Quarry 104 Nudity Review

Jodi Balfour has several nude scenes on Friday’s upcoming Quarry.

Jodi is first topless briefly in her motel room. Later, Jodi checks herself out in the mirror naked before getting in the bath. We then get a few glimpses of Jodi’s breasts as she has a conversation while in the bath.

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Now that its out on Bluray, does anyone know if the Aubrey Plaza pantsing scene was in the deleted scenes?


Any word on the release date for Frank & Lola? I can't find anything about it.


Well, damn. That will make for a helluva screencap. I'll just pretend she's sucking a real dick. I like to imagine they just claim to use a rubber prop to keep people of their back with claims of pornography.

Thanks for the info.


Look, this is the most you see the rubber dick, i like the way the scene is shot. Then she has a similir scene where she snorts coke of a rubber penis.



Cant view this pix ... '' Curses self , and smashes head on the Keyboard' ...

I wanna see that pic...


How long has this screenshot been out and is there more? This is like breaking news!


Ahh! Where did you find this?? Please link to more!


Where did you find that image?


Where did you get that? 🙂

Any vids or other caps?


I'm gonna ask again about Elle Fanning in 20th Century Women.


Any news when White Girl is out on netflix/on the net ? I can't wait to see Morgan Saylor pics and vids


I just saw it in theaters. The scenes are even better than you think. Wanted to grab some caps, but the theater employees were watching us like a hawk.


So is it true she gives an unsimulated blowjob in the movie? Like you see a dick in her mouth?


rubber penis, and you have to pause to see it


Recapped, did you ever get to see the HBO pilots The Devil You Know and/or Virtuoso... did Karen Gillen and Freya Mavor go nude in these? Did we miss out on more good stuff?


any news on whether christina hendricks 'll make nude debut on BAD SANTA 2 or not ?


do you really think she's gonna make her nude debut in that piece of crap?? girl's career isn't going that great but she aint that desperate


Any clue what happened to Viena and the Fantomes? It looked like Dakota Fanning got naked in it from the trailer but there's been no word on a release date or even festival screenings.


Now if you could just tell me if Kayley ronayne is going to be naked


Is there any male nudity in Westworld apart from extras?