Quarry 106 Nudity Review

The final episode of Quarry with nudity this season airs on Friday. And it does not disappoint as Kaley Ronayne has her first nude scene ever. Kaley is shown naked while having sex on the couch and getting up afterwards.

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Alexandra Daddario boobs in Baked in Brooklyn!


She knows the power of her bazookas and I reckon she is not afraid to show them again for the right role. Will we ever see a good sex scene with Alex DD? Hollywood please answer our prayers!


Until something new is announced, best hope right now is the movie she just finished We Have Always Lived in the Castle from director Stacie Passon. It's based on a gothic novel that doesn't have any explicit sexual content but there are inferences to taboo behaviors that could be explored by the director, who has a LGBT sensibility.


Those things can't possibly be comfortable...


Does the scene abruptly end like that in the movie? I'm hoping there's a little more, seems like if there's more we might get a peak of her nipple from the rear/side the way her tits were flopping around.


Wow, thanks for the gif! Those things are massive, for a second I thought we were gonna get to see them. Oh well, at least we got to see them in True Detective. I have a feeling we aren't gonna ever get to see them again.


I have white girl in my netflix queue it says releases in december but no exact date


Anymore news on Westworld?


Hey, do you maybe know who will be naked in Friday's episode of High Maintenance?


thank you for the great news


Anything on Tatiana Maslany in Two Lovers and a Bear, Morgan Saylor in White Girl, Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper, Alia Shawkat in Paint it Black or Michelle Rodriguez in Reassignment?


Saw Paint It Black: Alia has three brief nude scenes, but they're really disappointing. The first two are her posing nude as an art model and the best you get are glimpses of the top of her ass and some sideboob. The third is in this kind of black and white dream sequence where she walks down a tunnel around the LA River completely naked, but you only see her ass from behind. This is the best one in the movie. Huge letdown, sorry everybody


that's really sad, thanks though


Are there any lesbian scenes?


No idea about Alia. All the otherr have been already answered in the previous updates


Not looking for info, looking for pics/clips.


Sorry to ask again, and will probably get no answer.

But any male nudity in that Quarry episode?


Think Josh Randall shows his ass.


Thanks for the respond. Appreciate it!


Anything on Alice Eve or Bryce Dallas Howard in Black Mirror


I doubt it, considering the first two seasons didn't have any nudity.


Paint it black news?


Any White Girl news?


Still in theaters, no word yet on when it will be on Netflix.


Great news! Thanks.