Paint It Black Nudity Review

Near the beginning of Paint It Black, Alia Shawkat is posing nude for an art class. Alia is sitting on a stool and facing to the left so we see the top half of her ass. Unfortunately, Alia’s arm is blocking most of her left breast from view.

At 38 minutes, Alia is posing again and we see the top half of her right breast from the side briefly but no nipple.

And finally at 51 minutes, Alia is naked from behind as she walks away from the camera but you can’t really make out much since the scene is dark, shadowy, and edited weird.

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Nicole Kidman is topless in 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer'.


Do we get a look at her breasts and how is it filmed? Is the shot clear and what angle? Thx.


What about Alicia Silverstone? Does she also show something in the movie?


anything from Jennifer garner in wakefield?


The movie just came out today. I remember her saying last year that everyone on set has seen her boobs.
Somebody must know something about this movie.


According to this there's nothing unfortunately


Disappointing if true.


About Alexandra Daddario's clothed sex scene in The Layover: How hot is it? And who is she having sex with? Barr, Macy or someone else?


Can we destroy the internet and have a preview pic go up alongside GLOW?


What a disappointment.


As per comments on Cannes nudity post, ZERO nudity in The Beguiled. Too bad. Infact very bad for the movie IMO.


It's rated R for some sexuality. So yes, no nudity in this movie.


Anything from Sophie Cookson in Gypsy?


Well that's lame. Thanks for the info, Recapped.