Personal Shopper Nudity Review

Kristen Stewart has two nude scenes in Personal Shopper.

The first scene is approximately 20 minutes in: Kristen is laying topless on her side facing the camera as a doctor performs an ultrasound on her heart. She remains topless as she sits up, getting dressed only after the doctor gives her the prognosis. Fairly long scene, extremely well lit – think doctor’s office lighting.

Then approximately 80 minutes in comes the best nudity of Stewart’s career to date and likely one of the best nude scenes of 2016. This is the scene featured in that leaked still from the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Alone in her boss’s apartment, Kristen’s character is goaded via text message to start trying on her rich client’s fancy clothes. She pours herself a drink, downs it, and then strips down to only thong underwear. She slowly walks around the walk-in closet topless with some great shots of her butt reflected in the mirror. She then tries on a cupless black bra that resembles a piece of bondage gear and examines herself in the mirror, before removing it, putting on a sheer dress meant to accompany it, and putting the bra back on again. It’s at this point that she makes her way to the bedroom and begins masturbating. You don’t see anything, but it’s a very hot end to the scene, which is very well lit and done in one long take.

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I'd have preferred a sex scene, but not bad. Long time to December.

Any info about Jennifer Connelly in American Pastoral?


hey, any info on miley amazon series ? is she going nude or anything ? also any info on netflix's Easy? cast seemed pretty well stacked


Thanks for the update on Kristen Stewart. I’m looking forward to seeing those scenes. Any news or update on Lily James in The Exception? Thanks.


Found one vid review that mentions Lily takes her clothes off, but no more details.


Someone tweeted this about The Limehouse Golem, starring Olivia Cooke:

'Dull? Were you in the right theatre? #TheLimehouseGolem had gore, nudity, singing, plot twists - Loved it! #tiff16'


It's reportedly the beautiful Spanish actress Maria Valverde who gets naked (again) in The Limehouse Golem. From the review in Variety: "There is room for enough gore to guarantee an R rating, however, in addition to some nudity from Valverde."


Any nudity from Claire Foy in The Crown TV series?


That is awesome. Can't wait to see it for myself.


Thank you so much mk for this news and great review of Kristen nudity.


Thanks for all the updates.

Do you know whether or not Angela Sarafyan will have any topless scenes in Westworld?


thanks for the update