Romola Garai in Angel

Angel was just announced as a Special Presentation at TIFF next month. A DVD without the original english soundtrack has been out for a few weeks now and unfortunately there is no real nudity from Romola Garai.

There are the two scenes from the trailer: Romola showing the top part of her butt while sitting naked in a chair and Romola showing partial side boob while she is lying on her bed. That last scene goes on a bit longer than the trailer as we see Romola’s secretary lowering her blanket, again showing the top half of Romola’s butt, while massaging her.

Near the end of the film, Romola is shown wearing a nightgown which is somewhat see-through but hard to see in the daylight. The following clip is from later at night where the see-through effect is slightly more noticeable. There is also a pretty clear downblouse shot as Romola bends over to pick up the cat.

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