Pimp Review

Just before half an hour into Pimp, Haley Ramm and Keke Palmer have a sex scene. Both Haley and Keke are topless but the scene is very dark and shadowy. You never get a clear shot of their breasts and it looked like they were wearing pasties anyway.

The very next scene, Haley wears a somewhat see through top with no bra as she and Keke talk for a bit.

A couple of minutes later, Vanessa Morgan is wearing a pretty revealing costume made of sequins while dancing on stage. Vanessa then gives Keke a private dance and you see more of her costume including several shots of her ass in a beaded g-string.

Keep in mind that this review is based on a cut from before Lee Daniels became a producer so it may be different from the final product whenever it gets released.

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anything from Jennifer Love Hewitt? oh sorry wrong decade


Today Welcome to Curiosity was out on dvd/bluray. Can someone from UK extract deleted nude scene with Casey Clarke from that movie?


Does anyone know the release date for Katie Says Goodbye?


It is due for a VOD release in the UK on July 30th. Might be sooner in mainland Europe, think I saw it was out in Holland this month on disc.


I don't know the date but here a sex scene:

and here a topless pic of Olivia Cooke:


Really really hoping for Sanaa Lathan in The Affair


Quick shot of Ari Graynor's ass in panties on tonight's I'm Dying Up Here.


Here's Evan Rachel Wood full frontal in tonight's Westworld.


bush aside, that's the most tit shes shown in the whole show so far


No idea who's in front of her? Just a nameless extra?


Yep. Not sure if you watch Westworld but over the past two seasons there have literally been hundreds of naked extras.


For some reason the scene made me wonder if that was really her. The preview for next week made it seem like we’ll get Tessa Thompson’s ass though if not more


The episode isn't tagged as having nudity on HBO's site. It's a white dot here on the calendar. This points to implied nudity for Tessa or whoever that is unfortunately. It does look like her.


I'm pretty much positive this is really her. She's done tons of nudity before (including on Westworld) and she has pretty distinct breasts (flat with tiny nipples).

All I'm hoping is that she's changed her stance on waxing since she did Mildred Pierce and this is her real bush, not a merkin.


What nudity are you on about? She has never shown boobs.


Evan Rachel Wood, not Tessa Thompson.


I want to believe. It just seemed off. In her other scenes they had a way of not showing much. Her hair would be in the way or she would be shown from the neck up. So to just have her stand there like that when they could have easily blocked her more or used a stand in seemed odd. But until I hear otherwise I’ll just assume that she grew her pubes out and was really excited to show them off.


She's shown breasts and butt a bunch of times on the show, this is just the first full frontal shot.

And I actually think there's a pretty good chance those are her actual pubes because she's gotten pretty into androgyny and feminism.


Huge shot in the dark, but either Tessa Thompson or Angela Sarafyan would make me incredibly happy.


Is tonight's episode of The Affair the episode with Phoebe Tonkin's naked magnificence?


Yeah we were teased with that ... is that still a thing or did it get #metoo-d


There was a Phoebe Tonkin sex scene in Episode 1?


Only episodes five and seven seem to have nudity this season so no.


What????!!!! Only 2 episodes of 10? What a shame, bro. I hope they won't waste the appearance of Emily Browning, though.


In first 7 episodes only 5th and 7th have nudity according to showtime tvma. No words about eps 8,9 and 10.


Ah, ok. I'm a little bit calmer now. Thanks!


Thanks man, FFS I'm getting my June and July mixed up.


Any news from Amy Adams in Sharp Objects or Alison Brie in GLOW season 2?


Alison said she won't be doing nudity any more. Find a new slant.


Where did she say that? I read sometning recently and she seemed like if they wanted her to do it, she would.


A while back, she said her agents wouldn't let her get naked - then she finally does and said it was "so freeing." So now, it's back to square one?


This collar is normal sized.


Malya Roman full frontal in french tv series 'Nu'



almost wants to make you learn french or at least regret not paying attention in school ...


Does anyone have English subtitles for this series ?