Premature Review

Zora Howard is topless during a sex scene around 18 minutes into the Sundance film Premature. Later, Zora is topless again while having oral sex performed on her in the shower. A few scenes later, Zora shows her butt and left breast as she stretches on a rooftop. Finally, at about 95 minutes, Zora shows some bush as she is bottomless in a bathtub.

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Can anyone please post karen hassan nude scene from cellar door


So it's confirmed she's naked in this film?


Not confirmed as far as I know. It’s rated for sexual content and/or nudity, but we don’t know what any of that is.


Sorry guys, I was trying not to be obvious and ended up cutting off the top half of the screen. The quality really went down when I uploaded it too. Luckily the better version will be here in a week.


Donnybrook was released on Cinema 1d 7h ago in the US. The upcoming Donnybrook VOD release date is February 22, 2019 in the US.


Your efforts are much appreciated.


That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.


This reminds me a lot of the Julie Warner scene from Doc Hollywood.


Hall of Fame scene


thanks man, so was her face in the shot the whole time?


Yeah her whole body is in frame while she walks to shore. That’s why I was upset with myself when I checked after the movie and saw I had moved the camera down slightly. Five minutes after the movie started a woman came and sat directly behind me so I couldn’t check to see what I was recording.


Did you see her butt in an earlier scene?


She takes her pants off and it does look like you see her ass but then she straddles the guy and you see that she still has underwear on. I think the color just makes it seem like you see it for a brief second.


Who is this and what movie?


Margaret Qualley in Donnybrook


Thank you so much. My current week has already been made. ^^ Well, perhaps more than a week, since i'm not sure if anything will be able to top it this year. And thankfully, just as good as expected.


and in it full quality like in theater, we can see her vagina or it just a merkin?


It could be a merkin but I don’t believe that it is. You’ll be able to examine for as long as you need once the higher quality shot comes out.


I think rec mention it not being a merkin.


If it is one they did a great job on it because it looks like her neatly trimmed bush. That’s why I said I doubt it but can’t say with 100% certainty that it’s not. No one should be able to complain about how it took them out of the scene that’s for sure.


Thank you so much.


Have you heard anything about Easy season 3?


Donnybrook Review From Mr.Skin

Despite doing the festival rounds back in mid-2018, this harrowing drama finally hits theaters this weekend with the best nudity yet from Andie MacDowell's daughter Margaret Qualley! First, we get a look at her buns as she rides a guy in a chair at the 23-minute mark, then she goes full frontal at the 68-minute mark when emerging from a stream!


Compared to most festival movies, this one was released fairly quickly.


Anyone know who provides the female nudity on DC's Doom Patrol? I'd love if it were Diane Guerrero. Would certainly make up for her not showing anything on OITNB.


Ashley Dougherty has a nude scene just a couple minutes into the Pilot:

View post on


Can we expect anything from April Bowlby this season?



Kinda wish it was hot 90s Fraser pounding her and not modern divorced Fraser though...


didnt even realize it was him untill reading this lol.

35 As per IMDB,The wedding guest starring Radhika Apte has some Nudity.Fingers crossed for this.Could be male / Could be an extra or could be Radhika


Where can we see what the film is rated for on IMDb? And which other sites show info about upcoming movie ratings?


Scroll down the imdb page,they have mentioned citing MPAA that film has nudity.Cant find the official MPAA report as yet


I saw this at TIFF last year. There's definitely nudity from Radhika Apte.

Unfortunately I can't remember any specifics though.


Can't remember??wew.
Hopefully you can recollect or someone who has seen remember this

Hope it's clear shot of butt as we have seen her boobs And bush.
We have seen her butt but not clearly.


News to me that Maitland Ward jumped into hardcore XXX. That is an interesting career choice.


She slowly transitioned into it. A few years back she started posting sexy (non nude) pics online, which eventually became more and more revealing and now she's gone into full hardcore mode.
She was a huge crush of mine back on when Boy Meets World was on (she was so pretty back then), and now she doesnt even look like the same. I still think she's hot, but if I hadnt known her name I never would have recognized her.
As for how/why she got into her current career, all I know is that her husband had something to do with it.


All that plastic surgery 🙁


Does Lily Rose Depp has any nude scenes in Savage (2018) and A faithful Man (2018)?
Savage trailer dropped yesterday and it looked promising!


Unfortunately no nudity from Lily Rose in Savage.


Adult Content, Adult Language, Violence

rating for Strike Back S07E04




Strike Back S07E05 rating: Adult Content, Adult Language, Nudity, Violence

Thanks god lol


Holy shit also in Strike Back S07E06 is nudity 😀 wow 😀


Yeah, I posted that 2 days ago.


Oh sorry then I must missed it.
Will post the clips when Amazon is ready 🙂


Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but there was some brief T&A from extras in the opening scene of this week's "I Am the Night" on TNT.


There was no "T" just brief "A". I noticed they edited the scene with the blonde's dress being cut off to not show nudity. There was an image in one of the trailers that showed her dress dropping from behind which wasn't in the show.


The BBFC has that My Days of Mercy is coming out May 17th.


There's a "film" version certified today that has a runtime of 107m 53s. The BBFC also has a VOD version certified November 12th that's 103m 27s.

Looks like we may have been waiting for two years only to get a censored version of the real thing. Maybe, once this version drops in May, we'll get some proper leaks if it doesn't line up with what's been reported.


It's not censored. Film plays at 24 fps, PAL-based TV (as used in most of Europe including Britain) plays at 25 fps. Videos configured for the PAL system (and its digital successors that still use a 50 Hz frequency) run 4% faster than the film version.

103m 27s is exactly 96% of 107m 53s.


today i learned.


The BBFC currently says it's rated 15 for strong language and sex. Their general description of a sex warning is "Sexual activity may be portrayed, but usually without strong detail. There may be strong verbal references to sexual behaviour. Repeated very strong references, particularly those using pornographic language, are unlikely to be acceptable. Works whose primary purpose is sexual arousal are unacceptable." Is this cut going to be less graphic than the theatrical screenings?


The existence of a censored version does give us an explanation for why the only leaked "nude" scene we've scene was the one that didn't show anything. Quite possible the dude that posted that didn't have access to a cut of the film that had anything else.


This sucks if true.


I should just read the entire BBFC page before responding. The description for the 103m VoD version says, "There is breast nudity and mechanical detail during scenes of sex." So at least some of the nudity might have been preserved.


If there's one thing I fucking love, it's having "mechanical detail during scenes of sex"


As the BBFC page says versions are uncut and the IMDB says runtime is 103m like the VOD, my guess is that the extra 4 mins in the film version is an intro video from the director and stars.


so VOD version, classified last November, is 103 mins
feature version, classified today, is 107 mins

not sure how you censor a film to cut out the nudity but also make it 4 mins longer
these SJWs truly have evil powers

ps - "All known versions of this work passed uncut."


I think Guido has since nailed the four minutes, but on the "passed uncut" it's worth noting that the BBFC pretty much always passes movies uncut. In summary, films are submitted with a requested age certificate, say 15. The BBFC will assess the film and either agree, suggest a lower rating, or say that the film didn't meet the guidelines for 15, and an 18 would be more suitable.

In this final case, they will list what is preventing a 15 being awarded and the film company can then choose whether to accept the 18 certificate, or make the changes to get the 15.

In general, the BBFC is fairly relaxed about sex - they've approved "real sex" at 18 before now - so I'm not suggesting this has happened in this case, just not to take that "passed uncut" as a sign of anything.


So the VOD is releasing next week?


Saoirse Ronan [See Through] - Mary Queen of Scots (2018)


Hmm i smell prosthetics ....


Isn't this particular scene when she's pregnant, and so what we're seeing is actually a prosthetic (the breasts, the belly)? Similar to the torso thing Emily Browning wore in American Gods.


Quite obviously a fake belly but the boobs could well be hers. They seem about her natural size to me.
I've got my fingers and toes crossed we get to see a nude scene from her in this movie she's doing with Kate Winslet.
With Kate being a respected actress who's done lots of nude scenes, she might feel comfortable doing one herself, alongside Kate???


Why did you have to go an spoil it all. First Liana Liberato and now this


What's spoiled? you thought her tits looked like pregnant woman tits even though she's never been pregnant? It's clearly prosthetic.


Calm down mate..I knew it was a fake. Just a joke where I do the "bash bearer of the bad message" thing. Nothing personal


Saoirse is an odd one for me.
Her hair colour makes all the difference. I don't fancy her at all when she's blonde or fair, but very striking and hot with brown or reddish hair. For a slim woman she's got quite an ass on her too.
Great actress all the same!


Yes, she looks pretty good with brown or red hair.


interesting.... wasn't expecting that. Do we know if there's more nudity in that movie?


oh this will do... for now... hoping for full topless nudity for Saoirse soon..


Charlie Says is hitting theaters May 10. Hannah Murray (and others) are reportedly topless in it.


A question for you Recapped. Is anything happening with the amazon show College with Jessica Sula? The cast for the pilot was announced at the end of October, but I haven't seen any more updates. Did it get picked up?


Will this movie with Daddario ever come out?


It's only recently finished post production so its probably going to be a while yet. My bet is late this year or early next year.


And it seems like the earliest festival it can get into is Cannes, which I'm not planning to go to.


When is Margaret Qualley's Donnybrook releasing


its on the calendar on the front page. Feb 15 according to that.


I’m going to go see it on Friday. I know it will be out on VOD one week later, but does anyone know how far into the movie I should be looking in case there is an opportunity to record her scene?


just over an hour in


Thanks. I’ll see what I can do


Which actress is the consensus pick for most wanted nudity debut? Is it still Emma Watson? I can't think of anyone who has taken her place.


Probably Emma Watson. But my personal picks are: Shelley Hennig, Rebecca Rittenhouse, and Ashley Benson(in a movie/show not candids).


Yes, definitely Emma Watson for me.


Hayley Atwell...


Hayley Atwell clearly tops the list but after her comes Abigail Breslin, in my book:


Currently Emily Osment is high on my list.


I have Shelley Hennig, Leven Rambin, and Halston Sage.


Agree with this


Halston Sage, nude while in her Orville makeup.


She’s gorgeous on her own, and somehow even more so with the Xelayan makeup.


Emma Watson would be up there, along with Natalie Portman, Natalie Dyer, Kate Mara and (curiously) Maisie Williams.


Hailee Steinfeld


My number one is a real proper nude scene from Brie Larson. Followed by Jenny Slate, Amy Adams, Joey King, Jennette McCurdy, and Kara Hayward.


If "Sunlit Night' gets a distributor you can tick Jenny off that list


First i'm hearing of this...


I believe this was posted before from Mr. Skin.

(0:04) POV of Jenny Slate being screwed and her left breast sneaks onto the screen.
(0:50) Right breast from the side on Jenny Slate in the shower.
(1:25) Left breast on Jenny Slate having sex with a guy. Visible buns from a distance through the paint blanket they are wrapped in. Close to seeing some bush as she turns around.
(1:31) Jenny Slate lying in bed in her panties. Her nipples can then be seen through her top.
(1:32) Jenny Slate strips full naked to go into the ocean. We see her left breast from the side, buns and then distant breasts.


Emma Watson was never high on my list tbh.... To my experience most of the actresses who shy away from nudity tend to disappoint when actually doing it ...


I think her tits looked great in that leaked video of her in a bath. I can't think of any other actress who would attract as much attention on a debut nude scene as Emma!
It's never going to happen, but I'd still love to see Jessica Alba do a good topless scene.
Brie Larson has great tits so she's high up on my list.
Natalie Alyn Lind.
Michelle Keegan.
Past her best, but Emilie De Ravin is one I've loved since Beastmaster.
Love to see Rihanna do a good nude movie scene.


Any word on if there is any nudity by Zendaya in Euphoria yet? Thanks for the rumored release date.


Yes. Same here. I mostly care about Zendaya.


with all due respect to Zendaya, when it comes to Euphoria I only care about one person


OMG! I want to celebrate Valentine's Day with her.


I just checked and Zora Howard wrote Premature as well. Not many actors/actresses write nude scenes for themselves.


Thanks for review!
BTW, here's info about upcoming episodes of Strike Back - no nudity in this Friday episode, but another two eps (February 22 and March 1), both have nudity.


News on Amanda Seyfried in You Should Have Left?