Revenge Nudity Review

Around 17 minutes into Revenge, Matilda Lutz drops her towel and we see her naked from behind. Then we see a bit of Matilda’s right breast as she bends down to put on some panties and turns her head to check out her ass. Matilda then turns around and faces the camera and we see both breasts briefly before she covers them up with her hands. We then get another brief peek at her right breast as she sits on a bed and puts on a shirt. A bit later we get some faceless closeups of Matilda from the side. First we see someone putting their hand down the front of Matilda’s panties. Then we see a closeup with Matilda now turned around and her panties half off. We mostly just see the top of Matilda’s thigh and maybe a bit of stubble from the front. And for those of you care, Kevin Janssens is naked quite a bit.

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Anyone seen Kobiety Mafii? Strong sex scenes and sexualised nudity according to BBFC


Agnieszka Dygant showed breasts two times in none sexual content - first time it's kinda comedic scene second one during shower (it's her nude debut).
Aleksandra Pop?awska have one sex scene when she is taking from behind but she is fully clothed. Next sex scene is when she ride other dude, but not much is showed. Third sex scene is in sea and she briefly showed breasts. The best scene is when she's geting out of bed fully naked - scene is short but in good light and she shows everything. She was also very naked last year in two Polish tv shows.
Katarzyna Warnke have one scex scene whe she is taken hard from behind, but she's fully clothed.
Olga Bo??d? is super sexy during dancing on pole scene.


Some of these scenes can be seen briefly in the trailer:


Not surprising, but nothing that i could see from Gillian Jacobs in Love.


Any sexy non-nude scenes?


Just scanned through the season and disappointingly you’re correct. I think the only way we’re going to see any nudity from her in the future is leaks if they exist.


Why's that? Didn't she already have nudity in a movie?


lol no nudity from Sofia Vergara in Bent even though she said had "her first on onscreen nudity scene." Lol she had hotter scenes on Modern Family then she did in this.


I can't imagine anyone really believed her when she said that.


Agreed, there’s about half a second of side boob and thats pretty much it.


Any hot scenes on jessica jones 2?


"Hot" is incredibly subjective, and since you didn't list any parameters (such as "featuring so-and-so") or (that contain these elements)... um... yes. Definitely. Sexuality is still nearly omnipresent in the show. If you thought there were hot scenes in Season 1, you'll find plenty to appreciate in Season 2. If you didn't........ well... I think I feel sorry for you.


Anything from Rachael Taylor specifically?


Any rumors out there about Rachel Bloom in Most Likely to Murder? It's showing in a week at the SXSW film festival. Its content rating lists "some graphic nudity". Usually "graphic nudity + modern comedy = penis", so I'm not really expecting anything, but I thought I'd ask if there's any word out there either way.


Please tell me. Is there any difference between american & european version of Red Sparrow?


Much much more peeners.


They really don't do that anymore with feature films. All cuts are the same unless the prints are censored for theocracies or more oppressive countries like India, Thailand, China, etc.


well ive seen it in eu and the nude scenes are identical.


Ok. Thanks for honest answer. And watching the minuses I'm sorry that I hurted someone feelings.


Whining about butthurt downvoters is the best way to garner good will and get yourself those oh-so-craved upvotes.

Worked out oh-so-well for JamesO further down in the comments section.

You two should hang out.


After watching the Academy Awards I thought we need our own version of "in memoriam". Listing the actresses who died or got too old to do a good nude scene.

Wendy Gazelle - Too Old
Brittany Murphy - Too Dead


We could call it the Meggys after Meg Ryan.


in the history of bad & insensitive ideas this has got to be in the top of the list ... and this is coming from someone who is against all that pc bullshit 😛


I honestly upvoted his post because I found it hilarious. It seems to me it was tongue in cheek.


As someone who loves inappropriate humor (I humor-worship Jim Jeffries, for example), congrats on being in a quantifiably tiny minority.

Context dude.

For example... Brittany Murphy was a quasi-tragic death. She was a well-off American who died of friggin pneumonia in her early 30s. How the hell often does that happen!? Wanna make a Jim Henson joke while we're at it?

"Too Dead" would have been funny if it were someone it were a beauty from a bygone era who stayed gorgeous for well past what would normally be the prime but who eventually succumbed to mortality WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY past the life expectancy. Jane Russell was a knockout in any era and she died this decade just a few months short of friggin 90. Plus, this would have been wordplay referencing "Too Old"... like "they got too old but were still hot but then they crossed that line of too old and became dead."

THAT would have been funny.


Lindsey Lohan - Too Late (should have done it post Mean Girls before all the surgeries)


Wonder if there's any skin in this upcoming werewolf movie of hers? Anyone heard anything?
We all know what happens when werewolves turn back into human form... sans clothing, usually. Ha!

My guess... nada.


Canyons was nice 😀 she still looked stunning 😛


Or before she started regularly wearing hijabs.


Comes out friday yet we havent heard anything about it. Hopefully GJ shows something, Choke was too long ago.


Guys .. one Question..
What About submission ??

Movie is released too o( with red sparrow )... But no Update ... not even Cam .. ???


Red Sparrow was wide release with a much bigger actress and much more likely to be bootlegged, thus a lot more opportunities for a cam recording. Submission just got a small indie release only in big cities. Hopefully something will leak out, but it’s possible we might have to wait for a VOD release.


Thanks Bud ...


Not sure when it will be available but I just read an interview with her and it no doubt sounds awesome. I know there have already been some descriptions of the scene posted but anyway, she said she gets up out of bed and walks around naked, up to a printer and back, etc etc. The interviewee described the nudity as “extreme.”


Thanks Bud ...


Any update on Charlotte Hope in Three Christs? Seems like it's been waiting for release for awhile.