Perfect Review

Perfect is a short written, directed, and starring Pollyanna McIntosh. Oddly, it’s not listed on IMDb.

Around 16 minutes in, Pollyanna gets out of bed topless. At 21 minutes, there’s a closeup of Pollyanna’s breasts as she plays with them through a mail slot in a door. A few minutes later, there’s a couple of more shots of Pollyanna topless as she is having sex and then the next day as she gets out of bed. Lastly, after the credits roll, there’s another shot of Pollyanna’s breasts in the mail slot.

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I know many people are only familiar with her from The Walking Dead, but dont let her poor look on that fool you - she has an amazing body. I'll check this short out if I can find it


Nudity in upload?




welcome to the world of caps lock


DAPHNE PATAKIA - Djam (2017)


I cannot find whole movie on web, only pics.


Its on ygg


Chloe Moretz’s film “Miseducation of Cameron Post” is released in US starting today. Cam recording of her sex scenes with Quinn Shephard will probaby turn up quite quickly.


There's a video (black and white for some reason) of Chloe in a bikini scene from a film called I Love You Daddy. Unfortunately, due to legal reasons it looks like film will never be released.


The film is available to watch in full online and the entire film is black and white.


I believe it got pulled after news broke that Louis CK likes to corner women and jerk off in front of them. Then I think he essentially bought it back, so he's probably waiting for his name to stop being quite so radioactive and then release it on iTunes or Netflix or something.


"there’s another shot of Pollyanna’s breasts in the mail slot."

What are her tits doing in a mail slot


The shipping and handling was ridiculous. Though the handling was kinda fun.


You should have stopped reading after "tits"


Found the trailer on Pollyanna’s Vimeo. Less than 100 views lol.


That teaser is from two years ago!?


It will be listed on imDB if you list it there.

People assume imdb entries are done by movie studios, directors, actors and actresses but in reality almost all of it is done by imdb users--> regular people. imdb entries are all user created and anyone can edit imdb. imdb is full of mistakes if you look carefully.

Movie studios and producers have better things to do than list their movies on imdb.


today i learned.


I can't find nothing about it on Wikipedia, either. That's interesting. I sure hope SOMEBODY somewhere can somehow track it down online. Inquiring minds wanna see it.


Is there a place where I can find the short?