Power 404 Nudity Review

Seems like an odd coincidence that the first episode of Power with nudity this season just happens to air at the same time as the Game of Thrones season premiere. Around half way through the episode, La La Anthony shows her left breast and part of her ass from the side during a sex scene.

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Thanks for all the news Recapped. Now that Lily Collins has made her nude debut by briefly showing her butt in To The Bone, can you give us more info about her scenes in The Clown?


Was that all her though, in To the Bone? Looked sort of digitally created. Her head and different body.


Could be. Marti Noxon (writer/director) did say that LC's performance was a mix of her losing weight, make up and CGI. Who knows which method played into certain shots...


There was no cgi involved, it was her real body. Too many people are obsessed with cgi in nude scenes today.


From Lily Colins over at people.com: "There was never a weight goal, there was never a number. It’s something that I decided to do as an actor for a role. You lose weight, you gain weight, you change your hair color. There’s so many different things that you can physically change for a character. I always knew that we’d have the ability to have an amazing wardrobe team, makeup team, CGI team as well to help aid in those moments that needed to be specific in the script.”

Now I'm not saying CGI was used for the nude scene, but at some points, they did use it.


This is from an article/profile/interview with Noxon and Colins at dailynews.com "In the film, there are scenes where Collins’ Ellen looks gaunt and unhealthy when she takes off her shirt. While some of it can be attributed to weight loss, some of it was thanks to makeup, prosthetic work and CGI."


Orpheline web & DVD release is expected 9 August in France.


Thanks mate...


Just FYI, Sarah Hyland leaked...


can confirm daaaaamn. they are surfacing right now 😀


Newness? Demonios Tus Ojos?


Any info on ' Top of Lake : China Girl ' ?


Anything from: Natalie Dormer or Emily Ratajkowski in In Darkness?
or Emilia Clarke in Above Suspicion?
or Gillian Jacobs in Lemon?


Recapped had this to say about Dormer for In Darkness "Seen some footage of In Darkness and it seems Natalie Dormer has a sex scene and a shower scene. Not sure how much is shown." I can add that Emily R also filmed a nude scene, but like recapped, I don't know how much was shown.


MrSkin doesn't mention anything for Gillian in Lemon and they wouldve seen it during a festival. I've given up any hope of her getting nude again because she would've done it already for Love.


Very true. However, she could still technically get nude in Love next season but it's highly unlikely after seeing the first two seasons.


is there any nudity in Friends from College? trailer seems to promise nudity


Someone who watched it said quite a few covered/clothed sex scenes, maybe a quick bit of butt, nothing major.


"The Layover" trailer


I'm surprised at how unpc that trailer is,

I'm looking forward to Alex's sex scene. She's had two others and they were very tame. This one looks pretty hot.


Finally we know how Alexandra's sex scene will be. I hope it will be long.

Thanks so much for the update!


A clothed sex scene is less than nothing.


Yes but no nudity from them apparently. Typical.


Finished censoring got s7 for Indian subcontinent
Ep2-natalie nude
Ep3-rosabell and extras nude
Ep4-sophie tuner nude(but can't see tits and her face in single frame most likely bd)
Ep6-extras nude
Ep7-emelia side boobs

Nudity wise this season sucks but content wise this has to best TV season of all time


And why should we believe any of this? Where's your proof? You previously mentioned nudity in ep 5, but when I said that's bs considering recapped's nude calendar, you changed your tune and came up with this.

It's best to disregard all these rumors that come up each year regarding GoT and only pay attention to what recapped says.


What about the scene in the trailer where Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand make out?


So in a previous post you said "We have official nude scene of the year guys in Got ep 5 but it's brief but still makes it up." And here you make no mention of an any such content in ep 5. You got any fries to go with your bullshit?


Recapped just released the info on Ep 3 and there's no Rosabell. Bullshit confirmed.


Yeah, for now it'd be smarter to trust Recapped's calendar than this guy.


As a rule I don't trust anything that doesn't come from recapped or mk. They've both proven themselves to be reliable.


Thanks. By the way how does the censoring thing work? Do they remove those scenes in India?


Ah man, if they're going to do a body double, then why even bother? They might as well not. Literally no one cares about seeing some faceless body double.


I mean if this does end up being true and she even has this much of a nude scene, there are enough pics of sophie in tight braless dresses/shirts to be able to have a pretty good idea if they are her boobs or not.


Yeah, because the chosen body double won't be similar to her at all.


If this is true, I'll be very disappointed if Sophie uses a body double. 🙁


It'll be nice to see Rosabell naked again, but I was hoping to see her sister Jessica Henwick show some skin. Oh well.


Can we get details of (I'll say Sansa's) nude scene?


HBO sucks nowadays. No surprise. America sucks as always, prude nation but only when it comes to female nudity. Now I'm only waiting to see French movie Double Lover. Premiere on August in my country. Can't wait to see Marin Vacth's pussy 🙂


The best part is that the identity politics imbeciles in the US managed to rebrand puritanism as a social justice issue so now being a whiny fuck that bitches 24/7 about nudity, sex or sexy women in videogames, comics, movies and TV shows is good and left-wing. Yes, because what's more progressive than freaking out about sex and nudity, huh? Morons...

They basically have replaced the religious rightwing groups of the 90's except this time the pretentious Hollywood elite agrees with them.


Which of those are sex scenes?


2 questions - What Rosabell shows? Emilia's side boobs but with nipples?


side boob or boobs from side? big difference 🙂


any more screen caps of the little hours some one can post?


Thanks for news!