TIFF 2007: Fugitive Pieces

Early on in Fugitive Pieces, we see Rosamund Pike come out of the shower with just a towel on. Rosamund straddles her husband Jakob and lowers the towel showing her left breast from the side but no nipple. The camera then pans a bit and we may see a hint of nipple.

Rosamund is then shown having sex with Jakob. Again, we see Rosamund’s breasts as she is lying on the bed. However Jakob is on top and his arms again hide the goods.

Right after, Rosamund is shown out of bed completely nude from behind. Rosamund reaches for a book and we again see her left breast from the side but again no nipple. Rosamund then returns to Jakob and there is a quick pan up that shows her breasts (with nipples). However, it may have just been my eyes playing tricks on me as it was a dark scene and very quick.

About an hour later, Ayelet Zurer is shown having sex with Jakob. We see Ayelet’s breasts and part of her ass.

TIFF 2007: Lust, Caution

Lust, CautionNewcomer Tang Wei plays a spy in Lust, Caution who must seduce Tony Leung’s character so that her rebel group can assasinate him. Both Tang Wei and Tony Leung as well as Ang Lee sat through the entire screening with the audience.

About an hour into the movie, Wei requires sex practice since she is still a virgin. One of her friends generously volunteers for the task. During the first practice session, Wei is shy and asks for the lights to be turned off as she is covered up. It is dark but I believe you can see her breasts briefly from the side. Thankfully, the rest of the nude scenes are well lit.

Another practice session is shown a little later but we only see Wei’s bare back. Wei is then shown afterwards lying in bed under a blanket. She then throws the blanket off herself and we see her full frontal nude. Wei then walks to the window and we see her ass and more full frontal as there is a mirror by the window.

About a half hour later, Wei and Tony finally get together. Tony rips off Wei’s panties, ties her up and forcefully has sex with her. We see Wei’s ass and maybe a bit of bush. We also see a bit of Wei’s ass as she is lying bed afterwards.

Around 15 Minutes later, we see Wei fully nude (including hairy armpits since this was during WWII) as she has sex with Tony. The sex is almost explicit sex with lots of thrusting, contact and positions. There is a quick shot where it looks like Tony is really having sex with Wei as we see his penis while he is thrusting into Wei. There is also an implied blowjob and maybe a quick spread eagle shot too as Wei is lying face down on the bed.

A little later is the final sex scene which is even more explicit than the last one. We see Wei fully nude in even more sexual positions. We also see parts of Tony’s penis at times as he is thrusting and making contact with Wei. Then there is a quick montage with more positions including Tony eating Wei out. Finally, there is a pretty lengthy shot from behind of Wei riding Tony and grinding him. We see Tony’s balls under Wei’s ass and it looks like they’re having real sex. Wei then grabs a pillow to suffocate Tony as they orgasm together.

TIFF 2007: Mother of Tears

In Mother of Tears: The Third Mother, Asia Argento (who was at the screening) only has one nude scene. Asia is shown taking a shower and we see a brief glimpse of her right breast only.

Italian showgirl Moran Atias plays the Third Mother and has three nude scenes. In the first, we see Moran’s breasts and ass as she is shown nude during some ritual. Moran eventually puts on some talisman (aka ragged shirt) which is very short allowing us to see more glimpses of her ass. In the second, Moran is shown wearing a long black cloak with nothing on underneath. We see her right breast as the cloak opens up. The last nude scene is during the final battle. Moran is shown walking around nude, talking to her followers. We see more t&a and eventually full frontal as Moran turns around. Then Moran puts on the talisman again and we see some glimpses of her ass and bush as she continues to walk around. The talisman is eventually removed and we see more of Moran fully nude as she basically just runs around in panic before eventually dying.

Valeria Cavalli and Silvia Rubino play lesbian lovers and have a topless makeout session in bed. Silvia remains topless while intruders torture and kill her.

Many unnamed witches are also shown nude at various times in the movie.

TIFF 2007: Young People Fucking

Young People Fucking rotates between four couples and one threesome during the six steps of fucking: Prelude, Foreplay, Sex, Interlude, Orgasm and Afterglow.

Diora Baird only provides tease shots including a bottomless scene while she is spooning. Unfortunately a hand is covering the goods.

Sonja Bennett shows her breasts during the Foreplay chapter. We see more of Sonja’s breasts and ass during the later chapters as she is shown getting out of bed and having sex missionary and doggy style.

Kristin Booth does not appear nude.

Natalie Lisinska is nude for the longest period of time among all the girls. We see Natalie’s breasts and part of her ass as she is having sex with her boyfriend’s roommate. Natalie’s boyfriend is watching and provides tips as they have sex in various positions.

Last but not least, Carly Pope shows her breasts while having sex during the Orgasm chapter.

All the girls were in attendance at the screening except for Diora and looked great. And as an extra bonus, we saw Sarah Polley as we were exiting the theatre. Too bad she wasn’t in the movie.

FFM 2007 Day 9: Pusinky

PusinkyPusinky (Dolls) is about three teenage girls on a road trip to Holland the summer they graduate. They don’t have any money though so must use various methods to get there. All three girls (from right to left in the poster): Marie Dolezalova, Sandra Novakova and Petra Nesvacilova are shown naked throughout the movie.

Marie plays Iska, the sexually confused redhead, and is shown hitchhiking topless. Later Marie takes off her top again to try and seduce a guy. They both end up in the pool and make out for a bit. Lastly, Marie is naked but only her breasts are shown during a lesbian sex scene in the bathroom with Lenka Vlasakova.

Sandra plays Karolina, the slutty brunette and the object of Marie’s affection. Sandra is shown topless while trying to have sex with some guy. Later Sandra does a striptease for Marie’s younger brother and is shown full frontal nude. She ends up running outside while still topless.

Petra plays Vendula, the overweight self-concious girl. Petra is first shown nude while in the bath with some guy. We see more of Petra’s breasts and ass during a rape scene. Petra then strips off all her clothes and jumps in the water to wash herself after.

All three girls are shown naked when they do some skinny-dipping. The part where they first jump into the water was quick and dark but I believe they were all totally nude.

FFM 2007 Day 8: Opium and Bestiar

In Opium: Diary of a Madwoman, Kirsti Stubo plays the role of a madwoman in a mental institute. We first see Kirsti topless as she masturbates with a writing instrument. Later we see Kirsti fully nude as she strips in order to be examined by a doctor. And near the end we see Kirsti naked again during a sex scene. There are some other minor scenes where Kirsti is nude or partially nude since she is not wearing very much to begin with. Another patient is shown fully nude while doctors are examining her. And there’s a group shower scene where many more women are fully nude but none of them are really attractive.

In Bestiar (Bitch’s Diary), Danica Jurcova is a total tease. Lots of implied nudity with her hands covering her boobs, seethrough shirts and cameltoe shots. Finally, around the 50 minute mark, Danica shows breasts and ass during the big sex scene. After that though, Danica goes back to her teasing ways for the rest of the movie.