Quarry 101 Nudity Review

Jodi Balfour has several nude scenes in the Quarry series premiere.

Jodi is first naked during a sex scene. Afterwards, Jodi is sitting around topless as she catches up with her husband. We then see Jodi nude in the kitchen, before she is whisked away and thrown into the outdoor swimming pool. Lastly, we catch a brief look at Jodi topless through a window. There might also be a short dream sequence where Jodi is nude underwater or that may be from a future episode.

Quarry premieres on Cinemax this Friday.

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So Logan shows his butt for like 1 second and that is a LOT for you guys? Wow!!!


Thanks for this. I hope we'll getting more reports on Quarry as the season goes on, though it's hard not to think about how this could have been (and was, apparently, in the unaired pilot) Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


Crazy to think she would have done 4-5 nude scenes for this ep. Perhaps all she did was implied nudity? And the amount of nudity/sexual content was something she had an issue with, leading to her departure?


still would like to know if Kaylee Ronayne is going to be nude in this show