Revenge Nudity Review

Around 17 minutes into Revenge, Matilda Lutz drops her towel and we see her naked from behind. Then we see a bit of Matilda’s right breast as she bends down to put on some panties and turns her head to check out her ass. Matilda then turns around and faces the camera and we see both breasts briefly before she covers them up with her hands. We then get another brief peek at her right breast as she sits on a bed and puts on a shirt. A bit later we get some faceless closeups of Matilda from the side. First we see someone putting their hand down the front of Matilda’s panties. Then we see a closeup with Matilda now turned around and her panties half off. We mostly just see the top of Matilda’s thigh and maybe a bit of stubble from the front. And for those of you care, Kevin Janssens is naked quite a bit.

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Anyone seen Kobiety Mafii? Strong sex scenes and sexualised nudity according to BBFC


Agnieszka Dygant showed breasts two times in none sexual content - first time it's kinda comedic scene second one during shower (it's her nude debut).
Aleksandra Pop?awska have one sex scene when she is taking from behind but she is fully clothed. Next sex scene is when she ride other dude, but not much is showed. Third sex scene is in sea and she briefly showed breasts. The best scene is when she's geting out of bed fully naked - scene is short but in good light and she shows everything. She was also very naked last year in two Polish tv shows.
Katarzyna Warnke have one scex scene whe she is taken hard from behind, but she's fully clothed.
Olga Bo??d? is super sexy during dancing on pole scene.


Some of these scenes can be seen briefly in the trailer:


Not surprising, but nothing that i could see from Gillian Jacobs in Love.


Any sexy non-nude scenes?


Just scanned through the season and disappointingly you’re correct. I think the only way we’re going to see any nudity from her in the future is leaks if they exist.


Why's that? Didn't she already have nudity in a movie?


lol no nudity from Sofia Vergara in Bent even though she said had "her first on onscreen nudity scene." Lol she had hotter scenes on Modern Family then she did in this.


I can't imagine anyone really believed her when she said that.


Agreed, there’s about half a second of side boob and thats pretty much it.


Any hot scenes on jessica jones 2?


"Hot" is incredibly subjective, and since you didn't list any parameters (such as "featuring so-and-so") or (that contain these elements)... um... yes. Definitely. Sexuality is still nearly omnipresent in the show. If you thought there were hot scenes in Season 1, you'll find plenty to appreciate in Season 2. If you didn't........ well... I think I feel sorry for you.


Anything from Rachael Taylor specifically?


Any rumors out there about Rachel Bloom in Most Likely to Murder? It's showing in a week at the SXSW film festival. Its content rating lists "some graphic nudity". Usually "graphic nudity + modern comedy = penis", so I'm not really expecting anything, but I thought I'd ask if there's any word out there either way.


Please tell me. Is there any difference between american & european version of Red Sparrow?


Much much more peeners.


They really don't do that anymore with feature films. All cuts are the same unless the prints are censored for theocracies or more oppressive countries like India, Thailand, China, etc.


well ive seen it in eu and the nude scenes are identical.


Ok. Thanks for honest answer. And watching the minuses I'm sorry that I hurted someone feelings.


Whining about butthurt downvoters is the best way to garner good will and get yourself those oh-so-craved upvotes.

Worked out oh-so-well for JamesO further down in the comments section.

You two should hang out.


After watching the Academy Awards I thought we need our own version of "in memoriam". Listing the actresses who died or got too old to do a good nude scene.

Wendy Gazelle - Too Old
Brittany Murphy - Too Dead


We could call it the Meggys after Meg Ryan.


in the history of bad & insensitive ideas this has got to be in the top of the list ... and this is coming from someone who is against all that pc bullshit 😛


I honestly upvoted his post because I found it hilarious. It seems to me it was tongue in cheek.


As someone who loves inappropriate humor (I humor-worship Jim Jeffries, for example), congrats on being in a quantifiably tiny minority.

Context dude.

For example... Brittany Murphy was a quasi-tragic death. She was a well-off American who died of friggin pneumonia in her early 30s. How the hell often does that happen!? Wanna make a Jim Henson joke while we're at it?

"Too Dead" would have been funny if it were someone it were a beauty from a bygone era who stayed gorgeous for well past what would normally be the prime but who eventually succumbed to mortality WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY past the life expectancy. Jane Russell was a knockout in any era and she died this decade just a few months short of friggin 90. Plus, this would have been wordplay referencing "Too Old"... like "they got too old but were still hot but then they crossed that line of too old and became dead."

THAT would have been funny.


Lindsey Lohan - Too Late (should have done it post Mean Girls before all the surgeries)


Wonder if there's any skin in this upcoming werewolf movie of hers? Anyone heard anything?
We all know what happens when werewolves turn back into human form... sans clothing, usually. Ha!

My guess... nada.


Canyons was nice 😀 she still looked stunning 😛


Or before she started regularly wearing hijabs.


Comes out friday yet we havent heard anything about it. Hopefully GJ shows something, Choke was too long ago.


Guys .. one Question..
What About submission ??

Movie is released too o( with red sparrow )... But no Update ... not even Cam .. ???


Red Sparrow was wide release with a much bigger actress and much more likely to be bootlegged, thus a lot more opportunities for a cam recording. Submission just got a small indie release only in big cities. Hopefully something will leak out, but it’s possible we might have to wait for a VOD release.


Thanks Bud ...


Not sure when it will be available but I just read an interview with her and it no doubt sounds awesome. I know there have already been some descriptions of the scene posted but anyway, she said she gets up out of bed and walks around naked, up to a printer and back, etc etc. The interviewee described the nudity as “extreme.”


Thanks Bud ...


Any update on Charlotte Hope in Three Christs? Seems like it's been waiting for release for awhile.


Recapped, regarding Talulah Riley potentially showing some skin in Westworld S2... do you know which ep it might be? The show returns in April, but if it's late on in the season, it could be June before that moment comes around. Hoping it's sooner rather than later, especially if it doesn't amount to much.


I know there probably isn't anything, but...
Sofia Vergara in Bent? Is it finally happening?


The Good Fight, S02E01, Kristen Carpenter, brief buff and breasts.
Definitely not a body double, as opposed to other nude scenes in the show.


Any screencaps of Matilda Lutz’ nude scenes in Revenge?


I've just watched the latest episode of Counterpart, and I'm sorry to say, beautiful as she is, Nazanin Boniadi is not going to treat us to any nudity.


FX aired "Straight Outta Compton" completely uncut a few days ago, including the nudity. Tits on basic cable shows coming soon.


It re-airs twice tonight on FX, not sure if will be uncensored again though.


Why are so many on this site eager to downvote comments for no reason? I dont understand what about my comment warrants multiple downvotes.


While you're at it, try being at least a TINY bit non-judgemental. I'm guessing you don't realize what you said but let's review.

1)"for no reason"
2)"I don't understand"

In fact, you literally said those things in a row. Here's the thing... if you honestly don't understand... *do*not*call*us*out*for*doing*it*for*no*reason*... because you're obviously wrong. Try asking with an ounce of sincerity and maybe even, I daresay, humility.

... let's not go too far. Just don't be an abrasive jerk by explicitly saying that people are doing it for no reason before asking why it was done.

What you did was the forum version of if you had said "Why you bein a f*ckin *sshole" to someone who gave you a weird look. It's abrasive and combative. Literally no good can come from it.


here for your (what seems like daily) reminder: stop commenting about votes, it literally makes us want to downvote your next comment even if youre posting cam quality Alexandra daddario nudes from i am not a bird.....ok maybe not that extreme...but you get it.


Welcome to recapped. Here you have my downvote, bruh!


There's hope for Dakota Fanning in The Alienist! Can't wait for March 19!


I doubt it. The show has already aired many episodes and avoided showing even ass nudity.


It only takes one scene to go from "That show never shows nudity!" to "Wow, I didn't think they'd actually have nudity!"


Strike Back S06E05 has no extended Nudity and is the same as the UK version.

I highly think that S06E06 has an extended sex scene of the both female actresses. S06E07 i don't think that there will be extended nudity, so only S06E06 will be the best and last highlight of this strike back season.


Interesting! Can you upload the clip? Or when did it actually air? Thought it will be aired this week.


I don't know if it was asked already but was there any nudity in the new Death Wish?


One Boob ?? Its J Freaking Law... did u care to see the movie... eroticism at its best...
And that Ass.. .. that is the fine A list Ass......


Yeah, I watched a cam version. Obviously, you're just really hot for Jennifer Lawrence, so anything you get from her excites you. She just doesn't much for me, though. I was really disappointed in Nicole O'Neill's shower sex scene. All we saw was boobs and butt from a woman having her head beaten in with a golf club. I can't.


Anything on Sydney Sweeney on handmaids tale or her new movie tell me your name?


That is Something don't you think, J law looks hot as hell.. and the finest acting as well ...
this years tops nudity ... (Alex can beat it though)

Now waiting for Submission pics..


M not gonna whine..but i am gonna just state my opinion..for me, nudity has to be in a sexual act..nothing too great if it's just a chick who's just.. nude you this is disappointing..but that's just me


I prefer non-sex scene nudity.


Why? Don't you enjoy watching a naked woman having an orgasm?


Yes, but only if it is real. Most sex scenes don't feature women orgasming and even if they do it is fake.


This year’s top nudity? It’s one boob! The level of thirst here is out of control.


Why are you so butthurt? We get it, you were disappointed. But does your every post have to try to convince everyone else to be as whiny as you about this one movie?


I’m just expressing my opinion - no different than you expressing yours. Can you handle that?


Actually... I've thought of something.

You know that guy who doesn't understand how loud and obnoxious he's being until you yell at his level or take a video of him and he's embarassed by it?

In that vein, something hit me. Le_sigh's 'woe is me' claim of "To me, this just seems like an intolerant majority shouting down the minority."

That stuck with me. Here's the thing, he's completely right. But he doesn't understand WHY we've become intolerant after 15 or so condescending posts of the same thing from him.

So... with that in mind... upvote this post if you want me to follow le_sigh around and each time he's being condescending about people enjoying Jennifer Lawrence I paste his entire JLawography the way I did below (but the ENTIRE list of his condescending complaints).

I am a firm believer of the whole "become that which you criticize" thing. I see it all the time in politics. It's something that's very difficult to hold back, honestly. I don't want to TROLL le_sigh. I do, however, think there might be a benefit of ILLUSTRATING to him how annoying he is. And I'll end each list post with "I’m just expressing my opinion - no different than you expressing yours. Can you handle that?"

The perfect way to do that is to act *exactly* like him, to him, in very specific parameters.

Eventually, if he's anything resembling my definition of reasonable and capable of empathy, he'll start getting *REALLY* irritated with my repeated actions. Then he'll start getting pre-irritated by what he knows will be coming. The same way commenters here who simply want to share their appreciation of JLaw feel. They know Le_Sigh will come around and post about how dumb he thinks they're being with their incredibly low standards for what excites them.

Then... eventually... he'll want to post something and he won't, because he knows what's going to happen.

And MAYBE something in his brain will click and he'll realize "oh wow, I've been doing to other people what yonder is doing to me"

And when that happens... illustration time is over. Immediately. I don't become le_sigh. The instant he realizes the reality of what he's doing, I stop.

So... what do you guys think? Vote by clicking either the + or the -.

And, to repeat what *I* have said a half dozen times... this is EXACTLY why an unmoderated forum for this site is a HORRIFIC idea. These comments sections are toxic enough thanks to a tiny handful of posters. Opening up a forum is literally... LITERALLY... asking for more.



You're clearly either a troll, COMPLETELY tonedeaf, or... I dunno. But I gave it an honest try and you're either unwilling or 100% unable to listen. I *THINK* you're so self-delusional that you honestly believe what you say, so trying to use logic on you is a waste of time. So... this'll be my last communication to you about this.

You said "And as for my "claim" that I "hadn't said much about the movie," what I actually claimed was that I hadn't said much until the nudity reviews came out (unlike some who asked again and again and were insistent that the nudity would be explicit because that's how it is in the book)."

Here's the ENTIRETY of your post that I quoted, verbatim, in full, no edits, nothing to possibly be out-of-context:

Actually, I don't. I hadn't said much about this movie - I was skeptical that the nudity would be any good - until the nudity review came out, which confirmed my suspicions. I'm quite surprised at the excitement over what I think is pretty weak nudity, but hey, to each his own.

So... what you MEANT was you hadn't said much UNTIL the nudity reviews came out. If you had said that I'd agree. But that's the full text of what you SAID. We can't be held responsible for not reading your mind and instead responding to your actual typed-out words instead of what you meant.

Sorry dude, no, you did NOT claim that. You simply didn't.

But... I'm dealing with someone who debates literal verbatim quotes, so... I have better things to do with my time.

You've been told that WE KNOW YOUR OPINION and we don't hate you for it, we hate the fact that you CONTINUE TO REPEATEDLY AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER state your opinion.

See what I did there? Annoying, wasn't it? That, ironically-named-le_sigh, is what we, the community (or at least the net positive thirty seven people who, thus far, cumulatively agreed with my statement) see whenever you CONTINUALLY and REPEATEDLY voice your CONTINUED and REPEATED opinion.

I do owe you an apology though... I may have misled you into thinking I'd given you a full accounting of your many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many repeated opinions on the movie. I didn't. For example, I didn't include "Obviously, you're just really hot for Jennifer Lawrence, so anything you get from her excites you. She just doesn't much for me, though." which was from three days before my partial list.

So, just in case you mistakenly think I claimed something the same way you mistakenly think you claimed what you mistakenly think you claimed, I'm explicitly saying the list is incomplete. I figured it was enough to make the point (that was before I fully appreciated how allergic to logic and accountability you apparently are). So... I hope that's clear.

To summarize... if you don't want to continually be downvoted 187 times per post and be lumped in with the Daves and the Jameses of this comment section in the group called "Ugh... I hope I don't see their name because I know exactly what they're going to say" then, before you post, ask yourself one question...

"Do they already know this thing that is in my brain that my fingers want to type?"

If the answer is "Yes... yes they do already know this" then please... do yourself a favor... walk away.

Speaking of walking away... I gave it a good college try. I'm moving on.

Also... I enjoyed the very low-level quasi-nudity in Red Sparrow.


@yonder. And as for my "claim" that I "hadn't said much about the movie," what I actually claimed was that I hadn't said much until the nudity reviews came out (unlike some who asked again and again and were insistent that the nudity would be explicit because that's how it is in the book). Of course, I was never so intolerant that I ever tried to shut these people down and tell them not to talk, even though they turned out to be wrong. So, good job, you found exactly what I said I had said.


@yonder. Oh please, I'm not the one policing other people's opinions. I'm not the one telling other people what they can and can't say. I'm just expressing my own opinion - with which some here happen to disagree. That's fine, but notice that I've never told anyone not to express his own opinion, that I don't want to hear what he has to say, that he should just shut up, etc. There are plenty of commenters who have made their own opinions just as clear as mine, but I don't tell them every time they talk, "We already know what you think." To me, this just seems like an intolerant majority shouting down the minority.


@yonder - I’d just like to take a moment to congratulate you on your “comment of the year” nomination.


It's one thing to express an opinion. It's another thing to call out OTHER peoples' opinions. "The level of thirst here is out of control." is literally the same in that regard as Rocker's post. You're calling out the community, so a member of the community called you out.

If you are okay with your post about us, you can't complain about Rocker doing the same to you, unless you own up to being a hypocrite.

Also, as for your claim that you "hadn't said much about this movie"... how bout:

1 March - "I wouldn’t call butt and a flash of one tit 'full-blown nudity.' Standards." (Notice the criticism of the community)

17 Feb - "Her scenes in “Passengers” showed about as much and were hotter. It was hotter seeing her in a body suit as Mystique. Accept defeat and move on, guys." (Notice the criticism of the community)

17 Feb - "Enjoy your flash of right boob from JLaw as she beats someone bloody."

16 Feb - "Dude, come on. This sucks. Just admit it. Don’t be so desperate." (Notice the criticism of the community)

16 Feb - "So just brief glimpses of nudity in unsexy contexts? Enjoy your erotic spy thriller!
At least it’s better than 'Mother!' when her tits flopp out while she’s beaten to death." (Notice the thinly-veiled criticism of the community)

I don't know your personal definition of "much" but for most people, your perspective is


We get it. You're disappointed. You disapprove of the level of how much people are enjoying the prospect of seeing even a glimpse of quasi-nudity. I'll naturally give you the benefit of doubt and assume you don't realize that you've done this regularly. It's completely believable. But now that it's been quantified, you can either accept it as fact, or explain why six posts in 2.5 weeks isn't considered much. I'd like to see you try to explain that.

And here's the thing... just like (some of) DaveTroll's posts about the level of and type of nudity in mainstream movies... I basically agree with your point. But you're being a complete (insert unpolite term here) about it and pretending that you're not.

I give this as Exhibit #4,182 as to why having a forum would only be a good thing if it's moderated. If this was going on at ELMS when I was in charge, I would have sent you a private message similar to this basically saying "You aren't remotely in any kind of trouble, so don't worry, but you ARE actively spoiling everyone else's fun. Please be more considerate of others." Dave I would have sent more direct messages too and likely outright warnings after the first dozen or so of his infamous posts.

So yeah dude... you're not just "expressing [your] opinion"... you're being condescending about other peoples' opinions. Literally no different than Rocker. And you're doing it repeatedly. Don't claim otherwise.

On a personal note, regarding the excitement... we all have celebrities we worship above all others. And we all have things we like more that what's normal. I, for example, am a huge fan of lesbian scenes, and a huge fan of Bridget Regan. Guess what... I find her very brief but pretty damned passionate (for The CW) lesbian scenes in Jane The Virgin (and Legend of the Seeker and other stuff), which add up to about 90 seconds over 10 years, to be more exciting and erotic than an hour of intense, blatant sex like BlueWarmestColor or Analeigh Tipton in Compulsion (which, btw, was utterly amazing).

We like what we like, please stop condescending us for it.

Thank you.


Actually, I don't. I hadn't said much about this movie - I was skeptical that the nudity would be any good - until the nudity review came out, which confirmed my suspicions. I'm quite surprised at the excitement over what I think is pretty weak nudity, but hey, to each his own.


Nothing wrong with expressing your opinion. But you do it on almost every post about this movie. We heard you.


Beating a dead horse again. Any word on Alexandra Daddario’s other upcoming movies We Have Always Lived in the Castle or Nomis?


Is thora bjorg helga topless/nude in Fangar?


here u go....
Credits-Gamerboy77(at least thats what his username says)


This is the first time in celebrity nudity ever that the description of the nude scene sounded more underwhelming than it was. It is even more impressive because it came from Mr. Skin, a site that very often exaggerates.


all hot scenes from red sparrow compiled coming soon


Did Jennifer Lawrence use a Body Double for the butt shot? The front shot is totally her and it could be shot with only 2 other actors present in the shoot. The butt shot requires several extras present in the room and you cannot see her face in the shot, so I think she probably asked for a BD in the scene.

Think about it. Why would she get naked in front of 30 people when she does not absolutely have to because her face is not in the scene?


watch the back of her ears, the body type, the prominent last spine vertarbrea where her booty begins. its 100 percent her.


nah....she admitted in an interview that she had to strip in front of the whole crew....and she felt "empowered" after doing that


Here's a cam quality Jennifer Lawrence from Red Sparrow video that's floating around:


Francis Lawrence has done it smartly. You don't see as much of her naked as they make it seem like you do.


scene looks incredibly hot. I want to know what shes saying though, lol.... need an english version!


So... why was everyone complaining we only see her butt? This is proper topless.


Time for Captain Nitpick:

There are multiple terms in the "topless" category. This is half-covered or obscured. "Proper" implies "full," which this is technically not. There's room for disappointment.

That being said, those people are idiots.


OMG! A huge thank you for this photos!


That Jennifer Lawrence scene was ridiculously hot. Really not what I was expecting at all based on the descriptions. It's incredibly long and almost jarring in its bluntness.


Thanks, but it would be nice to know who these actresses actually are.


Since I'm still newish here (the comments section) and am still learning stuff such as the reason people ask Recapped questions... is there a reason the title doesn't have a date? Most of them do have dates, but every now and then some (such as Cameron Post a month ago) DON'T have dates. I was wondering if there were reasons.

Thanks as always.

Also, since I'm trying out things... any insight as to when we might get:
1)A second Disobedience trailer
2)A trailer for Colette/Mercy

A few weeks ago someone here mentioned that the timing of Sundance implied that "first week of February" would be when the Disobedience trailer would drop, and kudos to them. I was wondering if Recapped or the Recapped crowd might have similar insights into either of those movies listed in #2.

Both movies have a wide-release date around October of 2018, the post-summer/pre-awards doldrums, so I figure July or August.

As always, thanks!


Alexis Bledel in Handmaiden's Tale?


Just seen Red Sparrow.

I've seen a lot of nudity in my life, a lot in movies, a lot in theatre, the most in saunas and some in real life. JLAW in RS was a truely hot experience. I mean, I might be just feeling horny the whole day, but what I saw aroused me intensly.

It's like this. Shes hot through the whole movie, there's no doubt in that. Shes a bit full bodied but immensly toned.

The scene where she shows the most, which is the strip scene is insanely hot. Charlotte rampling really made the tensiopn and then we see it! The only thing i'dd add is this. There are multiple shots of her ass, first she takes of her panties, then there are two or three shots of her sitting on the desk while nude and showing a lot of her booty,

This is not a detailed revierw, though im happy to answer questions, its just a love letter to Jenn and The director for understandint EROTICISM. This was HOT!


Finally, a name actress doing full blown nudity in a popcorn movie. I haven't seen that since Elizabeth Olsen in Old Boy (2013).


I wouldn’t call butt and a flash of one tit “full-blown nudity.” Standards.


I think he means as in "legitimately nude" as opposed to the standard "we're all pretending that she's nude"


So can you confirm that its just nudity and no nude sex scenes ?!?


There is a hot brief nude sex scene in the sauna in the beggining of the movie. But its not Jenn.


nicole oneill is the actress bte


Not bad. She's also hot.


Any nudity info from Berlinale? I heard there's quiet a lot nude scenes in "Touch me not". Even 'explicit' sex scenes.


i went through the cast. only irmina chichkova is what would be considered hot. she supossedly does bdsm stuff.


with Westworld starting up their media for season 2... has it been said who might be getting naked this season?

oh... anyone (recapped or comment posters) know if Molly Quinn is one of the naked chicks in 'Newly Single'?


There's a Westworld panel at SXSW, sometime between March 9th and 11th. I think they might show the first ep of S2 there, a sneak preview before the April 22nd debut.


Ella Purnell in a bra about a minute in: