TIFF 2007: Help Me Eros

Yin Shin (aka Ivy Yi) plays a betel nut girl in Help Me Eros. We see Shin’s breasts and part of her ass during a sex scene with the Lee Kang-Sheng. The scene is in a very bright room and involves some interesting positions. Afterwards, we see Shin lying down on the bed nude. Shin goes to town on Kang-Sheng’s ass and gives him an implied bj from behind. As Shin moves around we see a pretty explicit beaver shot.

Kang-Sheng then has a threesome with two other betel nut girls. Lots of tits and ass from both girls but I don’t think any nipples were shown.

TIFF 2007: Nightwatching

Nightwatching is a film about Rembrandt and the creation of his painting “The Night Watch”.

Eva Birthistle plays Rembrandt’s wife Saskia. Eva has two scenes where she is topless.

One of Rembrandt’s servants is shown nude while some people change her clothes. She is in the background and I could not make out who it was.

Jodhi May plays Geertje, Rembrandt’s nurse. Jodhi is shown fully nude during various sex scenes. There may have also been a quick explicit beaver shot.

I didn’t catch her name, but the orphan with a scarred face is shown fully nude while some women wash her.

Lastly, Emily Holmes plays Hendrickje, Rembrandt’s servant. Emily is also shown fully nude during a sex scene.

TIFF 2007: Caótica Ana

Newcomer Manuela Vellés (also in attendance) has many nude scenes in Caótica Ana (Chaotic Ana). We first see Manuela nude from behind as she walks on the beach. Manuela then floats in the water and we see her full frontal nude.

Later we see Manuela nude body covered in body paint during a performance art piece she’s in.

There is then a montage of various sex scenes of Manuela and her boyfriend. We see her breasts from some interesting camera angles.

We then see some scenes with Manuela on a boat. First, we see Manuela’s breasts as she gets out of bed. She is then shown skinnydipping and we see an obscured view of her breasts through the water. Then we see Manuela’s breasts again as she sunbathes.

The story then moves to New York. We see Manuela’s breasts and part of her ass again back at her apartment after she reunites with her boyfriend.

Then there is a lengthy scene in a hotel room. Manuela removes her top and then defecates on some politician. She then jumps into the politician’s bodyguard’s arms but he does not do anything. The politician then attacks Manuela while she is still topless the entire time.

The film then flashes back briefly to where we first see Manuela nude. Manuela shows her ass as she walks on the beach and then shows full frontal while floating in the water.

A couple of other uncredited women are shown topless as part of various art pieces.

TIFF 2007: Frontière(s)

About 75 minutes into Frontière(s), we see Karina Testa get out of bed nude. Karina shows a bit of her left breast from the side and part of her ass. We see a glimpse of Karina’s breasts reflected in the dresser mirror as she walks toward it. We then see a couple of more brief glimpses of Karina’s breasts from the side as she is sitting down at the dresser.

TIFF 2007: Fugitive Pieces

Early on in Fugitive Pieces, we see Rosamund Pike come out of the shower with just a towel on. Rosamund straddles her husband Jakob and lowers the towel showing her left breast from the side but no nipple. The camera then pans a bit and we may see a hint of nipple.

Rosamund is then shown having sex with Jakob. Again, we see Rosamund’s breasts as she is lying on the bed. However Jakob is on top and his arms again hide the goods.

Right after, Rosamund is shown out of bed completely nude from behind. Rosamund reaches for a book and we again see her left breast from the side but again no nipple. Rosamund then returns to Jakob and there is a quick pan up that shows her breasts (with nipples). However, it may have just been my eyes playing tricks on me as it was a dark scene and very quick.

About an hour later, Ayelet Zurer is shown having sex with Jakob. We see Ayelet’s breasts and part of her ass.