene and didn’t really look like her to me.

Tanja Reichert is also shown topless really quick when they flash back to a B-movie scene she was in. Other various extras are shown topless moving around in glass cages during one of the club scenes.

You’ll Want to Watch The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener was released yesterday amid early Oscar buzz. But perhaps a better reason to watch this movie is because Rachel Weisz has several nude scenes.

Here is a clip of Rachel from I Want You. Michael Winterbottom also directed 9 Songs, and although I Want You is not as explicit, it does not disappoint in the nudity department.

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