Redoubtable (Le Redoutable) Nudity Review

Stacy Martin has lots of nude scenes in Redoubtable aka Le Redoutable.

Around 6 minutes into the film, the camera pans across Stacy’s naked body as she wakes up and we see her ass. Stacy then shows her breasts as she’s walking around.

The next scene is a black & white montage where we see more tits & ass from Stacy.

Stacy is then topless around the 45, 54, and 58 minute marks.

At 84 minutes, Stacy and Louis Garrel both show full frontal nudity and ass as they have a long conversation about nudity in film.

Lastly, at 86 minutes Matteo Martari shows his penis while shooting a movie.

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Anything new at all on Tara Lee in Moon Dogs. That one is slipping under the radar?


Here a the link of kristana locken body of deceit Hd quality can someone upload it on recapped


What's up with Easy season 2? Will it be coming out sometime this year?


Does anyone have a clip of Caroline Dhavernas' nude scenes from Easy Living?


Anyone know when Tisay will be released? This is a movie where Natalie Hart gets naked.


She was naked plenty in Siphayo (2016)


Emma Rigby topless in Hollywood Dirt. This is the only nude scene. Fully topless at the 40 second mark.


Thanks for posting the scene xcddf. This is it? Quite a disappointing scene to be honest. When I saw the trailer I was expecting more than a couple of brief nip slips.


Hollywood dirt has released on September 20 2017 here is the link:
you can buy it and then put it onlline


I could't because it is not available in my country


Do you know what a VPN is? Lol


Or you could do it yourself


So Marion Cotillard's face is hilariously superimposed onto the face of some other naked lady's face in Les fantômes d’Ismaël.


lot of people in denial here. It's so obvious that it's CGI. Her tits look nothing like they used to.


Again with the cgi paranoia? It looks like some people see cgi in every nude scene these days, they even look for it. Did Marion or the director say something to make you think cgi was used in this scene? Where is your proof, just because you think it doesn't look like her body is not good enough.


It's not "paranoia", quit being such a nonce. She was pregnant during shooting, her character in the movie isn't pregnant, so a double was used for below the neck nudity. The method used is rather clever, too, as they merged two different shots: when she disrobes it is absolutely her face superimposed onto another woman's naked body. The second shot is the close-up of Cotillard standing next to the male actor, so as the double walks towards the man they gradually merge the two shots so by the end of the scene it's actually Cotillard once again and not her disembodied face floating on someone else's head. Then in the following sex scene there are no shots of her below the neck. In a movie that just showed her completely naked in the prior scene, doesn't it seem odd that they don't even show a mere glimpse of her breasts doing a nude sex scene?

Stop being so irrational and taking these things personally. Technology has improved, and when you have a high profile actress doing your movie you don't absolutely need her to get her kit off if, say, she's pregnant at the time of shooting.


And of course you have proof of all this, right, because if you don't then your whole argument is void. And no, saying that her body doesn't look like before is not proof.


I don't understand your comment. I just provided proof below. Click on the dropbox link. Her nipples are much different. It's cgi, may man. Sorry. 🙁


Nipples change shapes and sizes, especially womens. Here are her breasts in a sex scene from the movie "Chloe" She's also recently had plastic surgery. CGI like this is not easy nor cheap to do. A French drama film like this would not be paying money for CGI nude scenes. GoT did it for Lena's nude scene and it was easily noticeable.

21 can do this sort of CGI trickery on Youtube these days.


No, seriously, this isn't hard at all to reproduce and doesn't cost a team of computer graphics artists millions of dollars to do. The shot has no pan, Cotillard's character is always facing forward during the shot. You shoot it twice: with the double and with Cotillard. You crop Cotillard's face from her take, then frame-by-frame paste it onto the double's face. Since you did both shots without a pan and the character is always facing forward, you just have to account for the zoom in regards to the size of Cotillard's cut-out face. Then, when Cotillard is standing up close next to the male actor, when the zoom is done, it cuts to a shot of the Male character speaking, then cuts to the next shot which is not Cotillard herself standing in front of the actor, but only being shown from the neck up.

This isn't an avengers movie we're talking about here. This is very simple to do, and was necessary to do since Cotillard was in the middle of her second pregancy during the filming of this movie. This isn't about a French director and French actress being prudes, it's about covering up her real-life pregnancy because you have shooting schedules that don't always line up with best-case scenarios (say either before or after her visible pregnancy).


Sorry my firend but as someone who has worked on CGI for movies before, I can absolutely 100% promise you that what you are saying is not true. Even the most basic computer generated effects cost top dollar. I sincerely doubt that CGI was used for this. Knowing some of the key players in this production, I have to say it doesn't add up.


I just crossed reference this with pics at MrSkin from other movies she was topless in. No question those are NOT her tits in this scene. Marion's nipples are considerably larger. 🙁


and different type, color and size. Lets not mention the difference of size and shape of the breast.


I realize comments state that she was pregnant during this and that was probably the reason for the double. What's odd, though, is why not just shoot the scene a different way? Was bush and tits really that important in this scene? Strange. And I will say, don't know if anyone is picking up on this, but Europeans are definitely starting to do fake cgi nude scenes. There are numerous recent examples in addition to this. Weird that they seem to be starting to embrace the very shy, chaste attitudes they have criticized the US of for so long. And anyone notice how much LESS skin they show in French, German and Spanish movies and TV? A lot less then they did in the 90s and early 2000s, for example.


People take CGI nudity too personally. For those with their head still in the sand: the movie was filmed while Cotillard was pregnant with her second child and in the sex scene she is not shown at all from the neck down. It's not her body in the nude scene. It sucks, but at least she did actual nudity in a dozen other movies pre-pregnancy and even a couple before her second pregnancy.


CGI in a french film with low budget really , it's not a big budget , it's an independant film with no special effect , she hasn't done CGI at all specialy in french movies ! She has done plastic surgery that's all !!!


Proof? It's her. Real.


Look above her left eyebrow. Also the whole thing about "her" tits looking completely different considering her lengthy cinematic skin history.


Fifty Shades Freed already rated for strong sexual content & nudity. Movie called "Dark Crimes" rated for strong/violent sexual content & graphic nudity. This is the movie.


The link takes to another movie which is not Fifty shades Freed...


And what about arriel kebbel?


"Newness" will be released on iTunes on 3rd November.


Glad to hear it. Been excited for this movie since Recapped's review.


Hollywood Dirt with Emma Rigby comes out on Wednesday, any news about Emma getting naked in it?


Briefly topless in sex scene towards the end


come on Parzival you can upload it on recapped.


Anyone know if "Thelma" has any nudity from Eili Harboe or Kaya Wilkins? It was screening at TIFF.


MK, recapped -- anything in the movie Beast that was at TIFF?


Any news on Breath 2017 with Elizabeth Debicki


There's PLENTY of great 10/10 nudity in Polish/Dutch movie called "Satan Said Dance".


Thanks Dave. Is this Marta Nieradkiewicz and did anyone else go naked in this?


That's Magdalena Berus. But Marta is naked too. Also 20 years old Hanna Koczewska went full frontal.


Great News. Poland has become the best country in nudity lately. I saw "The art of loving" the oher Day. Very nice nudity too.


Looks like Newness will be on iTunes at an unspecified date in November, before it goes on Netflix at an even later unspecified date.

It's antiquated how much time passes from "film festivals" and any sort of general release.


Any updated on l'amant double ?


Ana de Armas boobs an ass in Blade Runner 2049.
00:50 and 1:24


I hope there is some regular nudity from her rather than just hologram.


I hope there is nudity from Mackenzie Davis.


Isnt that Ass something ... Yum Yum


She's so damn hot. Her threesome in "Knock Knock" and sex scene in "Hands of Stone" are excellent.


Kristanna Loken - Body Of Deceit 2015 Webrip


Kristanna Loken in Body of Deceit



Just watched it. Great stuff from Kristanna. Multiple scenes. Probably the best breast nudity she's ever done, in terms of like lighting, angle, length of scene etc.

Lesbian scenes are okay. Sarai doesn't have any nudity in the film and the sex reminds me of those cheesy sexy thrillers of the 90s - early 2000s. Nothing that really breaks any new ground.

The bathtub scene is quite hot though. Probably the best one.


Where did you get it


Yes come on guys upload i body of deceit and then we can whate it on recapped Body of deceit is a very nice movie it contains a lot of nudity.


I wanna you buy the movie on itune it is cost only for $9.9 here is the link:


Is there male nudity too, then I'd buy it. 😀


I know that ABC can download the movie and uploaded it online.


The movie name body of deceit


I would be greatful if someone can buy the movie and upload it. The movie contain a lot sexual and nudity.


hey guys i know this have been answered before but can someone tell me the release date of "All I See Is You"?


Mr Skin says it's been bumped back to October 27.


7 Days until Absentia witg Stana Katic starts airing in various places around the world. Do you have any news or expectations from this series?


How many of these are in sexual situations Recapped ?!?


At 45 mins, Stacy is having oral sex performed on her with a blanket covering the action.
At 58 mins, Stacy and Louis are having sex but it's dark and you don't see her breasts until he rolls off her.